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[color=green]Well I went to my local gaming store Electronic Bontique the other day and they had set out the Xbox console out for display and the controller so you can get experience on how it feels.

The Xbox controller wasn't as big as i thought it was which is good.But it is still big just not how i thought it would be though the buttons seemed very colorful and looked neat.Very smooth when you press the buttons.The Joypad feeled kinda rough and moves around normally.And the back buttons is easy enuff to press and reach.Although i would really wanna have experience it on a game using the controller so i can truly experience the controller.

Anyways I don't know why i see lots of people complaning about the Xbox controller yeah its big and kinda similar to the Sega Dreamcast controller but from what i've had experience the controller will fit into your hand comfortable enough just a little bigger though.:) [/color]
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