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RPG Dragonball:The return of Bibidi

Mighty kai

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Yollie was walking through the woods on her way to the nearest town to get some goods.She now been living on planet Earth for two years now. And she is a very good friend to the z fighters. When Yollie eventually got to the nearest town she went in to the local shop. The shop keeper smiled at her as she walked in the door.

Shopkeeper: Ah Yollie,what can i do for you today little one?

Yollie went to the counter and smiled at the keeper.

Yollie: Just the usual Jack.4 hidu herbs.

Jack nodded and put the herbs in Yollie's bag.

Jack nodded and spoke again

Jack: Making more potions?

Yollie: Yeah im busy making an anti healing potion. Well see ya next time Jack.

Yollie walked out of the shop and in to the town square. She was taking a sniff at her lovely smell. Then a unusal force struck her. She felt cold and shocked. She couldnt harldy move at all. Then suddenly something clicked in her mind. She reconised that force now.

Yollie: Oh no, he's back and he's coming here!! Oh no i thought he was destroyed.I gotta go and tell someone.

Yollie ran through the town as fast as she could making sure she wouldnt bump into someone. Then she started thinking about this person and she did bump into someone. BANG Yollie fell down with a thud. She dusted herself off and stood up. Yollie quickly apologised to the person.

Yollie: So so sorry sir.. I didnt look where i was going.

?: Yollie? Is that you?

Yollie was amazed how this person knew who she was. She looked up and she saw Gohan smiling at her.
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[SIZE=1][B]Ray and his men weren't so happy about them going to earth, it was taking way to long. Ray was already thinking about killing off Bibidi, but where was the fun in that then? His Elite Friends, Mathazar, Aranel, Drexomas and Drexo (both brothers), were all looking forward to fighting some strong warriors for once.

"Ray, have you even thought this over? We could just go to earth now with the information we have, and kill off the little paint sized sprout." Drexomas said crossing his arms over his chest. Him and Drexo looked almost the same, both of them had long red hair, both of them wore the same suit, and both had the same personality, although Drexomas was older and had one red eye and one blue eye.

"I agree." Drexo mumbled.

"Ofcourse you would he's your brother!" Mathazar laughed. He was the funniest of the group, you could tell. He always smiled evilly, and he had blood red eyes, red hair, fangs and he was extremely acrobatic. Ray shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"Incase you've forgotten, Ray is leader here, and we go under HIS command, and since Ray is under the command of Bibidi, we won't kill him unless Ray orders us too." Aranel snapped standing up. Aranel, he was second in command. He looked a lot like Ray, but his skin was pale, and he always seemed so serious.

"Exsactly." Ray said. "Besides, if we even attack him, we have to remember we aren't the only ones on his side, and for one he hasn't killed us yet, now where's the fun in killing him?" Ray added. Mathazar laughed hard and heavy, and the others just sniggered

"Speaking of which, it ain't long 'til we get to earth." Drexo said.[/B]

OOC: I know... cruddy start...[/SIZE]
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[color=teal]Riku was walking down the street with Trunks. Him and her were getting back from a date. They still had ice cream cones in their hands from where that had stopped at an ice cream parlor. Riku looked up at Trunks and smiled.

"I personally think we should do this more often," Riku said with a bright smile. Trunks shook his head and put his free arm around Riku. Riku blushed and looked foward.

"I agree, but you know our fathers," Trunks said as he looked down at Riku. Riku was stareing at something. Trunks looked in the direction she was stareing in.

"I'll be right back," Riku said as she started running toward what she was stareing at. Trunks shook his head and started after her. They had both dropped their ice cream cones.

A few seconds later, Riku and Trunks were standing behind Gohan. An evil smirk crossed Riku's face as she went to tap Gohan on the shoulder. As she got about an inch from his shoulder, he turned around. Riku jumped into Trunks arms. Gohan shook his head.

"Riku Son," Gohan said as he looked at Riku, "What do you think you're doing? I'm going to tell Dad who you're hanging out with." Riku started shakeing her head. Goku would kill her if he found out she was going out with Trunks. He was too overprotective of her.

Yollie poked her head out from behind Gohan. Riku stopped shakeing her head and looked down at Yollie. Yollie looked really worried.[/color]
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