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critical marks on my new sig?

krippled master

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I would like to know what any and everyone thinks about my most recent sig banner. I based it on my new battle arena clan, "Blackwind Fortune", a pirate clan. Anyway, I want to know if I should adjust anything or should add something, or anything. Thanx in advanced.

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=firebrick]Personally, it's great.

The color and font goes perfect with this banner. You made a good decision on having it kinda having the red image glowing...Thing. It has a beautiful bg, adding on to the text and accenting on the skull. I really like the over screen effect. And how not all the text (in the bg) is solid, that fades in and out of the banner. Would look even better with a blood red border.

Heh, the banner reminds of me of blood. Love it, I hope to see more of your banner skills in the future. Great job. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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