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Final Fantasy: The evil within

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[COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=1]It was one day in Maikan, a boy was in a grass field area training. Then suddenly a boy named Razaiki came up to him and asked, "Hey Makiyu, wanna duel?"

"OK sure." accepted Makiyu

The 2 warriors spaced themselves in the area. One of Razaiki's thugs yelled, "Begin!" Makiyu and and Razaiki charged at eachother and their swords were making sparks everywhere soon the Makiyu and Razaiki jumped away from eachother and they both shouted, "Bushido Dragon!"2 dragon like forms of energy was sprouted from both of their swords. They rised into the air and then dark clouds began to brew and rain started to pur down hard. The 2 dragons returned but they hit their owners instead in the chest, it somehow powered them up. THey charged at eachother again then when they got into collision, they were locked down. Soon they jumped away and ran at eachother again.This time, when they got into collision a flash was iminated and it blew Makiyu and Razaiki away from eachother. A colemn of light was made and it stopped rainning in the area. The 2 stood up but Makiyu was dazed. Razaiki took advantage and ran up to him to then slash him across the face. Makiyu took the blow then blacked out when he fell down.

Makiyu woke up near a river which was near a river. He searched for his sword and put it back in the sheath. He decided to go into the village to know where he is.

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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari had woken earlier that day. It was almost noon. Today she was supposed to set out on her quest to collect the fayths and defeat the evil in the world of Gaia, but earlier, there had been a storm and the elders thought she should leave tomorrow instead. Kari was upset because she was so excited to be going on the quest. She sadly looked out of the window. She looked around and no one was around so she grabbed her waterproof jacket, incase the storm started again and she fled out of the house.

The clouds in the sky were grey and gloomy. Kari just walked through the village. She walked towards the river that gave Riverside it's name. It was the River Domin. She was wearing her blue kimono like robe with a scarlet obi. She only carried one weapon, Her shukusen which was tucked in her obi. She sat on a rock and sighed.

'Are the gods trying to tell me something? Do they not want me to go?' Kari thought in her head.

The soft sound of the river helped sooth her upset mind. She had a strange connection with water. It was a strange part of her power. She tucked a stray strand of chocolate brown hair behind her ear and continued to think.

It was silent in the village because of the storm, they were inside. Some of the adults were with the elders. Kari stood and walked towards the exit of the village and saw a strange man approaching. Kari pulled out her shukusen and opened it with a snap. She stood prepared, there had been bandits lately so they were careful of who was coming into the village, especially on days of trouble.

"Who are you?" Kari asked the man as he got to the entrance.
"I'm Makiyu." the man replied wearily.

Kari's emerald eyes looked him over. He was 5'8 with blue eyes and pale skin with brown hair. Black shirt with a long red jacket that reaches to his feet. Black boots and gloves to match and there was a deep cut caked with blood between his eyes. His hair was plastered to his face and his clothes were soaked. Kari frowned and closed the fan like weapon with a snap and tucked it back into his obi, points down.

"Come with me." Kari said turning to face the village.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"You will know soon enough." she said walking.
"At least tell me where I am." Makiyu called.
"You're in the village of Riverside." Kari said turning to him and waving her hand at the river.

Kari turned away again and lead him into a house.She rapped on the door and opened it quietly. She entered and placed her hands flat on her thighs in a traditional bow to the 6 men sitting at the table.

"I'm sorry to disturb your discussion, Elders, I am aware that you are busy at the current time but this man was entering our village. He is a stranger. He looks injured and wet from the storm." Kari said.
"Yes, of course. Thankyou, but what were you doing out of your house?" one of the men asked her.
"I was thinking, Elder Cheng." Kari responded.
"Very good Kari, you may take a seat and wait for this stranger you have encountered." another Elder said.
"Thankyou, Elder Sun."

Kari bowed to them again and sat in a chair nearby.

"Who are you, young man?" Elder Cheng asked.
"My name's Makiyu, sir." he replied.
"How old are you?" another asked.
"24." Makiyu stated.
"Why are you here?" Elder Sun asked.
"I don't know. I woke up near the river. I just wanted to come and ask where I was, but she found me and brought me here." Makiyu indicated to Kari. The elders talked among themselves and turned to Kari.

"Kari..." Elder Sun started. Kari stood.
"...Take him, give him a bath, nurse his wounds, change his clothes and give him a place to stay. He does not seem like a bandit to me. If anything happens then alert us immediately, but remember, ou must leave on your quest tomorrow." he finished.

Kari bowed and led him out of the house. She walked until she reached her house. She opened the door and hung up her jacket.

"Now are you going to tell me who you are?" he asked.
"If you weren't listening. My name is Kari. Short for Hikari." she said. "Mama?" she called. She heard an answer and walked towards the kitchen. She was cooking lunch. She looked at Makiyu and whipped out her own shukusen.

"It's alright Mama. The elders asked me to bring him home to help him, I found him when I went outside." Kari said.
"What were you doing outside Mia?" her mother said using her traditional name and lowering the shukusen.
"I was thinking Mama. But I need to help him, could you cook for one more?" Kari asked.
"Of course. And you are?" she asked.
"Makiyu." he said.
"Alright. I'll see you later Makiyu." her mother said.

Kari led him away and showed him the bathroom and gave him some of her father's old clothes, and a towel.

"Take a bath, change, and then I'll help clean that wound." Kari said turning.
"Just one more question, what did that man mean about 'You still have to go on your quest tomorrow'?" Makiyu asked.
Kari sighed and faced him. "I'm a summoner. This village has summoners and mages, I'm going on a quest to collect the fayths and save Gaia from the great evil that's taking over, ok?"

