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Game Doctor: Any Good?


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[size=1]Buy it ASAP. It works great. My T.H.U.G. disc got scrathed when my little cousin was up and it didnt work. Put it in Game Rx, and after the cleaning was finished, worked perfectly. Its definatley worth the money. Buy it, especially because of you say you have a ton of scratches on you games.[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Alastor [/i]
When I had on mine didn't work at all. I tried it on numerous games that just skipped but after I used Game Doctor they didn't work at all.[/QUOTE]

Ah yes..you messed up three of my games because of that. *sigh* i miss them games..even though they were ps1.

I would in no way buy it. As Alastor said, they did not work at all. I was there when he did it.
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