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RPG Tec-9...you have been challenged!


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i guess tecnik ain't coming... *Checks watch... takes watch off and throws it at warlock*

warlock: Whoa! *dodges it... looks up and see's tec rushing him*

tec: FOOL!!! *punches warlock in the gut lifting him up in to the sky*

warlock: ugh!

*tec teleports above warlock hammerin' him back down to the earth*

tec: aaaaahhhhh!!!

*begins to grow a black aurora around him... eyes go black*

tec: now, to end this "challenge..."

*flies down at mach 4 into the injured warlock sending him 60 feet underground*


*shoots a kamesengo(my own special) down into the hole buring warlock alive* [...or is he?]
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[I]Tec-9 views the large hole in which Warlock created when pushed down. He becomes to focused on the hole to notice Warlock floating behind him, charging up a ball of energy.[/I]

Tec-9: "Looks like I got him. Too bad it couldn't of lasted longer..."

[I]Tec-9 watches the hole for a few more seconds, then suddenly sences Warlock. He turns around, only to see Warlock throw the ball of ki at him. Tec-9 cops it in the stomach, and it goes right through.[/I]

Warlock: "Yes, too bad..."
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[i][color=red]falls to his knees...[/i][/color]

tec-9: uuuggggghhhhh......

Warlock: WTF?!....

[i][color=blue]as warlock looks at tec's wound, he see's some sparks inside of him...[/i][/color]

Warlock: What....are...

[i][color=red] tec regenerate's his wound...[/i][/color]


Tec-9: hehehehehehehe [i][color=red]looks up at warlock with an evil grin on his face[/i][/color]


Warlock: hmm?

[i][color=red]roundhouses warlock on the head knockin' him down hard to the ground...[/i][/color]

[i][color=blue]jumps up off of the ground kicking tec-9 in the head...[/i][/color]

tec-9:ugh.. [i][color=red]flips back landing on his feet... flies towards warlock, right when he reaches him, tec teleports outta the way...[/i][/color]

warlock: eh?

[I][color=red]fires a ki blast at warlock...[/i][/color]

Warlock: wha?! [i][color=blue] senses the blast and looks up to see an energy ball coming towards his face...[/i][/color] oh shh----
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[I]The blast explodes centimetres away from Warlock's face, and when the dust settles, Warlock is only slightly injured.[/I]

Tec-9: "But that hit you straight on!"

Warlock: "Shield mean anything to you?"

[I]In an instant, Warlock flys around Tec-9, and stops where he started.[/I]

Warlock: "I hope you're not claustrophobic..."

[I]Suddenly, a ki wall appears around Tec-9, and starts to close in.[/I]

Warlock: "If you touch the ki wall, you get injured. And you can't teleport out of this either. Let's see if you can get out..."

[I]Tec-9 thinks of a way to get out as the wall closes in...[/I]
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tec-9:[i][color=red]thinks[/i][/color] OH NO!!! ok.... let's see... maybe i can blast through this!

[i][color=red]blasts a ki blast into the wall, only to have the wall absorb it...[/i][/color]

Warlock: hehehe... FOOL!! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!
tec-9:[i][color=red]thinks[/i][/color] hmm... it absorbed the energy... this thing can't absorb infinite energy... it has to have a limit! hmm...

[i][color=red]check inside his pockets...[/i][/color]

Tec-9: Ok! here goes nothing!

Warlock: What's he up to??

Tec-9: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i][color=red]begins to fire many energy blasts into the wall, as it absorbed each and every blast... getting bigger and bigger as it absorbs the blasts...[/i][/color]


Tec-9: AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [I][COLOR=RED]continues to fire at the wall...[/i][/color]

Warlock:[i][color=blue]thinks[/i][/color]rrr... what does he think he's doing?!?!

Tec-9: AHHHHHHH!!!

[i][color=green]the wall begins to glow[/i][/color]

Tec-9:[i][color=red]thinks[/i][/color] IT'S WORKING!!!

[i][color=red]begins to glow black... forms a force field around his body[/i][/color]

Tec-9: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i][color=green]the wall begins to glow faster and faster til it starts to crack all around...[/i][/color]


[i][color=red]stops firing for a moment...[/i][/color]

Warlock: huh?! NOW WHAT?!

[i][color=red]all of a sudden, a huge black aurora forms around the wall, and blows up... when the dust cleared, there was no sign of the wall nor tec-9[/i][/color]

Warlock: :eek: :eek: ugh.. no!!!
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[color=red]buries the sack of senzu beans...[/color]

Tec-9: huh?... [color=red]senses warlock speeding towards him...[/color]

Tec-9: damn! there's no gettin' rid of this guy!! ok, the sack is right here... [color=red]puts a lil twig sticking out of the ground directly above the sack...[/color]

Tec-9: ok... E.I., Warlock... [color=red]hides his powers...[/color]


[color=blue]senses energy coming from behind... [/color]

Warlock: whoa! [color=blue]dodges it[/color]

[color=red]comes up from behind and elbows warlock on the back of the head...[/color]
I g2g... i'll be back tomorrow to finish you off...
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[I]Warlock is sent flying forward, but stops after several metres, and does a mid-air flip. Facing Tec-9, he gets into his fighting stance.[/I]

Warlock: "Congratulations, you just won the main prize. A lose by my hands!"

Tec-9: "You're not getting away that easily..."