Kari walked to her bedroom, he stared for a while before walking into the bathroom.[/COLOR]
[b]OOC:[/b]You're at my house at the moment G/S/B.
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[size=1][color=green][i]So...this is the acclaimed Razzaria...[/i] thought Rhox. 'Now to find this "Ace" character...' he said aloud.
He flicked back his fringe and walked on, Kilgorin clinking at his side. People gave him a wide bearth (sp?).
For some reason which Rhox couldn't put his finger on, everyone that saw Kilgorin seemed to take one look at it and vacate their faces of all expression. It seemed as though they were distancing their minds from a probing psychic. The sword was indeed puzzling, but didn't look like it had any effects on Rhox.
As he passed by stores and market stalls, Rhox noticed one thing; there was no one browsing through the items on offer. Even most of the shopkeepers were missing.
Rhox slowed down a little, he didn't want anyone spoiling his chances of becoming the guardian to this Ace guy. [i]Better be ready for anything..[/i] he thought.
All of a sudden a loud booming crash was heard all around the city.
He turned the corner and found out why the city was so empty.
There was some kind of celebration with floats and everything of the sort.
Rhox walked over to a sign that said:
[Summoners' parade! See the Summoners of Razzaria leave on their long journey!]
[i]So this's where I'll find Ace...[/i] thought Rhox as he scanned the floats for a guy that matched Ace's description. It wasn't long before he saw Ace.[/color][/size]
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[size=1] Duke stood up.
Looking around him, he had no idea where he was. He didn't know how long he was unconscious. It could have been a day or three days. There was a large, sore lump on his forehead. Touching it made him grit his teeth in pain.

[I]Where am I..?[/I]he thought impatiently. He tried his hardest to remember what he had been doing.


He remembered his boarding school. He had been standing outside. He had even been playing some sport with another person...he couldn't remember what. Something heavy had hit him.. right about where his forehead was.

(End flashback)

He moved down the road before him, before stopping and staring at a sign before him. [I]Welcome to Razzaria[/I], it read.

A city lay in front of him. He had never seen it before. It certainly wasn't his school...[/size]
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Ace was at the parade about to summon his fayth(which was really the dark power that is affecting Gaia). He stood in the middle and start to summon it by playing a melody on his guitar.

The ground began to shake, and the earth began to crack. And from the pits of hell a black dragon was in chain. The dragon broke out the chains in flew in the air with a firey inferno.

After that had happened the crowd began to get scared. The dragon landed in front of Ace, and his and Ace's eyes glowed.
"Yoko!, kill them all !", yelled Ace. The crowd began to run, and the other summoners sent their fayths to defeat Yoko.

But they failed Yoko had devoured every single one of the fayths and summoners. Rhox had ran to Ace" May I be your guardian?"
"Sure you can, but you evil enough?" asked Ace. "Yes"said Rhox.

After Yoko destroyed the city of Razzaria, Ace called backed to him"Yoko, come we shall ride, and you to Rhox",said Ace. And ace and Rhox jumped on Yoko and flew away from the city that was no more.

OOC: was that good enough
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Gerret sat at a table in this random tavern. He was in a light sleep and had just finished his ale. He was at the town near his old home, the tonberry cave. Everyone just ignored him, and he was happy with that. Today seemed different.

"H-Hay yaose! Walts az stuupi guy likes yuuse doin heir. Git owwwt!!" A drunken man continued to babble at Gerret. Gerret opened one eye to get a good look of this guy's character. A dirty huge fellow with a long and stained beard. He had been drinking too much.


The huge man made a grab for Gerret's cloak. All of a sudden there was a flash of light! The man was on the floor and he was walking out the door. Near the dropped giant were pure white feathers scattered about the scene. A stunned drunk picked up one of the feathers and further examined it.

"Toonbarry boy be murr then he shows us..." The man look at the door to see Gerret out of sight.


Gerret wandered into a nearby forest. He gathered leaves and vines and made himself a hammock in 20 minutes. He jumped in and went into another light snooze...
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OOC: Sorry if my previous post made no sense. I was in a hurry to finish it up >_<

[i]"Can't beleive it. I'm like..... half way around the world. I lost to Razaiki, and now I'm in a house with a pretty girl. This must be a dream or something."[/i] Makiyu then got undressed and turned on the water. Makiyu washed up then he relaxed in the tub but then he fell asleep.

"Hey boss, you really finihsed him off," said a voice.

"I think you cutted his vein," said another voice.

"Nah, this is the way I imagined it, bloody and knocked out ahahha," Makiyu laughed

[i]" WHat am I saying.... where am I..."said Makiyu confused. [/i]

Makiyu focused his eyes and now he can see. It was 2 of Razaiki's thugs. He looked into the puddle and saw that he was Razaiki! Makiyu turned around and looked at the ground to see his body, flat on the ground, bleeding and staring blankly. Suddenly one of Razaiki's thugs yelled, "Look out boss!" "Razaiki" turned around to see a figure in a black trenchcoat. Makiyu then waved his sword around and fell. "I'm impressed how you destroyed that fool" said the man.

"Who are you?" asked Razaiki

"You'll know soon enough, here, have a hand," said the man reaching out to Razaiki with an outreached him. Razaiki grabbed the hand with a hard grip. "Hahahaha, nice grip, but mine is better." The man squeezed Razaiki's hand even harder then him. Makiyu couldn't feel Razaiki's left hand anymore. Razaiki grunted but Makiyu was screaming inside. "You have accepted the darkness within you Razaiki. Say good bye to your friends mwahahhaha." Makiyu saw darkness envoloping him in every direction. He felt sad and mindless and soon blacked out. Makiyu woke up in the tub. The water wasn't running anymore. He looked up and saw Kari.

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Sare ran to her house as soon as she heard that Kari had discovered a wounded stranger.
She burst in, panting, "Where's Kari? And is the stranger here?"
Kari, still in the bathroom, quickly ran out when she heard Sare, and still blushing, she quietly ran to her room.

Sare's stepmother (Kari's mother) answered calmly, taking in her stepdaughter's windswept appearance, "Kari is in her bedroom, and the stranger is in the bathroom, so don't go in there. You don't have to be worried - the Elders asked Kari to take care of him for now."

Sare was still suspicious, "Do they know anything about this guy? How did he get injured? What if he wants to secretly kidnap and kill Kari?"

Kari's mother started laughing, "Oh, my dear, I think you're using your imagination a bit too much. And his name is Makiyu. And I don't think he has any hidden intentions. Be nice, alright?" She turned back and continued preparing the meal.

Sare went to Kari's bedroom and immediately walked in, not bothering to knock, "Kari! What did the Elders say to you? Are you sure that this guy isn't dangerous?"

Kari was sitting on her bed, and smiled, "Sare, little Sare, are you scared for your older sister? The Elders said to take care of him, and even if Makiyu's dangerous, we should still help him. He's hurt."

Sare sat on the bed, annoyed, "Kari, I'm not little! And of course I'm worried about you - you're too nice to everyone."

Kari laughed, "Sare, you're only 16. Don't worry, I can take care of myself, and you don't have anything to worry about from Makiyu. And if anything goes wrong, I'll tell you, ok?"

