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Love Hina...The True Story (Warning..nudity, sexual pervsions, others things possible


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Man, finally a break from the parents, well not really a break seeing that they kicked me out after flunking the entrance exams to get into Tokyo U. Flunking them twice that is. *wipes forehead* Well at least I can come visit Grandma at Hinata House. I love this place. It in fact, it's the very place I made my primose to get into Tokyo U, but that was so long ago. *sighs holds head down* Oh well, *looks around trying to find the spot* Aw there it is grandma's hotel.

He stands in front of a three story hotel a place of memories a place of fun. Now in charge of running the hotel. His chance to make things right, his chance to put aside all the problems of the past and finally get into Tokyo U.

He heads towards the door carrying a large piece of luggage and his backpack. The building looking the same as ever, only the painting changed. It still had a homely feel and the cherry blossoms outside let off a pleasant smell. As he stepped through the door he was hoping to see someone in the living area but was chocked when no one walked up to the desk.

"Hello," he called seeting the baggage down next to the desk. "Grandma, Auntie Haruka, anyone."

He looked around once more but no one showed but. They place seemed to be empty but items were around to suggest that someone was staying at the hotel. He walked over to the small lobby and sat in the chair.

'Maybe they're on an errand,' he thought to himself flipping through a magazine close by.

A few minutes later he threw it down and decided to explore the place once more, trying to relive the parts of his past that he spent here. As he walked down the hall no one was seen or heard.

He had left his baggage at the front and decided to leave it there. He didn't care about that. But he did care about the hot spring bath. He rushed to the bath and undressed wrapping himself in a towel around his waist.

He stepped in the tub and sat down feeling the warmth seep up and relaxing him from head to toe.

"This is where things get better." He laid back and closed his eyes not seeing the other person who also was coming into the bath.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=chocolate][b]OOC: My eyes! Heh, sorry. It's just that your font color is a little too bright...o.O...

Naomi stretched and yawned. She lifted her head off of her desk and the pile of sheet music she had been using for a pillow. She looked disappointedly at her night's work. Not at all as much as she had wanted to get done. She slid her oh-so-comfortable sliding chair out from its place under the desk. She got up and did another stretch.

"My, I slept in didn't I?" she asked herself as she stared at the clock. She shrugged and pulled her reddish brown hair into a ponytail with the dark green scrunchie on her wrist. She was just about to go down to breakfast when she suddenly heard a yell from downstairs.


Her eyes widened in curiousity.

"Well well, I have something to investigate!" she smiled and headed downstairs towards the yell.[/color][/b]
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Arima jumped at the yell, and in the same movement accidently swiped her brush across the page. She looked at the black ink, inkstone, and then her paper. The work was ruined now - sighing, she tossed the delicate rice paper into her calligraphy recycle bin. She'd have to start over later.
She went to the bathroom and washed her hands, wondering what she was going to do that day, since she didn't have any classes.
"I'm going to do what I do on any other day: eat, practice, work, study, sleep." Arima sighed again, and went downstairs for breakfast, completely ignoring the chaos of sounds now coming from the hot spring.
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[color=chocolate][b]Naomi rushed down the stairs in excitement. [i]Hehe![/i] She thought, [i]I wonder if Sukishi finally got himself in trouble?[/i] She grinned at the thought. As she passed by the dining room, she noticed Arima sitting at the breakfast table. She stopped herself and said, "Good morning Suzume-sempai!"

The older girl looked up and nodded. "Good morning."

Naomi smiled. "I'm almost done with the duet I was talking about. If you could, I'd love it if you could-" Naomi was interrupted by the sound of a crash from a few halls over.

"Uh-oh! I gotta go! This sounds interesting!" Then she took off again. She kept running towards the yells and such until she (literally) ran into someone. She ended up running straight on into Mitsune.

"Ah!" She cried out. Before she hit the floor she caught herself. She offered a hand to Mitsune, who was now rubbing her head.

"Oh, I'm sorry Naomi. I was just in a rush to alert everyone!" she apologized.

"No, I just wasn't being careful-Wait! Alert? Alert about what?" Naomi asked.

"There's a," Mitsune looked from left to right and then continued, "pervert on the loose in Hinata House!"