[I]Tec-9 splits into three Tec-9s, who all appear around Warlock, and pound him into a lake. They join back into one, and watch the lake. However, on the edge of a cliff behind him, Warlock moves his hands around very fast, and a green ball of ki comes at Tec-9 from behind.[/I]

Warlock: "HEY TEC-9!!!:

[I]Tec-9 turns around, and jumps further into the air just in time. He looks back to where Warlock was, but he isn't there. He hears the shout of someone above, and is just in time to see Warlock speeding down, a blade of ki on his left and right wrist. He brings his right hand back, and then swishes it forward at an amazing speed. Tec-9's vision starts to part sideways, because he's been cut in half. The two halves of him drift away from each other, and Warlock starts slashing the air, cutting him into smaller peices. The ki blades then disappear, and he points his left hand at Tec-9's body peices, and fires a blast at them. He brings his hand down, and looks around the empty battlefield...[/I]
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Warlock: Heh... That's the end of that... [color=blue]waits for a moment... flies away... Then stops a few feet above the ground...[/color] hmm

[color=green]from all sides of the battlefield, little white sparkles begin to go to the center of the battlefield combining into one man-sized form...[/color]

[color=blue]Warlock gets in a fighting stance...[/color]

[color=green]once the form is full, the form begins to glow brightly until it forms a white aurora around it... [/color]

[color=red]out of the white aurora, walks out Tec-9...[/color]

Warlock: heh... i was wondering when you'd come back!

[color=green] both fighters get into fighting stance... [/color]
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[I]Both warriors stare each other down, and Warlock breaks the silence.[/I]

Warlock: "This will be a long and tough fight, but I shall prevail in the end!"

Tec-9: "In your wildest dreams!"

Warlock: "Guess what, this just happens to be a wild dream!"

[I]Both warrios clash...[/I]
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[color=green]Both fighters were exchanging hits... but none were landed...[/color]

[color=red]Then Tec [i]finally[/i] landed the first hit...[/color]

Warlock: ugh... [color=blue]Warlock loses his concentration and puts his gaurd down...[/color]

Tec: HEH!

[color=blue]Rushes Warlock, but Warlock [i]nearly[/i] dodges it and nails Tec on the back with his elbow...[/color]

Tec:ACK!! [color=red]Falls to the ground, but then flips on his feet...[/color] GRRR!!

[color=blue]Throws a small Ki Blast at Tec...[/color]

[color=red]Bounces the blast back at warlock...[/color]

Warlock: Heh! What does he think that's gonna--[color=red]Warlock is shut up when Tec knees him in the stomach...[/color]

Warlock: aaaghhh...

[color=red]Hammers Warlock on the back and sends him flying down towards the earth...[/color]

Tec:AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! [color=red]Gets in position to fire an energy blast...[/color]

Tec: KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA---MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE---SEEEEEEEEEEEN---GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [color=red]Fires a Kamesengo (Tec's very own special:D) at Warlock...[/color]

Warlock: wha?! It's too powerful!!!!

Warlock: KAAAAAA---MEEEEEEE---HAAAAAAAA---MEEEEEEEE---HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [color=blue]fires the kamehameha at the kamesengo...[/color]

[color=green]Both Fire balls collide with each other... both fighters struggling to overcome the other...[/color]
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[I]Warlock puts more and more energy into his Kamehameha, which Tec does the same. [/I]

Warlock: "You know...it's usually the smarter fighter that wins...not the strongest!"

[I]Just as Tec begins to overpower Warlock, Warlock teleports behind Tec, and begins to pound him...[/I]
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[i]As Warlock pounds on tec-9 from behind, Tec-9 teleports away from warlock...[/i]

Warlock:What the...? [i]looks around looking for tec...[/i]

Tec: HEY!!!

Warlock: huh? [i]looks up to see tonz of fire balls going towards him...[/i]

Warlock: WHOA!!! [i]dodges all of the fire balls...[/i]

Warlock: Heh! FOOL! I'm much to strong and quick for you...

Tec:heh [i]still holding his hands out...[/i]

Tec: You know Warlock... It's actually the smarter fighter that wins... not the strongest... ;)

Warlock:GRRR-- huh? [i]Warlock senses something behind him... All of the fire balls have gathered into one huge fire ball...[/i]


Warlock: O ****!!![i]tries to escape but is cut short as he gets devoured by the huge fire ball...[/i]
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[I]As the ball engulfed Warlock's body, it suddenly stoped. [/I]

Tec: "Huh?"

[I]The ball started to become smaller, as if been sucked into itself. In an instant, it was gone, but a glowing Warlock was left in it's place.[/I]

Warlock: "Thanks for the energy. Now I'm far more powerfuler than you, and smarter!"

[I]Warlock aimed his hands at Tec, and fired a blast. Tec flew higher into the air, where he was hit on the head by Warlock. As he went flying down, Warlock appeared under him, and fired a blast up towards him. Tec moved to the side, where he was grabbed by Warlock, who teleported them both into the blast's path.[/I]

Tec: "You're going to kill us both!"

Warlock: "This won't kill me. It took concentration, but I made it so whenever that blast is mere milimetres away from me, it changes direction!"

[I]All so quickly, the blast came straight at Tec, and went right through him...[/I]
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[I]stands for a moment with his hands over his wound... falls to the ground...[/i]

Tec: ugh.... i.... hate.... y---

[i]lies on the ground in stillness... all is silent...[/i]
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