Sare held out her pinky, "Do you promise?"

"I promise."

"Well, ok!" Sare jumped up happily from the bed, "I'm so glad we're sisters! Just don't leave me behind, ok?"

Kari nodded again, "Ok, don't worry. I'm your older sister - I would never go where I couldn't take care of you." She didn't mention that she had been in the bathroom alone with Makiyu, but at the moment, the thought had completely slipped her mind.
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[size=1][color=green][i]Well that was quick...[/i] thought Rhox, [i]And devastatingly easy...[/i]
'You sure you can handle evil?' Ace called back.
'You haven't seen Kilgorin yet then!' he said to Ace.
'What the hell's Kilgorin?!'
'This's some Fayth you've got yourself here...' said Rhox, changing the subject. The kid would find out what Kilgorin was soon enough. 'But why unleash it on Razzaria? Why even live in Razzaria in the first place? Why not live in some far away place that no one knows about?'
'Quit it with the questions or I'll throw you off Yoko's back! I'll leave you to dangle, impaled on one of Yoko's claws!' called Ace in rage.
[i]Some attitude this kid's got. I suppose I'll have to get used to it though, it's a bit late to back out now...[/i]
Yoko gave a great roar as it began it's decent.
'What? Yoko! Why are we landing?! Get back up in the air!' Ace began to say, the alarm in his voice was faint, but it was still there.
[color=black][i]You really don't want to know why Yoko is landing, believe me...[/i] A voice echoed through Ace and Rhox's minds.[/color]
'Who the hell are you!?' called Ace into the forest surrounding them by the second.
[color=black][i]And to think you could even control Yoko in the first place![/i] the voice laughed. [i]Who do you think I am child?[/i][/color]
'I don't give a shit! Piss off! Yoko, do something about this!'
'Just guess who it is Ace.' Ace began to say something, but Rhox interrupted. 'And it's not me...'
[color=black][i]Yes, Rhox is right there. I'm [b]certainly[/b] not him! Take another guess, who else is here?[/i][/color]
'Rhox, what was that thing you said about something before? Hillgrounding?'
Rhox sniggered, Yoko snorted. 'It was Kilgorin. Don't you pay attention?'
[color=black][i]Right again Rhox, but I wasn't asking you who I was, you already know that.[/i][/color]
'Shut up! Reveal yourself, you fiend!' Ace yelled, pulling out his Guitar.
[color=black][i]I can't.[/i][/color]
'Why the hell not?'
'Because he's in my hilt you nitwit!' snapped Rhox, his last scrape of patience was being tried.
[color=black][i]I am Kilgorin, Sword of Darkness. I have greater authority over Dark Fayths than a mere child such as yourself, Ace. That is why Yoko has landed.
I have a question. You've been to Hell, yet you do not remember me?[/i][/color]
'[b]You![/b]' Ace hissed.
[color=black][i]Yes, me. I will give back your control over Yoko. On one condition. You don't insult Rhox, and you take him with you around Gaia. I have plans for him...[/i] the voice subsided and left.[/color]
Yoko began to rise into the air again. Ace breathed a sigh of relief, but it was barely noticable.
'Where are we going then?' asked Rhox.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari smiled after her younger step-sister as she left. They had become very close and Kari would do anything to help and protect her little sister. Kari remembered that she left Makiyu in the bathroom and cursed quietly. She got off her bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Makiyu was changed and he was hand drying his hair with a towel.

"Are you alright? I heard you talking and screaming so I came in to see if you were ok..." Kari said quietly.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Makiyu muttered, not telling her about the dream.
"Ok. Let's get your wounds cleaned." Kari said leading him out of the room.

Kari took him into the lounge room and got the bandages and antiseptic, she also brought some herbs that she used for healing. Kari dabbed some antiseptic on some cotton and cleaned the cut between his eyes. He hissed and Kari apologized softly. After that she cleaned any other cuts and bandaged them.

"Alright, that's it I guess. Mama will wash your clothes but you'll have to continue to wear these clothes for a while. I'll show you the room you'll be staying in." Kari said standing. She put the items away and lead him away again.

Kari took him to the room next to hers. There were 2 rooms next to her as she was in the middle. The one on the left belonged to Sare, Makiyu had the room on the right. Kari let him put down his things and he walked into the hall. Kari took him to meet Sare. They started to talk and soon Sare became less worried and accepted him as an ok person.

"Come on, I think I here Mama calling us for Lunch." Kari said. The 3 of them walked to the dining room and sat down to eat.
"What was that thing that you opened when you saw me coming?" Makiyu asked Kari.
"What this?" Kari said taking out her shukusen.
"Yeah. What is it?"
"It's called a shukusen. It looks like a fan but it's a deadly weapon. It's razor sharp on the top and dull at the bottom. It's heavy and women carry them if they don't want to openly carry a weapon." Kari said passing it to him. He was amazed at the weight of the weapon. He passed it back and they ate.[/COLOR]
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Sare had seen Makiyu's surprised expression when he had held Kari's shukusen, "Heavier than it looks, isn't it?" Makiyu nodded, and Sare said, "It's more dangerous than it looks too."

Their mother gave Sare a glance that told her to be more nice, and Sare sighed.

Kari interrupted the strange silence, "Makiyu, after lunch if you're feeling ok, then Sare and I could demonstrate how to use the shukusen for you." Sare looked up, her mouth hanging open. Kari smiled innocently at her.

Makiyu looked at both of their faces, and then nodded, "Sure, that would be fine. I'm sure it'll be very interesting."

"Kari's way better than me - she's been practicing forever. I didn't even touch a shukusen until I was 14, when Kari taught me," Sare said, taking another piece of bread.

Makiyu compared them again, "It's strange, but you two don't really look like sisters. I mean, you both could be related and all, but you don't look like sisters."

Sare looked surprised, and then recovered, "Oh, that's because we're stepsisters. It's kind of weird that you could tell, because usually people think we're really blood sisters. My dad married Kari's mom." As she mentioned her father, Sare's face had a grim look to it.

"Where is your father?" Makiyu asked. Sare didn't answer, stonily eating her bread.

"He's away on a trip - he should be back soon," Kari's mother said, and then she promptly changed the subject. The meal continued as normal, and Sare was her usual self through the rest of it.

