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[size=1][color=chocolate]It's good, much better then me of course.
The body seems a little off though, and those are mighty big ears. Looks like wings, not trying to be offensive.
The weapons are nice too, ah someone made good looking weapons!
Overall, good work.[/size][/color]
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*grin*.. I love the ears! (wings?.. O_o.. lol)... tre cute... I just want to scratch em.. hehe..

The body proportions are what throw off this piccy tho... the arms specially... but still very nice work... ^_^

~ nice shading too... ^_~
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[size=1]His body looks strangely twisted, somehow. I think the tail should be going the other direction.

The pants (?) crack me up. Pretty spiffy. Nice job with the boots, too.

The ears remind me of one of those foxes...I used to love them, what were they called...? Fennecs! That was it.[/size]
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[font=arial]Yea, those are ears. I did really screw up porportion-wise though. I meant, however, for the ears and tail to be huge. I thought it would make him look more like the hyper little thing my kitten is.

This is one from a while ago... I mean, it's really, really old. I didn't have anything much more recent that I liked scanned.

It's a little more simplified than my other one. (DON'T LOOK AT THE EARS! You may find that your eyes are bleeding 'n stuff)[/font]

[url=http://home.ripway.com/2003-10/32422/KiloWhiten007.jpg]Run while you can[/url]
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