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RPG Final Fantasy, defendants of Gaia (play)


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Okay, here goes, if anyone else wants to join, just post it up here, and I'll tell ya what you need. Please join!!!!
Craig pulls up his bike outside a local bar. He is very excited that the legal drinking age has been moved to 14. He steps inside the bar.

Craig: I'll have a beer please.

Barman: Here you go.

The Barman hands Craig a bottle of beer, Craig turns around to go and find a seat.

Barman: Hold it, there was a guy asking for you, named Force or something.

Craig: Forte.

Baman: Yeah, that's the one, he's sitting over there.

The barman points to the corner of the bar. There Forte is calling Craig over, Craig goes over and its next to him.
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Hey what about the other DBZ rpg SS Trunks?
Forte: Hey [i] drinks his beer [/i]

Craig: Long time no see

Forte: Yea yea.....
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Forte: So how's Bahumet doing?

Craig: Well, he seems worried about something. I can't tell what it is though.

Forte: Yeah, Alexanders been acting the same way.

Suddenly 2 familair faces walk into the bar.

Craig: Hey, Ken, Mike, over here.

Mike rushes over too the bar and buys a beverage. Ken walks over looking dissapointed.

Ken: D@mn, I'm still to young to drink.

Mike: Hey guys, isn't being able to drink sweet.

Make sees Ken's angry expression.

Mike: Oops, sorry.
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Forte: Ehh have your guys guardian forces been acting weird?

Mike: Yea Cactaur been acting strange like someone is messing up with the planet...

Ken: Same with Shiva

Forte: Good Good we arent alone....


Forte: My Alexander and Craigs Bahumet are acting strange

[i] The group wonder what can they all make of this......[/i]
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Craig: Oh yeah before I forget, I have to go to a large city called Lindblum, and meet a guy called Raymond. Does anyone know where Lindblum is?

Forte: I know, it's across the ocean, to the west. We'll have to hire a ship or plane to get there.

Mike: Well, were all strong, so why don't we do some mercenary work until we get enough money?

Ken: Sounds good.

Craig: Well, I hear that Midgar is hiring a lot of Mercanaries lately due to all the crime.

Ken: Cool, that's only about 3 days from here.

Forte: And I here they pay pretty good to skilled Mercanaries.

Mike: Well, lets go.

The four boys walk out of the pub, Craig gets on his Motorcycle, and the others get on their vehicles (you'll have to tell me what they are), and drive off.
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I have a jet pack and its solar powered throughout the day and at night....Its energy powered......

Forte: Well Alexander is the greatest, he is fine with me....Guess i trained him well...
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Craig: Bahumet is getting really fast and..............

Craig, Forte, Mike, and Ken suddenly see something appear infront of them!

Craig: Zombies!

Forte: Fightin time!

The 4 of them get off their vehicles, and face the Zombies! Craig draws his Gunblade, ready to attack!
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Craig rests his Gunblade on his shoulder and puts up his hand.

Craig: BOLT!

A lightning bolt emits from Craig's hand and strikes a zombie! Craig then charges at the Zombie, and strikes it with his gunblade, pulling the trigger as he strikes! The Zombie falls down dead!
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They get back on their vehicles. Craig suddenly has a though!

Craig: Hey guys, didn't they move Midgar a few months ago due to Diablos attacking it!

Forte: Oh yea, they moved it closer to us by about 1500 miles!

Craig: That means it should only take us about 6 hours to get there! But I'd best check first!

Craig holds up his hand

Craig: Mega Flare!

A large dragon suddenly appears over the horizon. As the creature draws near, they see that it is Bahumet.

Craig: Hey Bahumet, would you fly ahead of us and see how far Midgar is?

Bahumet nods, and takes off with tremendous speed! The team start up their vehicles and start in the direction of Midgar again!
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I posted in the sign up thread already.
Kain-10,000 gil just for catching one little Diablos.Welllll I guess i'll go to the bar.

