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  1. Andrew

    Dragonball Movie, due 2009

    [size=1]If I was in any other kind of mood I'd hurl all sorts of graphic and colourful abuse at this mockery, but right now all I can do is laugh. I simply do not care about this film anymore and it'll be a cold day in hell before I watch it. As I'm sure I've mentioned to someone before, I'm more looking forward to the new animated DBZ movie that's coming out sometime soon. Don't know much about it yet but hey, it's DB animation, so it can't go far wrong. ¬_¬ I'm tempted to find the wikipedia page relating to Oozaru and add this image if someone with a lot of freetime on their hands hasn't already. ...Words have lost all meaning. ¬_¬[/size]
  2. Andrew

    Manga Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    [size=1]If Kakashi dies, I'll stop reading. If he escapes with an I-wasn't-really-there-jutsu after that pointless nail scene, I'll stop reading. Basically, I think I'm gonna stop reading.[/size]
  3. Andrew

    Dragonball Movie, due 2009

    [size=1]All I have to ask is: Why are there cars? Aside from Bulma's bike there should be no other vehicle on land! >_< Here's to seconding Gav's "Epic Fail".[/size]
  4. Andrew

    Worst Bloody Movie Ever Made

    [size=1]I agree wholely with everything silpheed just said. And probably everything else that would have been listed. It haunts me how that crappy, people-centric film has a Transformers label on it. ¬_¬ EDIT: Especially at the Micheal Bay comment. That man is a tool! He turned down Frank Welker as Megatron because it didn't sound manical enough... Has he not heard the man speak?! I swear![/size]
  5. Andrew

    Sexuality: What's right or wrong?

    [size=1]I'm more than likely gonna get hanged for this post, but hell, what the hey right? To quote CHW, "Live and let live." So, after a conversation in work today I got really curious. When a guy decides he's gay/bi/whatever, is it a conscious decision to start talking/walking like a woman or something that develops naturally? Seriously. I'm all for gays and lesbinans, so long as they respect the fact that I'm straight and really not ever gonna be different and don't get all gay up in my face.[/size]
  6. Andrew

    Gaming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    [size=1]I'm not gonna make a big, long speech or go into detail about my thoughts about this game because, generally, words cannot describe the experience of playing and completing this game. I'll just say a few quicks things instead. First of all, I bought my PS3 solely to play this game (of course, later titles like Res 5 amongst others also encouraged me), and it didn't disappoint. And I really didn't have a problem with the cutscences. Most were enjoyable, informative and funny. Especially when you have interactive options of playing with the Mk. II or pushing buttons at times to be reminded of previous events. I enjoy them so much so that I'm watching them all again on my second play through. And yes, I cried man-tears. Not really crying or blubbering, just leaky eyes at two points during the game. [spoiler]When Naomi was teaching Sunny how to cook eggs properly and when Sunny was asking Otacon about Snake after it is presumed he's capped himself.[/spoiler] Notice both involve [spoiler]Sunny?[/spoiler] Pretty much, of all the great story lines, genius gaming concepts and all-round awesomeness of this game/series, it's Sunny that ultimately made this for me! She is like the most cute, adorable and awesome character I think I've ever seen! If it's possible to be in love with a fictional, seven-year-old girl while not having any weird intentions, that's what I have for Sunny! EDIT: I find MGO to be fun because of the online aspect but severely frustrating. Much like others who've already commented, I have trouble killing people while they seem to be able to cap me in like 1 - 2 shots and usually from great distances. Enjoyable none the less and I'll probably be spending a lot more time on it once I've played through a few more times, gotten more used to the game and unlocked some things. Maybe take another crack at Big Boss. I was doing damn well on Twin Snakes on Extreme until my memory card formated! Stupid Gamecube! >_
  7. Andrew

    Manga Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]...And yet you cling to it out of a sense of nostalgia, so meh...[/FONT][/QUOTE] I cling to Dragonball because I genuinely enjoy reading it and it's actually good, thank you Mr. Morph. ¬_¬ And I still say the Manga is far superior to the Anime.[/size]
  8. Andrew

