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This is the first time I have posted a story on OB, so I hope I don't screw up. Anyways, the story is, of course, unfinished, and still in the beginning. I hope to finish it... eventually. Yes, the prolouge I got from Final fantasy X, and Rowlin is basically from Lord of the Rings. I have some illustrations for this, but I don't have a scanner to show them. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Oh, and criticism is always appreciated.



Fire. The cold night gave way to inferno, as a town ravaged by flame sat awkwardly quiet, as it slowly burned to the ground. The only sound heard was the crackling of the fire. The town it burned was a grand one, stone sidewalks, and splendid straw-roofed buildings. Through the middle ran a deep pit, and several burning structures inside. Aside the blaze, stood a group, their faces shrouded by shadows. One of them stepped forward, a thin tall man with ling silver hair, messy bangs and pointed ears. His face was bruised and weather beaten, and it could be determined, that this was not a man at all, but an elf. He wore a black turtleneck, under a black trench coat. His pants and boots were also black, though the sword sheathed upon his belt was silver, hilt to blade. He sighed deeply, as a hand found its way to his shoulder.

How did I get here? It?s a question I often ask myself. I stand here in front of this blaze, and I have never before felt so helpless as I watch it burn. My story is not one of anything ordinary, or one that you might say you?ve heard. Please, I beg you to listen to my tale, and though I can remember everything about the beginning, I know not of any ending in sight?

Chapter One: Assassin

The dark night faded into day, as the sun gleamed over a beautiful town. The town built itself around one river that stretched for miles in either direction, branching off in several places. In it, was docked long, thin, wooden boats tied to the shores. Along the sides of the river was the open market, full of goods far all to buy. The Blacksmith was stocked well with finely polished swords and axes, and the butcher was selling fine pigs head fresh off the fire. Times were good, I remember. I didn?t appreciate the town, Gnarwood?s good fortune as much as I should. At that time my mind was always on my target. My name is Logan, and I was an assassin, a killer for a resistance group known as Fortuna. It was my job to kill anybody who wished to give too much power over Gnarwood to the Kingdom, as it did once. Now that I think of it, I?m not sure if anybody but the Gnarwood masses supported us. It may well have been better for the Kingdom in whole, if Gnarwood would have conceded to the Kingdom?s wishes.

Logan, still in the same outfit but less beaten, walked through the crowd neighboring the river, his clear blue eyes darting over the crowd, as if he were looking for something, or somebody. ?Hey there, gub. Got a tick?? Logan looked over, to find the blacksmith was beckoning him over. He made his way over, trying not to get knocked over by the thickening crowd. ?What do you want?? Logan asked, getting to the Blacksmith?s tent. The blacksmith himself was tall and lanky, with a small pair of glasses and no hair. Unlike Logan, this man wasn?t an elf. ?I got somethin? you?ll like, just take a look at this ?ere.? From under his counter came a long, scythe-looking blade. ?Only forty Millads. Now that?s a bargain.?

Logan unsheathed his fine silver broadsword, and laid it on the desk. ??I?ve already got a weapon.? The Blacksmith frowned, his glasses sliding down his nose. ?Well, that?s a pity. What about this ?ere then? He raised a small yellow bead. ?This ?ere was made just for you. You?ll love it.? Logan picked the bead from his hand. This was what he was looking for. He clenched the bead tightly, and walked towards the tent curtain, and phased right through!

Logan stopped. He was no longer in the town market, but in a shabby old room, below ground. There were no doors out of this place, just the yellow bead that acted as a gateway between here and above ground. Logan placed the bead in a wooden stand, and walked through the room and into a hallway. At the end of the hallway was another room, where two creatures sat lazily. In the corner, sat a small man with a long beard and a plump gut. This dwarf held a pipe in its mouth, and looked on the verge of falling asleep. In the other corner sat a hulking ogre with stony gray skin, no hair and no nose. It had wide lopsided eyes with beady pupils. The dwarf noticed Logan and stood up. ?There ya be! How?d it go? Did ya get ?em?? The dwarf said excited. The ogre looked blankly at the dwarf a moment. ?Ohm?oh yeah, the guy you was gonna get. Who was it?? Logan sighed, walking across the room, which was littered with maps, blueprints, books, and chairs. ?He didn?t show up at the meeting. It seems it was canceled. I think he?s still nervous about speaking to Gnarwoodians, since not many respect him.?

?Who the bloody ?ell is it already?? The ogre asked stupidly. ?Gaule, shut yer trap!? Barked the dwarf. ?It?s a renown general, Mark Jameson. He believes in the unity of all nations, whether they want it or not.? Logan replied calmly, picking up a book from the floor. ?The man?s a monster.? The dwarf growled. ?True, Rolwin. Very true. I think he was expecting the attack, though. That?s got to be why he called it off.?

?So,? Rowlin started, ?He?s a coward too, is he? Fine, he?ll have to show his neck sooner or later.? Logan nodded. ?But when, or where, that?s the trick. We?ll need to find out as soon as-?

?Do not worry, for I think the General will tell the public of his meeting place long before we need act.? Somebody said. The three turned to look at whom it was. At the door stood a man with bulging muscles and graying hair. He was a fit, yet old man, dressed in a blue long sleeve tunic, a green vest, and brown pants. On his back was an enormous axe. He looked at Logan, and smiled kindly. ?Hello, Logan. How was the Gateway Gem?s new hiding place?? Logan nodded. ?I would have walked right by it, had not the Blacksmith beckoned me to it.? The man let out a small laugh. ?Yes, that?s Towin, the new Gatekeeper. He?s a damn good blacksmith, so we can get new weapons when ever we run in short supply.?

Logan nodded again. ?Are you sure he will not tell any of the guards, Kalmin? There is a price on our heads, you know.? Kalmin scratched his chin, nodding. ?Yes, but I have the utmost faith in him. Towin is a good man, with plenty respect for the Kingdom, but he is also a Gnarwoodian. He will not sacrifice his homeland to the Kingdom.?

?Very well.? Rowlin stood up. ?Enough ?bout the damn bead! Where the ruddy ?ell have you been, Kalmin?? Kalmin looked up at the ceiling, where the smoke from Rowlin?s pipe had floated. ?You should not smoke in here, there?s nowhere for the smoke to go.? Rowlin grimly dug his knuckle into the pipe, putting it out and scolding his knuckle. Kalmin waved his hand at the overhead smoke, and it formed into different shapes, resembling Gnarwood. One building far off the main row darkened. ?I was busy collecting information at the town treasury, where Mr. Jameson has decided to take up residence.? Rowlin almost jumped. ?Ah hah! We should kill him in his sleep!? Logan considered it. It was a good idea, simple, too. Why wouldn?t Kalmin have already considered that possibility? ?It would be impossible.? Kalmin replied. He waved his hand again, and all other buildings but the treasury disappeared in the smoke.

?You see, the building itself is empty. Underneath, though?? Under the Treasury formed a maze of hallways in the smoke. ?...Is the true treasury. This labyrinth stretches for miles, and any wrong turn leads to destruction. That?s why nobody has ever dared try to rob it.? Logan couldn?t help to wonder why the maze was so articulate. Kalmin looked at Logan, anticipating his question. ?It is, of course, money that?s being guarded.? Right. Only money could be so important to people. Kalmin started to walk away. ?Oh, Logan.? He said, turning back. ?Would you mind coming with me for just a moment?? Logan nodded and left with Kalmin.

It's not very exciting, I know, it's just an introduction to it all.
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