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RPG Bring It On!!!

Android 17

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*takes off scarf* *rubs wrists* *pops neck* Come and fight!
1. No kills
2. Technical Knock Out at 60 posts
3. no weapons
4. no one may jump in(one on one)
5. if someone else comes and wants to fight, they must bring another person to fight (two on two)
First one to reply will die at my hands! *powers up* COME ON!!!
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[i] Forte whispers something [/i]

Forte: Sniper Striker....Sniper Striker

[i] Forte dissapears then reappears behind 17 and does Big Bang Chou Kamehameha and it hits at point blank range... Then Forte does flaming kick and finally in the air he does a Final Beam....Forte grabs 17 and hurtles him down to the ground 17 isnt moving....[/i]

Forte: LOL that was my easiest move too....All of my beams werent at max power it would of destoryed you too easy....
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I slowly stand, rubbing my head, "Dang, not bad at all. How about...." I put my hand forward, with other hand I grab the extended hands wrist. Red energy forms around the outsreatched hand, rearing to be let out upon its target "This!!!
The energy jumps from his hand, slamming right into forte's chest, throwing him back away from my
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Enormous pain explodes in my face, throwing my down away from my assalent.
As i see the blood flow from my nose and mouth, my rage increases, bring my power up with it.
Righting myself, I cross my arms in front of me. My aura darkens till it is as black as a black hole. "Akumaken!!" I yelled, the move engaging as i pronounced its name.

Akumaken~means "Dark Technique", multiplies my Dark powers by two.

The aura intesified, the energy growing and growing around me, till it nearly reached dbzm.
Grinning, my eyes began to glow red. Beams of read energy bolt from my eyes, and towards dbzm.
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