Later, before they left, Kari explained to Makiyu about Sare, "There's been some tension between Sare and her father lately. Recently, Sare got a marriage offer from a different village, and that's where her father is right now, discussing it. She told him she didn't want it, but the man who offered is pretty rich, so now they're negotiating. Sare's father wants to decline without offending the guy, but he doesn't know if its possible. And I think he told Sare something else too, but I don't know what it is."

"But aren't you the oldest? Shouldn't you get married first?" Makiyu asked, wondering why this beautiful young lady wasn't already married.

Kari laughed, "Oh, well, I've gotten offers, but I've turned them all down. Mama says she'll let me choose, and Sare's father doesn't really have a say in it since I'm not his daughter. And whoever gets turned down can't really do anything about it since I'm a summoner." She smiled as she said this, remembering how young men would tiptoe around her so they wouldn't offend.

Makiyu nodded, "I see. So Sare doesn't want to get married. She's quite pretty, so I can see why she's already gotten offers. But aren't potential suitors afraid of her too? She's pretty tough."

Kari nodded, "Yes, she's tough, and definitely doesn't want marriage. I can see why; she's only 16! And sure, people might be slightly afraid of her, but...she can't summon. Actually, she doesn't have any magical abilities at all. So yes, she's strong, and has mastered her weapons. She could probably beat anyone in the surrounding area, but since she can't do magic, men underestimate her. They just think of her as some exotic possession they can buy."

Sare was at the door, interrupting the two, "When are you guys coming? You're taking forever! Let's go!" She turned and raced down the steps, laughing as she ran to the fields. Makiyu watched as Kari followed, a solemn, concerned look on her face. he knew that she was worried about her sister.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari changed her expression and snapped open her shukusen.

"We play a game with this when we're little, It's called Fan Toss. We throw it to each other in a special way."

Kari started and demonstrated, she tossed it upwards, giving it a spin to flip it over and caught it. They started to throw it to each other low. Each time they threw it higher, they caught the heavy fan in their palms one-handedly. When it reached to ten feet in the air, Kari called "The Blossom Opens." they threw it faster and faster. Then Kari called "Sinking Sun." They slowed down. Now they dipped as they caught the fan, whipped it around both hands, then dipped again before wafting the fan to the other. Finally Kari held it and snapped it shut. Makiyu had watched it in amazement.

"You want to see how deadly it is right? Go find the thickest branch you can find and bring it back." Kari said. He went and returned.

Kari held it with one hand and the open shukusen in the other. She slashed the open edges across the branch and it fell in half. He stared. Kari closed it with another snap.

"Let's go." Kari said walking away.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=red] A light flared from inside the city.
Duke had hardly even set foot into Razzaria, when, a massive light flamed, followed by many explosions. People fled in fear, running past him. Duke drew his sword, but then to his astonishment, a huge black dragon took to the sky overhead. He stared in awe at it. For a moment, he thought he glimpsed others on its back.

Something told him to follow the dragon, which he did. He ran as fast as he could, but the dragon was far too fast. "[I]What now[/I]?" he thought.

He decided to stop fooling around. "Excuse me sir," he said to nearest man,"but where am I?"

"You're in the kingdom of Gaia, of course. You must be a traveler," was his response.

"I don't know where I am, and I don't know how I got here."Duke admitted. "Do you know someone who could help me?"

The man thought for a moment. "The wise Elders of Riverside could probably help you I'm sure. Riverside is that way." He pointed.

"Thank you." Duke bowed and began walking.[/color][/size]
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Now that Rhox had joined Ace, Ace began to be nice to him."So where did you say you were going?" siad Rhox. "To the next dark fayth it is where Kairi is",said Ace

"Who is Kairi?",Rhox asked. "She is another summoner that wants to stop Yoko." said Ace

"OH her I heard about her, and that boy Makiyu." said the sword.
"Who is that?" said Ace. "He is the person you must defeat", said Ace

Yoko began to land and they saw a boy following them."You there who are you?" said Ace.

OOC: sorry for the short post
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When Kari, Sare, and Makiyu returned to the house, they found that Sare's father had returned. He looked very grave, and motioned for Sare to come to the table. Kari and Makiyu wisely left them alone, going to Kari's room to listen to the conversation.

"Hello Sare." Her father sounded tired.

Sare answered shortly, "Father."

Kari's mother tried to diminish the tension, "Sare, why don't you sit down. I'll get you two some tea." Her father merely nodded.

"Father, you know that I'm not going to marry, don't you?" Sare questioned sharply.

He slammed his hand down on the table, "Sare! Be quiet!" Everything was silent, and Kari's mother didn't return to the table. Sare glared at her father.
In her room, Kari was trembling slightly, and her eyes were wide with surprise.

Makiyu notice her, and whispered softly, "What's wrong? Are you ok?"

Kari nodded, "I'm fine. It's just...this is the first time that Sare's father has ever been so angry. He's never done this before." Makiyu nodded, and paid attention as Sare's father began to speak again.

"Sare, listen to me. I went to speak with Carding, but he won't budge. He's a very powerful man. But I have good news: he said that he would wait until your 17th birthday before marrying you."

Sare jumped up, "What??? Marry me? I will not marry that man! I don't care if he postpones it til my 60th birthday - I will not marry him!"

"SIT DOWN!" her father roared. She sat. " I am your father, and it is your duty as a daughter to obey me. Do you think this is easy for me? To marry off my only daughter to some rich man in a foreign village?? Believe me, this is not only hard on you, but he is powerful. I have no way of protecting you, and you cannot protect yourself."

Sare glared icily at her father, "I don't need a protector. I'm strong enough to fight my own battles! You know this! You've raised me, seen my training. I can beat anyone that Kari can! I'm no stranger to combat!"

He shook his head, "Enough of this. I was too soft on you, giving you your heart's desire, training you to be able to fight. But enough. No more of this. You will be married, unless Carding finds someone he prefers, but I doubt that. He has heard of your pride and passion. But now you must tame it. Enough."

"NO!! I will not willingly go to him! I will not be a lamb sent to slaughter! I fight with my own strength - I need nothing from anyone! You cannot force me to give up my life."

Her father stood, a statue of stone, "I'm not asking you to give up your life. I'm asking you to have a secure life. And I'm asking you to give up your weapons." Silence.

Sare stood, "You asked me this before, to give up my weapons, my dirk and my whip. Why do you do this to me? Am I not your daughter? Did you not love my mother? And these weapons were hers before! Why do you do this?"

