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  1. Super Smash bros and soul caliber 2, I think tell me if im right though
  2. I love this show, But at the moment in Australia its in the off season, but hopefully the new episodes should be starting soon, and im fully syked for them. the only problem i have ever had with this show was the whole story involving connor his son.....For some reason the storie didnt appeal to me. Personally im for the old school episodes were each episode saw them defeat a new big evil and had that irish actor in it.
  3. Na i mean just mario himself, It isnt an exact picture of him but u can definatly tell its him, if u need a hint just ask.. EDIT: Ok no one was answering so ill just tell ya. In ganons castle if u look closely u can see mario in a pattern. Anyone can the next question :)
  4. Im with Prettygurlrei I like the spirit temple the best as well, I like the whole mirros theme and using the mirrored shield, Off course the least liked one has to be the water temple, I absolutley despised that dungeon, Though all good games need an anoying stage in it, Even if it means dreading getting to that part.
  5. In the 3rd palace, On the second floor A warrior will teach you it. Question. Besides the Picture in the castle courtyard in OOT where else does mario appear
  6. I like how u did the whole fading thing and making it dark, Especially around the eyes like they should be. Very nice, Savvy
  7. It was the boy with the flute. Heres the answer to yours. Spirit's Grave Wing Dungeon Moonlit Grotto Skull Dungeon Crown Dungeon Mermaid's Cave Jabu-Jabu's Belly Ancient Tomb Black Tower Heres an ezy one for ya's. Question. In TWW how any squares are there on your map?
  8. I would have to choose Zelda TWW, The music in it is some what similar to Final fantasy 7 in some parts, Very nice music indeed.
  9. I like it, Probly becuase i loved the movie Pirates of the carribean, Anyway its a bit jerky in the animation but with screenshots, what are ya gonna do. Good job 6.5/10
  10. Im not sure if your allowed to post links to walkthroughs, but is Desbreko say's its allright ill post one for you.
  11. I like to stick with the simple kill monster-get XP-get enough XP for level up-Then repeat. The way they did it in FF9,FF7 and the goldensun series, Though most RPG's use this sort of battle system i think it works well the most.
  12. Hmm. Easy 1. Jean claude van damme, I knwo hes a bit old but i love his fight movies, The quest and bloodsport 2. Jason stratham, Kick *** martial artist starred in the transporter and The one with jet li 3.Jackie Chan, I love all his movies cos thier funny and packed with martial arts action that isnt to fake, 4.Sean willian scott, he was awesome in Bullet proof monk and then even better and funnier when he teamed up with dwayne johnson in welcome to the jungle 5.Wesley snipes, Well its pretty obvious, Hes one of the best actors around and all his movies are jammed
  13. I think u get 3 carvers statues, But is that the 3 things your talking about? (didnt know either 3 items or 3 things....) EDIT. ok i decided it must be it, so here are the three different carvings u get in order. Riddle one, Carving of a cucco. Riddle four, A carving of link. Riddle seven, A carving of zelda. though correct me if im wrong. Question. In 'A Link to the Past', who was turned into a fox-like creature in the Dark World.
  14. Zidane

    Nintendo DS

    I think dual screens is great, My friend had 3 screen set up for a driving game at his house, Each screen was for a different view e.g righ screen was the right side window, The feel was intense and felt like u were really driving, Anyway if this new DS is anything like that it should boost the gaming experience atleast 2 fold.
  15. 2001 Silver Nissan skyline GTR OOOH YEH. Nothing beats it, This car looks so nice i could just drool :whoops:
  16. Again u get the font perfect..Good job. Im kinda ashamed to admit it but im one of those harry potter fans, lol....na not really i just really like emma watson!
  17. I really like your banners, thier very active and vibrant. Though the font is a bit...meh, But anyway i love the overall total effects. Good work!
  18. Your last banner is pretty good, Though u should stick to similar color themes for the entre banner, eg on the second u posted the grey middle picture doesnt go well with the other 2, Though they are pretty well made except for that, Anyway good job!
  19. Personaly i dont like rap at all, I used to listen to it when i was younger but then i started to appreciate music more and focused on rock more. Anyway the 50 cent and eminem thing will go away when the whole rap fad fades away which in my prediction is soon looking at all the new bands signing deals and making videos, serious talent on its way up :).
  20. Zidane

    LP in Texas

    I would of given my left arm to see this concert. Since i live in Australia LP hardly ever come here, So the closes i get is the dvd,s, I think all thier performances rocked on it. Thier just an all round kick *** band.
  21. This game sounds very interesting. Bribing people...Bashing them up... Dam i wanna play it. Can anyway give me the 411 on it, Like whats the story etc...
  22. 1. Blue Falcon 2. Golden Fox 3. Wild Goose 4. Fire stingray Question. Name the pilots for the machines above.
  23. First tip, Never try to resize a picture thats really big it just makes it look dodgy. Second tip, When u choose the picture u want to use, use colors that complement the picture and make it match. Other then that its a good first try, Dude u should of seen my first one. It was a shocker.
  24. Hurricane blade, Bug catching net , basket ? I really have no clue but this is as close i can get it off the top of my head. Am i right?
  25. Yeh i agree thats a pretty sweet banner. You always seem to match the font perfectly.
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