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Manga Manga Idea. Any tips?


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Keep in mind please that this is a very early draft. Expect many "unknowns" and "tentitives."

[b]Title:[/b] unknown

[b]Writer:[/b] Me

[b]Artist:[/b] unknown

[b]Setting:[/b] A world similar to something of our past, in which the technological advances of the last few centuries, including guns, do not exist.

In this world, there are four main types of creatures:
animals (like on Earth),
humans (again, like on Earth),
animalistic-type demons (tentitive name) who are mindless and ruthless and powerful with abilities usually unique to each demon species,
human-like demons (tentitive name) with the intelligence and many physical characteristics similar to humans but with special abilities unique to each demon species.

Many human villages have a protector (tentitive name), one who is the best fighter in the village, to protect it from trouble inside and outside the village. The main character, Aaron, is the son of his village's protector and a protector-in-training. On day, many animalist-type demons attack the village, and while Aaron's father fought them off, they still damaged him greatly. He fell into a deep coma. The village elders suspect that there is something bigger behind the attack and ask Aaron to go off and find a way to stop these demons. Aaron is as great a fighter as his father, and a master swordsman with speed and strength practically unrivaled by anyone but his father, but he lacks self-confidence. Plus, he does not want to leave the village unguarded. The elders get him to go off to find some way to stop the approaching evil.

Along his journey, Aaron encounters a temple in the middle of a jungle. Inside the temple, he wanders into a bright bluish-white light. In the light, he feels an intense pain for what seems like hours. When the light disappeared, he had some strange new power. Suddenly, he is attacked by many dog-like demons. They run him out of the temple and chase him into an open field. One jumps at him, and Aaron sticks his hand out in order to stop him. Amazingly, a burst of wind comes out of his hand, knocking the dog-like demon into others. Then, those demons attack at once. Aaron tries that same attack, and the wind blows them all back. They wimper away. Thus starts the true journey of his new abilities.

Along the way, he meets friends who join his group. One of which is a human-like demon that had wings and feathers, giving him the appearance of an angel. Aaron also learns more wind attacks (just 3 wind attacks in total).

That's about it for now.
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This, actually sounds pretty good. ^_^ Um... yeh

You might want to change some of the names around a little, particularly regerdidng your demons (although I think you were going to do that anyway)
I'll PM you when I get my head straight.

Go deeper into the characters and thier motivation, why does a demon join a demon-killer..? Also, think about how the characters interact with each other, what if one person in the group hates another perrson in the group (kinda cliched I know...) Maybe one of the characters is the complete oposite of the mian character, an egotistical *******... ^_^

You should definitly have more than two characters.
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There will be, and I've made changes since I've made this post. There will be more than two, but I have two members of the group more developed. I plan on there being probably three. The demon will be the egotistical one, and the human will be more modest. The names will change. Those are only temporary names. I'm also working on group interactions and motives. Remember, this is the early stages. Knowing me, there will me a lot of changes.
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Some people have come to me saying that they would like to draw my manga. I'm going to hold an audition. I want the people who want to draw it to draw this character vs an original character in a fight. Those are the only requirements. I have a color version of this character, but I want you to make your own colors if you choose to color it. It can be in black and white. Well, have fun with it.

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:D I got some pics! ^_^

I had to do a little ad lib on the demon guy since I didn't have him in front of me, but I don't think it's come out too bad. Oh, the woman is this priestess-type, think Elena from Grandia II. ^_^ I've done a seperate pic of her since you can't see her face in the first pic.

**note the scared lady with the kid, I was watching a borg episode of Star Trek, so the expression of sheer terror wasn't difficult** :D
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