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Request TT Banner and avatar request (again)


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[SIZE=1][B]Okay! I'm requesting a Teen Titn banner and avatar, again. Okay, here's the information:

On the left side of the banner, this picture:
And this one:
[url]www.raine-tech.com/images/49809587.jpeg[/url] (Robin in it only)
If you can't fit four pictures on just have the first one on the left.

On the right:
This picture, and:

But, if you can't fit all four on just have the first pictures (The one first one for the Left and first one for the right side), I'm a little picky about what pictures are on it. Background can be anything you like, get creative. In the middle of the banner, put the words:

"There's one big difference between me and Slade, he doesn't have any friends."

And of course my name in one corner and Robin in another. Now the avatar, I'd like Any picture of Robin on it with my name, thanks![/SIZE][/B]
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