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The Tempests


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The setting is a large office with several people running frantically to complete their own tasks. Many large computer screens flash red and alarms sound.

Every single person in the room stops dead in their tracks. A deep sense of dread seeps into the once upbeat aura of the room. "Oh God." a man in uniform whispers to himself. He runs to a black door over to the side of the room into a smaller office.

On the mahogany desk lies a brass name plate embossed with the title "Gen. Robert Charles". Next to the handsome name plate lies a plain black telephone.

"RRRIIIINNNGGG!!!" it bellows.

"Y-Yes s-sir?" the General stammers. Several moments pass until finally he speaks again, "Yes, sir. I understand, sir. They will be brought in immediately."

The General walks out of the office and into the center of the still faces of the many workers. They all knew what this meant. But, there was no way this could ever happen! There were safeguards! It was infallible! Unless...

"You all know what these alarms mean." General Charles spoke, "And though I cannot tell you very much about the situation at hand, you all should know that we are now taking every step possible to contain this..." he broke off.

Several commandos dressed in black stormed into the office. Each one of them pulled out a silenced submachine gun and took aim at the crowd. Moments later, the walls were sprayed with the blood of each person in the room.

The lead soldier walked up to the General, who was still alive, and pulled the mask off of his face to reveal short, spiky, white-blonde hair and malevolent red eyes. The general's eyes widened. "Tell the Tempests hello for me in hell."

"I'll see [i]you[/i] in hell, mother fu..."


General Charles dropped to his knees and fell sideways with a dull thud.[/color][/b][/size]


This story is about a criminal mastermind who was able to steal secrets from the U.S. Government to successfully build means of transporting matter back and forth along the path of time itself. In this story, contrary to popular theory, time [i]can[/i] be changed by the addition a differing stimulus into the timeline.

This man needs to be stopped. Stopped by the only force known to man to have the same capabilities as this evil. They are the Tempests. Seven humans with the ability to manitpulate time.
What I need are seven volunteers to be The Tempests and the Bad Guy.

All of the Tempests gained the use of the devices that allow them to travel through time by one of any number of ways while working in the Special Projects Division of their organization. If you want to be a Tempest, you must fill out a sign-up. Use mine below as a template.

Name: Louis Garner

Codename: Blink

Weapons(3 max): [URL=http://www.impactguns.com/store/bushmaster_carbon_15_p97.html][color=blue]Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 Pistol[/color][/URL] and 2 Black Escrima Sticks (only one gun and up to two hand-to-hand weapon. MUST BE REALISTIC)

Age: 27

Description: Tall, Black spiky hair with red tips. Gold eyes. Long black coat, pants and shirt. Gun strapped to right leg and staffs slung over both shoulders. Silver belt with bright blue buckle that contains his time-travel device.

Bio: As a child prodigy, Louis Garner was educated at MIT and was soon recruited by a secretive organization claiming to be with the U.S. government. When presented with the enormous amount of money that he would recieve if his project was successful, he quickly obliged his employers. He was surprised to find that his work would be in the field of temporal distortion and manipulation.

Even more to his surprise was that he somehow intuitively understood and helped to build this technology. When his team was complete, he was asked to head his team to refine and advance this machinery. And, since this technology was so difficult to operate, he would also head a group in preemptive anti-terrorism. The top-secret team called The Tempests.

As for the Bad Guy, whoever signs up for his role will need to know that he is a scientist that worked on the time-travel project. But, you must also know that nobody else knows who he is. Whoever wants to be him will sign up just like all the others. But, remember to include that he is the Bad Guy.

One last point that I'd like to make is that, in the introdution story, I had a physical description of him, this makes no difference, he could have just changed his appearance. So, if you [i]do[/i] sign up as the Bad Guy, you can look like whatever you want.
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