He sighed deeply, "It's what your mother would have wanted - "

"NO! It's not what she would have wanted! You cannot say that because you don't know any better than I do!" Sare was screaming now, tears running down her face, her cheeks bright with anger.

Her father held out his hand sternly, rock hard, "Give them to me. Now. Your mother is not here, so I speak for her. Give them."

Sare whispered softly, hate glaring through her eyes, "I have no mother. I have no mother but Kari's mother, who takes me in and loves me better than my real mother could have." Her father's eyes darkened. Sare continued, "I have no mother...and...I have no father either!" She pushed over the table and chairs in her rage, and ran outside into the dusk. Her father stayed standing, stunned at Sare's words.

Suddenly, a messenger was at the door, "Excuse me sir, but the Elders of the village wish to speak to Kari Sanai and Makiyu."
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[b]OOC:[/b] jro13, the name's Kari. One "i"

[COLOR=darkblue]Kari was about to run out, after Sare but the messenger appeared. Kari put on an emotionless face and stood. Makiyu, having heard his name mentioned, walked over.

They walked out of the house and back to the house of the Elders. As they entered, Kari bowed in the traditional way, with palms flat on her thighs, this time Makiyu bowed in the usual way.

"You summoned for us Elders?" Kari asked.
"Yes. The quest for tomorrow. We have decided that Makiyu shall accompany you as a guardian. You should meet others on the way that will want to help, but there are those unwilling to help. There are some who wish to collect the fayths for evil. The summoner of evil goes by the name Ace Wallace. They are coming towards Riverside to find a fayth. You must find it first and beat the evil summoner and his guardians. Do what you must, the future of Gaia depends on you. We advise you to get good sleep tonight, or if you've nothing to do, go look for the fayth. It is somewhere close by." Elder Sun said.
"We will search as soon as we...sort some other problems." Kari said quietly.
"We understand." One of the Elders said.

Kari and Makiyu bowed and made for the door. Then Elder Cheng called to them. "Sare is in the Northern Fields."
Kari turned around and looked at them, then bowed and left.

"I wonder how they knew that." Makiyu told Kari.
"They know a lot of things you don't think they know." Kari said walking to her house.
"I know you have a weapon. Go get it, we'll meet in the hall outside of our rooms." Kari said.

They both walked to their rooms. Kari grabbed her glaive and gave it a test spin. She grinned and walked out of her room. Makiyu was there, he was wielding a long sword.
"Let's go." Kari said.

They walked out of the house. She told Mama what they were doing but she didn't want to talk to her step-father. It was his fault that Sare was upset. Then she remembered and went into Sare's room. She took the dirk and whip that had once belonged to Sare's mother before her unfortunate death. She tucked them into the folds of her kimono and walked out again.

They left the house and walked towards the Northern Fields. There in the open grass with flowers, was Sare all sprawled out. Kari carefully approached, she heard her crying and hugged her around the shoulders. Sare looked up in shock and saw that it was Kari. She cried louder and hugged her. Kari rested her glaive on the ground and hugged her back. Makiyu stood back to let the step-sisters share their time.

"I can't believe he's gonna make me give up my Mother's weapons. They're the most important things to me. I bet he's taking them now and hiding them somewhere." Sare sobbed.
"No he's not." Kari re-assured.
"How do you know?" Sare said coldly. "I'm sorry...I don't--"
"It's ok. I know how you feel. The glaive was my Papa's. But I know he's not because...." Kari brought out the weapons and Sare's eyes lit up.
"You brought them!!" Sare said happily as she held the dirk and the whip.
"I wouldn't let him take them away from you. I know exactly how you feel. Well not exactly, but close enough." Kari said jokingly.
"Thanks Kari." Sare said quietly.
"It's no problem. But we gotta find a fayth that's around here somewhere...The evil summoner and his guardians are coming to find it. We can't let him have it. Are you ready for action?" Kari asked the younger girl.
"Aren't I always?" Sare said standing. She wiped the tears off her cheeks and held her weapons.
"Alright! Let's do it." Kari said grabbing her glaive.
"Come on Makiyu. I'll need you to protect me." Kari said.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]"Who are you?" Ace called.

Duke stood firm. "Why don't you tell me who you are? Besides being the one who almost completely destroyed Razzaria back there with your pet."

Ace grinned." You saw that as well? You're here to stop us? This will be amusing. Rhox, go ahead and kill him."

Rhox began to lower himself from the fayth's back, when a voice spoke. [I]We don't have time for this[/I]!

[I]Kilgorin[/I]? Rhox thought.
[I]You don't have the time to stop and kill everyone you see on the road. The summoner and her guardians are preparing to find the new fayth. Hurry there and finish them off[/I]!

"Sorry," said Ace, as Rhox climbed on to Yoko again,"but we don't time for you right now, being in a hurry." The two took off.

[I]They're going to destroy Riverside[/I], Duke guessed.[I] I can't let them do it[/I]! He ran in that direction as fast as he could.[/size]
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"I heard of the Cave of Fayth in the Northern Field." said Makiyu. "In the cave, is an orb where it hold a fayth, or a beast summon. Whoever can break the orb can get it. Thats all I know from my studies."

"Hmm, well, lets go, that summoner may be closer to the cave then us!" exclaimed Sare.

"We have to go to the far north to reach the cave." explained Makiyu. "If any of you want my coat to wear during the trip, you can borrow it. It'll be freezing cold up there."

The 2 step sisters nodded and moved north up ahead. They moved up north until the skies have gotten dark and their vision was lowered since a blizzard was building up.

"Wow......I......never....thought....this.....would... be...... this.... bad," shivered Kari.

"We're almost there...... just hold on...." said Makiyu

Kari and Co. walked up along the snow unil the reached a cliff.

"Ok, we're supposed to jump of the cliff." said Makiyu

"What!?!" yelled Kari. "You sure about that?"

"Yes I'm very sure. You can either trust me or freeze to death."

"Take the chance Kari. I'm guessing it's not that cold at the bottom." said Sare.

Kari quickly nodded and jumped off with Sare. Makiyu looked behind and saw a shadow. Makiyu's eyes bulged out then rubbed his eyes to make sure. Once he saw a 2nd glimpse, the shadow was gone.

"Whew, thought someone was following us." said Makiyu. Then he jumped off. Makiyu rode into the tunnel of rocks and soon it turned into little crystals of ice. Makiyu landed on his feet but he slipped since the ground was purely made out of ice.