    Manga Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    [size=1]I really don't get why all you guys are getting so pissed with Naruto lately. As far as I'm concerned, Kishi has always had characters pull random super-power moves out of nowhere to get themselves out of trouble/obtain a cheap and quick victory. Just so happens that now it's a character you don't like doing it, get over it. If anything though, his new characters are just getting worse. I really do hope that KillerBee gets his beast stolen and his body is raped, dismembered and all other manner of nasty delights. Anyone who quotes Ali and wants to be taken seriously should be shot now. ¬_¬[/size]
  9. Andrew

    Worst Bloody Movie Ever Made

    [size=1]Seriously, to whoever said that [I]I Am Legend[/I] was well done... That film just sucked so terribly it made me cringe. And for such a big-budget movie, the CG in it was píss-poor! They must have spent most of the budget on Smith (And he isn't half the uber-awesome actor that everyone makes him out to be). One of the most hyped-up films recently and it ended up being a big-bufget B-Movie. To sum up, [I]I Am Legend[/I] = Epic Fail. ¬_¬ A recent one for me is [I]The Godfather[/I]. I started watching and it bored me to sleep. Seriously, considering this film is legendary and supposedly the greatest Mob/Ganster film ever made (or some **** like that), it was pretty tame. I mean it had old women singing and dancing in some language I don't know for the first 20 minutes. ¬_¬ And just because no-one's mentioned them yet, pretty much any straight-to-video/DVD/TV film made by Disney.[/size]
  10. Andrew

    Dragonball Movie, due 2009

    [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]...I definitely want Morgan Freeman as King Kai though, that'd be awesome. ^_^[/SIZE][/QUOTE] [size=1]As much as I generally tend to value you're opinion, I really don't see how that could work my crazy Irish friend![/size]
  11. Andrew

    Dragonball Movie, due 2009

    [size=1]Basically, this film sucks at life. There's not a lot else to be said about it.[/size]
  12. [size=1]Following Vicky's lead, mine is my real name. The only other name I've used (the one I've used since I signed up with 7 years ago) was MajinVegeta. It's fairly obviously taken from my favourite character from the Dragonball Z Manga/anime (which was my favourite at the time), Vegeta. Probably still one of my all-time favourite characters.[/size]
  13. Andrew

    Large Hadron Collider

    [size=1]All I really know aside from what's already mentioned above is that the project manager/head scientist (or something like that) is from Aberdare, which is a small town about 7 miles up the road from me. Small world after all. I'm not really sure what it'll do for us. I'm just trying not to concern myself with it really. It's just another thing we're never going to see in real life and just have facts, figures, half-truths and lies shoved in our faces like with everything else and then say what we've heard like it's our own opinion. ¬_¬[/size]
  14. Andrew

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    [size=1]Well, the [I]Open Door[/I] is a pretty good album anyways. At least as far as Evanescence goes. I'm currently listening to some songs from Metallica's latest album, [I]Death Magnetic[/I]! It's due for worldwide release this Friday but if you're signed up for the fanclub or a special site you get various freebies and certain songs from the album to download. Although I didn't mind the previous album, [I]St. Anger[/I], it really wasn't up to being called a Metallica album. [I]Death Magnetic[/I] is an excellent return to form for Metallica and of the 6 songs I've heard so far (and the various snippets of the other 4) they're highly addictive and sonically excellent! I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone, although I'm remarkably biased. I'm also going to see them next Monday! Can't wait! ^_^[/size]
  15. Andrew

    What Martial Arts Are You Into?

    [size=1]I just started Korean Kickboxing a month ago and, although it's quite a shock to my body after not having done much physical recently, I think it's great! It's basically a combination of Tae Kwon Doe and Boxing. We practice the standard TKD patterns while mixing it up with boxing training techniques and it really takes it outta me. Gonna be going for a grading in October to get my first belt (I are teh n00b) which is already getting me nervous. I really hate doing things in front of people, which is one of the reasons I took it up I guess.[/size]