As soon as he starts walking out of the Shinra building he spots a few vehicles pull up.

Kain-More mercanaries...hey!

Craig-Who is he?

Kain-You people looking to try to catch that Diablos that's been attacking the city?

Craig-Yeah!Where is it!?!?!


A demon looking creature comes out a big black orb in the sky and lands next to Kain.

Kain-Tooooo bad...he's mine.I caught him and got paid 10,000 gil!

Forte-Oh well.

Kain-If you help me i'll help you bring in lots of money.


Kain-There are these huge Marlboro and Ochu crawling around the city and in the sewers.Their levels are between 60-75.The pay from the Shinra is 5'000 gil for each Ochu,and 6,500 gil for each Marlboro.

Craig-So we have to help you kill these things?

Kain-Exactly!By the way my name is Kain Strife.

Craig-My name is Craig.

Mike-Name is Mike!

Forte-Names Forte.

Ken-Nice to meet you Kain!Names Ken!

Kain-We start at 5:00 a.m.
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Safer, no need to post their levels, were not basing the RPG on levels and stuff
Craig: Just a second, I'd best call back Bahumet

Kain: You have Bahumet?

Craig: Yeah. MEGA FLARE!

Bahumet appears from above the clouds and lands next to Craig. Craig climbs onto his back.

Craig: Kain, do you know your way around the sewers?

Kain: Yeah, the manager of Shinra gave me this map.

Craig: Cool, lets go.

Craig, atop Bahumet flies into the sewer. Kain follows on Diablos.

Forte: I'd best ride on Alexander. HOLY JUDGEMENT!

Alexander appears next to Forte. He climbs on and enters the sewer. Ken and Mike follow in Kens truck.
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Forte: Hmm i see 3 passages...

Kain: The map doesnt say anything.....

Craig: Great just great.....

Forte: Ill take the left tunnel, Craig your the right, and kain your middle.....

Ken: What about me...

Forte: Oh yea uh, i dunno come with me....

Ken: Mkay...

[i] The four go there seperate ways except for Ken he goes with Forte [/i]
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Forte: Ehh its just Zero..Craig he can be your partner.... Yo Kain!

Kain: Huh?

Forte: Your partner is Mike wait here for him to come....

Kain: Aiight

Forte: Ken and Me will go ahead with Craig and Zero... Cya Later....
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Mike: I rather crawl in the sewers than to get my Ferrari covered in unknown waters....

Ken: You can hitch a ride in my truck, but sit at the back. (thanks :D )

Mike: Whatever. Wake me up if you drive past some girls. I'm preparing for my second objecive, get a Siren. You know, the GF Siren. One Beautiful guardian. She's quite useful. Silencing up a few enemies and stuff....

Ken: Shut up and get in.

Mike: Off we go....
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Craig and Zero are on Bahumets back, when they see 2 marlboro's. They immediately launch Bad Breath at Bahumet, but he easily dodges! Craig and Zero jump off Bahumets back.

Craig: Bahumet, use Mega Flare!

Bahumet opens his mouth, and charges up a huge beam in his mouth, he fires it at the Marlboro's, and they are both very injured! Craig charges at one of the Marlboro's and strikes him with his Gunbalde. The Marlboro dies.

Zero: One down, one to go!
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Mike: Wait, hold it!

Ken: What?

Mike: I heard something.... I'll be back.

Ken: You stay put!

Too late, Mike's already gone. Ken waited in the truck, listening to BSB cd's and stuff. Suddenly lots and lots of geezerds attacks Ken's truck. Ken inside sees them.

Ken: Annoying little buggers....


Mike: That voice..... Siren!

Siren: You found me. Now you shall die! :devil:

Mike: ??!!!

Siren quickly silences Mike. Mike's unable to speak or do magic. He stood there, holding his throat, wandering why there's no sound coming out.

Siren: Ha, Ha, Ha!

Mike: ...... (it's not over. You will be mine!)
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