"Not Sukishi?"

Mitsune shook her head. "Not Sukishi."
OOC: Oh yea...I'm really bored...Hehe, "There's a pervert on the loose in Hinata House" line of Mitsune's looks really funny in my head. Little videoclip of that's runnin' in my mind. Haha![/color][/b]
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Arima walked over nonchalantly, "Well, if there's a "pervert," just kick him out. And while you're doing that, make sure that Sukishi doesn't sneak in." She sat back down at the table, newspaper and tea in hand.

Mitsune and Naomi both watched as Arima calmly sipped her tea.

"GET AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY!!!!!!" the shrieking started once more, along with the sounds of a vicious beating. A male voice could be heard squeaking in surprise and embarrassment. The fierce sounds of battle seemed to get closer and closer. Mitsune and Naomi shrieked and tore away as two people came running down the hall.
Arima didn't even notice as two scantily-clad figures raced past the table, both yelling at the top of their lungs.
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Kietaro raced awy from the bath, the girl well in tow.

"Prevert, someone call the police." The two wer still in the bathhouse he was running in cirles not sure of where he could go.

"I'm sorry" he tried to explain to the young woman, but her words were lost as she yelled and continue to chase him.

The young lady was keeping close to him and found some items on the side of the bath. She began throwing them at him. Lucky for Kietaro they all missed. He finnaly after getting through with running around the baths left the area quickly, only a towel covered his waist.

"PERVERT," she yelled once more still chasing behind him. He made his way to the front area passng his luggage. Still unaware of the people beginning to move about the house.

"Get down here now you guys there's a peepng tom here."

He looked frightened his eyes got big and he headed straight down the hall. For one not so fit. Kietaro kept his running up throughout the house. He turnd the corners quickly and even went upstairs briefly then ran back down. Running through the dining room. The girl still chasing him and yelling. There was a person he saw sitting there and he yelled," HELP ME!!!"

His words muffled by the young lady's scream.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=teal] Sukishi sat in his chair, his Sakkat covering his face. He began to drift into drousyness, but was alerted to cold steel on his neck.

Motoko: What have done this time?

Sukishi tilted his Sakkat up to see Motoko holder her sword on his neck. He wasn't too nervous, he really hadn't done anything and he could defend himself against Motoko if needed.

Sukishi: I haven't done ANYTHING.

Motoko: And how should you explain those shouts and screams?

Sukishi: Listne, I haven't done anything. I've been SLEEPING. And if I had, wouldn't they have stopped screaming and come up here to throw me out the window or something?

She paused for a second, thinking about the situation as he began to wonder what was that shouting about?

Motoko: Very well, but if I find your lying your last breath shall be this day.

Sukishi: You know as well as I do we are evenly matched.

Motoko: Only in a fools mind is there such thing.

With thats she raced down the flight of stairs with her hand on her sword. Though he wasn't the victim this time, he wondered what was the shouting about and followed her.
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[i][color=lightpink]Naru walked around the HIna Household. She heard yelling outside and heard the word 'pervert'. It left her wondering if there was a guy here, but at that thought, she tripped over Keitaro's bags and landed on her butt pretty hard.

"Ouch..." She stood up and rubbed her butt a bit, looking at the bagage and seen it was new and not anyone. So concluded that it was the perverts and wondered why that person was here.[/color][/i]
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Arima looked up to find an almost-naked Keitaro running straight at her, screaming "Help me!" She couldn't stop a small shriek from escaping her lips. Jumping up as he reached her, she used the newspaper to push him under the table without touching him.

She then turned to face the oncoming predator, the girl who was still trying to wring Keitaro's neck, "STOP!! Stop stop stop stop stop!" There was complete silence, and Arima continued speaking, "Do you know how loud you two were being? I'm sure that you just woke up the entire block. Now stop being immature, put some clothes on, and then go and fight outside. Go! Schnell schnell!"

OOC: Who is the girl that's chasing Keitaro?
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"Kietaro looked at the lady more soundly, now that she wasn't accusing him of being a pervert. He still stood only in a towel, and about this time it wasn't hanging on to well. As he stepped closer to the lady, they both had a good look at one another and Kietaro let go of the towel he was just holding up...