"You idiot." yelled Sare. "You should've told us that."

"The text never said anything about this.. Anyways, text says that we have to go through some obstecles. After that, is the summoner's test. And I have no idea what that is."said Makiyu.

"Well, lets go ahead." said Kari. Then the group walked across the room, every step made them slip and fall though.
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[B]OOC:[/B] JRO13, I just read one of the past posts. The fayths are what we're collecting. Not what we have. What we have are Summons, just regular summons. Just to make that clear as you're saying you already have one and that the people from Razarria had them. Which is incorrect.

I was in the middle of a post when G/S/B posted. Oh well. Time to change it.
[COLOR=darkblue]Kari slipped and grasped onto the walls of the ice chamber. Every time they exhaled, their breath would be released as fog. Kari then had and idea. Kari cut into the walls of the chamber with her glaive and cut out flat pieces of ice about the same size as her shoe. Kari found some string and binded the ice to her shoes. Kari pushed off and used them like ice skates but they didn't have as much control. They just slid.

"Come on! What are you waiting for?" Kari called turning a corner.

They shrugged and did the same and followed her. Kari stopped in her tracks. In front of her was a large, long hole that they didn't know where it went to. Kari gulped. Then she held her glaive and closed her eyes. She snapped them open again and called out. "DRAGOON!!!" it echoed through the caves. They heard a noise and the large, winged, silver dragon with patches of light blue appeared in a mass of swirling energy.

"Dragoon, Ice Beam!" Kari called.

The dragon reared it's head and in it's powerful jaws charged a ball of light blue energy. It released it across the hole and it made an ice bridge.

"Alright guys, Let's move it. I would usually ride Dragoon but it's too small in here." Kari said starting to slide across. Dragoon flew in front of her and waved it's tail at her. Kari held it's tail. Sare grabbed hold of the back of Kari's obi and Makiyu held onto Sare's obi. Dragoon flew slowly and brought them to the other side. Kari thanked her dragon and said it could rest until she needed it again. It disappeared and Kari continued to walk. They walked into another room of the cave. The ice was coarser so they were able to walk on it. They realised the danger late. The ceiling above them was full of icicles. They stared at each other before calling simultaeneously. "Run!" as they began to run, the icicles fell and crashed through the floor behind them. The ran as fast as they could and safely made it to the other side.

"Now that was tiring." Sare sighed.
"We gotta keep going." Kari said walking forward. She wanted to get the fayth. She couldn't let people down. It had been her whole life and motto to never give up and never quit. Makiyu watched her back. Kari groaned andthey noticed that she had been hit by an icicle. There was blood on her shoulder where the wound was. She hadn't noticed earlier because of the cold numbness. Kari collapsed onto the cold ice floor in pain.

"Angel's Tears..." Kari mumbled. Healing enrgy surrounded her and sealed the wound. Kari stood weakly. She was wondering how many obsticles they would have to face. Kari staggered but walked as strongly as she could. Sare and Makiyu watched her as she stubbornly continued.

In the next room was a large ice slide that twirled and whirled and zipped everywhere that they had trouble watching it go round. Then they saw a chute in the far wall with the slide continuing through it. Kari breathed and held her hand out for Sare. Sare took it and held one out for Makiyu who took it.

"Ready?" Kari asked them. They nodded. Kari sat at the start of it.
"Makiyu. If we need to then maybe you can steer by guiding your long sword." Makiyu nodded. They pushed off and they slid down the long ice slide. Sooner than they thought, they were zipping into the shute and through to a room when the slide stopped. It was set like a labrinth. They walked into the main path and a step sunk. They heard a rumble and saw a large ice boulder rolling towards them. They screamed and ran through the large maze. The boulder bounced off the walls and continued to follow them. They ran, turning corners and trying to escape the ball of ice behind them. Soon they were at a straight stretch of path, the doorway was at the end. They ran through the doorway and the boulder was stuck as it was too big to get through.

"If this is the same for all of them.....I don't want to know." Kari said panting.

Then she noticed. The room was made of stone. At the front was an altar and on the altar was an orb. Kari started to walk towards it when a large yeti fell from a hole in the ceiling. It roared loudly. Sare and Makiyu tried to get to Kari to find that an invisible barrier had been put up. This was Kari's test. Kari twirled her glaive and held it at a ready position. Yeti lunged at Kari with it's claws outstretched. Kari easily dodged the attacks with some acrobatics. Kari slashed and left a slash wound on the chest area. It roared angrily and pulled a large battle axe from the back of it's belt. It slashed angrily, slicing and chopping. Kari blocked and dodged quickly. Kari saw an opening and lunged with a stab at her enemy's chest. Yeti dodged it quickly and they continued to exchange blows. Kari pointed with her glaive and shouted "Firaga!!" The flame attack whirled around the yeti and roared in pain. "Thundaga!!!" Kari called. Electricity came to hit her foe and it collapsed to the ground. It had been defeated. Kari looked to the others. The barrier disappeared and they rushed over.

"Way to go Kari!" Sare cheered.

Makiyu just flourished his hand to the altar with the orb. Kari ran up and grabbed it. She held it, it felt warm in her cold hands.

"What are you waiting for?" Makiyu called.
"I want to break it with the elders. My first Fayth!" Kari said pocketing the sphere.
"How are we gonna get out of here?" Sare asked.
"Dragoon!!" Kari called. Dragoon appeared again. He made the ceiling ice and crashed through it. There was a hole. Kari jumped on, followed by Sare, then Makiyu.
"Hold on!" Kari warned. Dragoon took off through the roof and back to the fields. It felt good to be in the sunlight again. Dragoon disappeared.

They walked back into Riverside and to the Elder's house. They walked in and bowed. Kari and Sare in the traditional way, Makiyu in the normal way.

"Elders. We have just travelled to the Cave of Fayths, near the Northern Fields. There we had to overcome many obstacles but we finally got it." Kari said producing the orb.
"Very well done. Go ahead Kari." Elder Sun said.

Kari smiled and dropped it on the ground. The glass shell shattered and a large Arctic Wolf stood in place. Kari petted it.

"My first Fayth Summon..." Kari whispered. She closed her eyes.
"It says it's name is Fenris." Kari said.

Everyone nodded in acknowledgement.

