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Masters of the universe: Free the soul

Mighty kai

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" I have the power"
Its been about 3 years since He-man and the masters defeated Skelator. They thought they were save at last but they were wrong. Skelator has managed to capture He-man's soul. Also to make matters worse he has captured all the masters too. He- man cant live again until his soul is freed. Thats were you come in. You as being new masters from different worlds you have to free He- man's soul and his friends. Orko has send out messages all over the place to find the right people who wanna help. To help you out a little in this rpg i'll play Orko too. I you want to play more then one character let me know.

Ok heres the sign up
occupation: warrior etc
Releation to any of the masters:
NOTE: Dont put this down if you arnt a relation

You can play a baddie if you want

Evil- lyn
Trap -Jaw
Tri -klops
Beast Man
Mer man
Two Badd

Let me know if i have missed someone out.
Heres my characters profile
Name: Iona Rosalind
description: A creature similar to Orko. But she has wings. Wears blue clothes and a green scarf. She also wears a star shaped madallian.
Bio: Iona used to work for Skelator when he told her he would give her summoning rings if she killed the masters for him. When she found out she was being used. And she was going to be killed. She decided to go help the masters to fight against Skelator. After the defeat Iona went back home.
occupation: Summoner
weapon: Summoning staff

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Name: Camie Kitron
gender: female
description: Red hair,grey eyes,purple clothes,black boots.
Bio: Was a servent to Skelator because her parents where loyal to him but when they were killed. Skelator took her in and treated her as a slave. Whenever she got any free time she practiced with an old sword she found in an a cell.The sword was wavy and ahd seen much better days,but it had werid powers such as no matter how hard she hit it it would not break though it looked as if it could. After Skelator was defeted she escaped and found her way to a town and found work.
occupation: Blacksmith
home: Earth
weapon: A wavy sword(see bio for more info).
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