"Aunt Haruka!"
" Kietaro!"

They both said each others name at the same time and his towel dropped leaving him exposed for all to see.

"Um, excuse me," Kietaro looked over the other other person in the room who was pointing her finger down to the floor.

"Shyt," he crieds grabbing the towel and running to get his clothes.

The others in the room laughed a bit some a bit shocked with the whole package he was showing off.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[i][color=lightpink]Naru covered her eyes with her hands quickly. She saw Kietarop's package and blushed deeply. She didn't expect to see anything like that and was baffled at the sight.

"Get that man some clothes. It's not right of him to show his [b]thing[/b] to us!" Naru said quickly, peeking out from behind her hands wondering if Kietaro was gone yet or not.


OOC: Umm...Help..I'm confused![/color][/i]
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Arima silently agreed with Naru, and felt really grossed out. She didn't like males all too much. Luckily, she had seen Keitaro's towel starting to slip, and had quickly hidden her eyes before she saw anything. She heard him swear and run to get some clothes. When the others were laughing, she opened her eyes. Her breakfast was still on the table, but now she didn't feel like eating.
She sighed...her morning calm had been ruined...and now it would take her ages to get that calligraphy done. Time to play the cello to restore her contented mood. She quickly walked up the stairs and ran smack into someone, and then hung on so that she didn't fall backwards.

"Well, hello Arima! I didn't expect a greeting like that from you! But please, hold on to me until you feel safe," a familiar male face said.

Arima grimaced, "Sukishi, how nice to see you. Please go away before I get Motoko." Of all the people to run into, why did she have to run into Sukishi? Where had all the luck in her quiet morning gone?
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Kietaro could only sit and wait in the living area after being totally embarassed in front of a group of cute girl, his aunt, and some guy he had yet met. His aunt also got dressed and came down to sit with him.

"Kietaro, I'm sorry bout that."

"You didn't recognize me at all, and you know I gotta wear glasses so I didn't know who you were at all."

"I said I was sorr, but I guessed you were just anther trouble maker, ever since this became a girls dorm, things have gotte a bit crazy."

"A girl's dorm," he stood up quickly, and looked the place over once again. The beloved Hinata house a dorm for girls. "Wh-when did this happen."

"Over two years ago when you were flunking your Tokyo U exams." She said with a little smirk on her face. Aunt Hakura had always been a littla harsh on her nephew , but he just knew to roll with the punches.

"Well at least I am trying to be a Tokyo U student."

The group of people stumbled out of the kitchen trying thei best to overhear the conversation.

"Tokyo U," one of the girls said, " You go to Tokyo U, that's the school I'm trying for myself."

"Well yeah, but-"

"Whoa," everyone rushed out asking him how the Univerity was and things. Especialy the young lady trying out for the exams herself.

"Wait wait wait," he tried to blurt in but no one allowed him to speak.

His Aunt over looking everything saw the trouble he was going to be in when the truth did come out but she just sat there.
After a few minutes of listening to their ramble, she inturrepted them all.

"Will ALL OF YOU, Please Shut Up....." everyone looked over to her as she stood. "Keitaro, I wished to tell you of your new job, now that you're here. YOu're the landlord. Take care of Hinata House... I'm going out for a bit."

She quietly walked away leaving Keitaro there once more startled.

"LANDLORD...of Hinata House!!!!!"

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Arima, still on the stairs with Sukishi, couldn't believe her ears. That weird guy named Keitaro was going to be the landlord?? How could this happen? This was a GIRLS' DORM! And she heard that Keitaro was trying to enroll in Tokyo U., the same school that she currently attended.

Naomi saw Arima on the stairs, "Suzume-senpai! Hey, the pervert is our new landlord! And he's applying to Tokyo U., where you go! Maybe you can give him some tips!"
Keitaro looked up at this, looking towards Arima. He couldn't believe that she attended Tokyo U...she looked like she should still be in high school...

Arima was getting a headache from all this, "Um, well, I don't know. Maybe later, I have some things to do." She hurried up the rest of the stairs, retreating to the solace of her room.
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