"Well done again. Rest now. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for you 2." Elder Cheng said to Kari and Makiyu.
"Excuse me Elders. If it's not a problem. I would like Sare to come along. It'll be good for experience." Kari mentioned.
"Hmmm...I guess there's no harm in letting her travel with you." Elder Sun said.

They bowed again and left. Fenris disappeared in a whirl of energy like Dragoon had.

The 3 companions smiled at each other and went back to the house to rest. That was a great adventure for Kari and she had enjoyd it thoroughly.[/color]

[b]OOC:[/b] Sorry if it's a bit longer than I expected.
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[size=1][color=green]OOC: jro13 isn't the only one who made the mistake with the whole thing with Fayths and Summons being seperate. I also made this mistake (I think). You'll have to forgive everyone who makes that mistake. The RPG is very similar to FFX, so it's a natural assumtion for anyone who has played it before (anyone who is in this RPG anyway. Did any of that just make sense?)
Also, jro13, could you give a new line for each time you switch from person to person as they're speaking? I got a little confused before when reading your last post (everyone has their post faults. I sometimes overcomplicate my posts, making them hard to understand)



'Why not just get him out of the way? Won't he complicate the matter of this "Kari" situation?' Rhox asked, unsure if he'd get a straight answer from Ace or Kilgorin.
[i]Rhox, you have to learn something. Don't think too far ahead unless you can see the future itself. Otherwise it's just stupid. Think ahead, but not [b]that[/b] far ahead. You understand?[/i] Rhox's head throbbed with the words Kilgorin was throwing at him. All he could do was listen and try to understand.
'What's he talking about [b]now[/b]?' asked Ace.
'Something about not thinking too far ahead. I think he means that not everything turns out as planned. Anyone could do anything.'
[i]Finally. I expected you to get that one straight away.[/i] Kilgorin said in his usual smart tone. To Ace he said: [i]Ace, can't this thing go any faster?[/i]
'Kilgorin, you can't push a creature like this. I mean, it might be possible, but why not spread it's energy over a further distance? Wouldn't that make the journey quicker in total?' Rhox was puzzled.
[i]Boy, you have much to learn, don't you. And [b]I'm[/b] the one that's going to have to teach you, aren't I?[/i][/color][/size]
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Ace looked at the sword " Yeah I guess you could teach me, since you were m father figure in hell",Ace answered

Rhox looked puzzled "Why did you become a summoner any way,and what with this Fayth?"

Ace responded " He isn;t from Razzaria, He is from hell. I have the summon from Razzara with me though. Oh and I guess I became one to get revenge."

"Revenge, why revenge?"said Rhox.

Kilgorin answered that" Because he used to be prince of Gaia, until he was betrayed by Kari great grand father"

"Great grand-father?, but how come you still look young? Rhox asked

"Because Kilgorin made it so I would not age, but I can die", Ace replied
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Kari, Sare, and Makiyu were returning to the house. Their mother stood outside, ready to greet them. Suddenly, Sare stopped - her father had come out. Kari and Makiyu waited, watching what Sare would do. Slowly, trying to control her breath, Sare walked, greeting Kari's mother. She didn't acknowledge her father in any way, not even looking at him. He silently made way for her, and she passed into the house.

Kari watched as Sare disappeared into the house, "Mama, stepfather, I'm back." She hugged her mother, smiling through tears. Makiyu stayed back and watched, until her mother came and hugged him.

"Thank you," she said. "Thank you for helping my daughter." Makiyu just nodded, but inside he felt his spirit lift up. They all slowly made their way into the house. Her stepfather's stony gaze had not lifted, and he kept looking in the direction of Sare's room.

"Kari, why don't you, Sare, and Makiyu go and get washed up. After you get cleaned, we'll eat dinner early, so you all can get a good rest," her mother said, smiling gently. Kari nodded, and she headed to Sare's room with Makiyu.

Makiyu spoke softly, "Kind of uncomfortable, isn't it?"

Kari let out her breath, "Yes, it is. I hope that it all works out between Sare and her father." She knocked on Sare's door, but there was no answer.

"Hey, Sare, it's just us. Can we come in?" Makiyu asked, knocking in turn. Still no answer.

"Sare, we're coming in," and with that, Kari opened the door. Her eyes widened in shock. The room was empty, and the room was almost completely destroyed. The bed was completely destroyed, and the walls had cracks in them. Pieces of wood and cloth had been flung everywhere, and blood spotted the debris. The window was open, and the cool breeze was fluttering the ripped curtains. Even Makiyu had to catch his breath at the astonishing sight.

Kari ran out, "Mama! Mama, Sare's gone! And, I think she..."

Her mother understood immediately, "Kari, we have to find her. Take Makiyu with you! I'll go with her father!" The two adults immediately ran out, grabbing their weapons as they ran. Kari grabbed some thick coils of rope, and a bag of powder.

"Kari, what's going on? What's happening?" Makiyu asked, a foreboding feeling entering his body.

Kari was almost at the point of tears, and she could barely speak, "I - I can't- Sare, she - I mean - " she stopped to calm herself, "Sare. She's - she's... Sare's a berserker."

Makiyu stared in disbelief, "What?? Sare?"

Kari nodded, tears filling her eyes again, "Yes, Sare. And we have to find her, quickly, before she does anything. We have to find her before she kills someone...or everyone." She left, and Makiyu quickly followed.

"How could Sare be a berserker? And doesn't something need to cause it? What could have set her off?" Makiyu asked as they ran out the door.

Kari shook her head, "Yes, they need to be set off. Sare usually doesn't do this - the last time was when some strangers came into town, and they tried to...hurt me... Anyways, it really takes alot to cause the berserker to come out in her. The only times it's ever happened is when one of us is about to be seriously hurt, or close to death. She must have been really hurt by this issue of marriage. Oh, how could I not have noticed? She must have been so upset, and she was hiding it all...and then, she came home, and she saw the father who betrayed her..."

"Betray her? But her father didn't betray her, did he? I mean, it's only marriage-" Makiyu was interrupted by Kari.

Her eyes had turned icy and cold, "Only marriage? It would be kinder to kill Sare than to force her into a marriage. Otherwise she wouldn't be doing this. This is the first time that she's ever done it because of herself. It's always been for us." They ran on in silence, and the sky started to darken with clouds. Kari prayed that her sister was safe, and that nothing had happened. Rain started to fall.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cyriel [/i]
[B]Rain started to fall. [/B][/QUOTE]

Thank you:)

Rain began to trickle down Gerret's pale long face. He muttered a little bit then arose from his now soaked hammock. A beautiful day like this full of rain. Gerret just sighed and put his hood up.

