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Take Da Quiz 2??

Guest Pikeon

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1. Who was Born the same day as Goku?
2. How many sagas are in altogether in THE WHOLE ENTIRE MANGA?
3. WHat episode is where Goku & Krillin Spare Vegita's life?
4. Who helps Dr. Gero create Artificial 17?
5. In the Tenchikai Bodukai in the otherworld, Who wins the final fight between Goku adn Pikeon?
6/ How many stages does majin buu have.
7. HOw many stages does the saia-jin have? (not inclding the levels where villains absorb them)
8. Who is Master Roshi's Brother? (Yamucha says)
9. who is Krillin's VERY FIRST oppenent in his first world martial-art tournament (the prelimenay Rounds)
10. What do you say to have a Kamehameha Have extra nergy.

(YOU hAVE 30 MINUTES)!!!!!
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1. yes
2. i think so i aint check
3.i guess
4. NO Myuuu
5. yes
6. i think so majjin,kid,U,Ulatra,And that other one i thikn your right
7. No 9 oozaru (2),4 super saiyjjins,ussj,ssj4after act,mystic, and regualr
8. yes
9. yes
10. yes CHOU CHou kamehameha
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