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Art Sk's new banner thread

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[SIZE=1]Hiya!Yep,I'm back with some more banners and stuff. Shall we start off with the banner showing? Yes, I think we should!

After watching the whole Angelic Layer series I felt like making an Angelic Layer banner!

DaisukeAngel IMed me on AIM and requested that I'd make a Daisuke banner for her.So I did I'm kinda happy how this turned out. You can see Daisuke's eyes in the back.I also made a Avatar for her.This is what it looks like.

I made this banner a long time ago. So that's why it might not be so great. It features Shingo and who else would be behind him?It would be the great Kyo.

Well I was thinking of possibly retiring because I'm gettin' awfully lazy of making banners. I just had to but Hakkai on there, he's one of my favorite bishies.:)

The last thing I'm gonna post up in this post is something kinda
[I]Bloody[/I].Some people might not want to see it so I'm gonna post up a link. I made this bloody like thing in photoshop.I like to call it "After The Long Battle".This is my first 3D thing I made in Photoshop.[URL=http://chipp.250free.com/AfterTheLongBattle.jpg]Beware![/URL]

That's all for now!Please post up comments, tips, advice, ect.[/size]

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Hmmm... from what i've seen you should continue to do work with graphics but you need to change many things. First of all work on your text placement and what not don't just slab text on do your banners like that =\. For the most part you understand color schemes which is good... One thing to keep in mind though is that it's hard to make a good banner (in terms of technical skill) when using more than one image. So you might want to lay off the stocks a bit =O. Hmmm other than that keep working and experimenting with different textures after a while all the random filters run actually mean something and you'll develop a certain type of style you'll like. I really could and should say more but it's off to do my homework I go x___X... And on a side note... It's "GFX" not "GXF" :P.

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[size=1][color=chocolate][b]Banner One:[/b] Very nice banner, haven't seen an Angelic Layer Banner before. Anyway, Misaki looks very cute, though I don't like the blue effect you added in the banner. It seems to 'cool' for the banner. But it does look good.
[b]Banner Two:[/b] This is the best out of the banners that I see. It's very nice, and the pics look good for the background, and the effect is good too. May I suggest a dark red border for it?
[b]Avatar:[/b] Nice, with the matching banner. I have no complaints. ^_^
[b]Banner Three:[/b] Eh, I don't like this one. The hand behind the guy confused me, and the background is good, but only the pics confuse me.
[b]Banner Four:[/b] My least favorite out of them all. The text is pixelly, the pic doesn't match with the background, vice versa for the background.
[b]Bloody Thing:[/b] I don't find it ultra bloody really. Well, I do watch bloody movies all the time so what do I have to say. The hand camaflouges with the background, and I'm not sure if you meant to do that. The sword to me doesn't really look all that 3-D, but once you see it, it's a little 3-D.[/size][/color]

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[SIZE=1]Thanks for the comments.Well I've made a whole bunch of Naruto stuff, don't really know why..Maybe I do..since..I have a little obsession. Well yeah here. You can take a look at these.

I'm gonna have to say that the font to this banner really doesn't fit it. Well that's how I see it I don't know about you people.
I'm using the avatar I made to fit the banner so I'm not gonna bother to post it up.

I was bored and wanted to make an animation in Imageready so...This is what I made.It's the Naruto sprite from..uh..I forgot :sweat:

And last I made a Naruto Blog,it's gonna be a link. It's for the guild I made on Neopets. I'm just gonna laugh at myself because I play neopets.-laughs at self-Ok the name of the guild is named Naruto Paradise. It's still not really quite done so you won't be able to search for it.
[URL=http://chipp.250free.com/NarutoBlog.jpg]The Link[/URL] [/size]

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[size=1][color=chocolate]Yep, the font for the banner doesn't work, and is a slight blurry. I don't know what color would do with that though. O.o
The sprite thing is great. Have no complaints. ^_^
The blog is very good! The background goes well with the picture, and it is really cool. The pic is good, and well faded. All you have to do is fill in that box. ^_~
I suggest a dark red for the text if there will be in there.[/size][/color]

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