After lighting his lantern and grabbing his rusty knife, he went searching for a cave he could rest in for the night. The tonberry cave was too far away to shuffle to, so he had to rely on luck to find one.

And then he heard something, a bloodcurdling scream of terror. Gerret lifted his head from his hood and followed the direction of this horrible noise. He rushed(unusual for him) out of the forest and into a new town.

A young officer was being torn to shreds by a enraged female. Her eyes glowed of a bright red as she continued to kill the seldom officer. Gerret couldn't let him die. He made a dash for the man, getting sliced along the cheek.

The young women now directed her attention towards Gerret. He pull the man to the side and ripped parts of his tunic to cover his wounds. Then, Gerret turned to face her. He put down his lanturn and readied his knife. As fast as the rain was falling was how fast this battle started...
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari gripped the coils of rope tightly. The tears mingled with the rain as she ran onto the streets of the village. Sare had no control of what her Berserker did. Kari was worried. As a Berserker, Sare's adrenaline was higher and she could move faster and stronger than her usual state. When Kari had been attacked, Sare had almost killed the stranger if they didn't restrain her in time.

"Dragoon!!" Kari yelled through the rain. The dragon appeared in the mass of swirling energy. Kari did a flip and jumped straight onto Dragoon's back. She forgot about Makiyu and took off.
"We have to find Sare, Dragoon, she's in Berserk!" Kari said.

Dragoon had been with Kari for a long time and he knew what Sare was like in Berserk so he flew quickly. If Sare was magical then Kari could have sensed her aura but Sare was a physical fighter so they had to rely on sight, and on a day like today, it wasn't very reliable.

Then Kari spotted it. On the ground below was Sare and a man with a torn tunic, probably from Sare's doing, and he was wielding a knife with a lantern on the ground.

"Dragoon!!" Kari called through the rain. Her hair and clothes were plastered to her body from the rain. Kari jumped from the back of Dragoon and landed safely.

"Don't hurt her!" Kari said to the man. She turned to her step-sister. "Sare. Stop this. I don't want to hurt you." Kari reasoned.
Sare just lunged at her with her dirk. Kari gripped her hand and tried to push it back. Kari quickly tied on of the coils of rope around her wrist with the dirk. She quickly threw the rest of it to the waiting Dragoon who pulled it.

"Fenris!!" Kari called. The wolf appeared with a growl. Fenris wasn't used to seeing Sare in Berserk so it growled.
"It's ok Fenris, here, take this." Kari said as she tied the other rope around her other wrist and tossed the rest of it to the wolf. The wolf pulled and Sare stood there kicking and trying to get away.

Kari's mother, Makiyu and her Sare's father arrived at the scene. Sare's father was in shock. They were all carrying weapons. Makiyu was puzzled and Kari's mother was panic-stricken. Kari held out her hands and the two adults threw a side of the rope to her, each holding the other end. Kari ran forward and caught her foot in the middle of a kick, she tied the rope around her ankle and did the same with the other. She gave the signal and they all pulled at the same time. Sare fell backwards and Kari helped her gently, not wanting to hurt her sister. She thrashed around on her back angrily.

"It's ok Sare. Calm down. When we get you out of Berserk you won't have to worry about Marriage because you'll be coming with me and Makiyu. You want to come right?" Kari said soothingly. She knew that Sare was having a war against her berserk self on the inside. Kari opened the small bag and pulled out a handful of powder. Everyone stepped back, also tightening the ropes that held her. If they left marks, Kari could heal them but it was more important that no one was hurt. She stood alone with her thrashing sister. Kari closed her eyes and started to say words in a mystical language. Kari started to glow, then Sare, then finally the powder. Kari opened her eyes and blew the powder over Sare. The powder glittered and then the glowing faded away. Sare stopped thrashing and she opened her eyes.

"Did I hurt anyone?" Sare asked quietly. Kari cried out and hugged her. Everyone else came over too and hugged her.
"Yes, you did hurt someone." an unknown voice said.

They all turned to him. He had picked up his lantern. Kari stared at him. He looked just like a human Tonberry.

"Who did she hurt?" Kari asked. He just pointed. Kari got up and ran over to the injured officer.
"Angel's Tears." Kari whispered. Healing light surrounded the young officer and his wounds healed.
"Are you alright? I'm sorry about that. She can't help it." Kari said.
"I'm alright now. I know that she can't control her Berserker." he said understandingly. Kari thanked him and went back to Sare.

"Who are you?" Kari asked the man.
"My name is Gerret. And you are?" he asked.
"Hikari Sanai." Kari said burning away the ropes and healing the rope marks. "Mama. Take Sare home. Get her cleaned up and get her to go straight to sleep. She's not allowed to wait for me. I must visit the Elders again." Kari sighed.
"Gerret, Follow me." Kari said, walking to the house of the Elders [i]again[/i].

Kari bowed as she entered with Gerret.
"Once again. I am sorry to disturb you. We've just been running around to find Sare." Kari panted. She was soaked. "This man had entered our village and was about to fight Sare, not knowing about her Berserk state."
"We understand. Go home and get cleaned and dried. We don't want you catching a cold and being un-able to travel tomorrow. We shall send a messenger for someone from your home when we're done." Elder Sun said. Kari smiled and bowed. Elder Sun was the most understanding of the 5 Elders.

Kari walked to her home and into the bath that was ready for her. She sighed as the hot water surrounded her. Soon, before she knew it, she had dozed off in the bath.[/COLOR]
[B]OOC:[/b] [b]Xra:[/B] Are you going to be coming along with us? Because I'm the summoner, unless you want to travel with us and get the fayths yourself or whatever. And you can talk to the Elders. Just see the past posts of mine to see what they're like and all.
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[size=1] Duke finally stepped into Riverside.
He knew what his mission was: to find the Elders and ask them where he was. This was pretty important to him, so, even though he was cold and tired, he moved on.

"Excuse me," he said to a passerby,"but where are the Elders of this village?"
He recieved directions and moved on. When he arrived at the house of the 5 Elders, he saw that someone else was already there. He looked like a human Tonberry, and he carried a lantern.

Duke stepped back and waited for him to finish.
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