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Guest jroc90902002
hope u like it this is my first fan fic ;)

According to legend, 2000 years ago while snow was falling on a clear, freezing night .on earth, a fierce devil prince was born deep in the darkest pit of the netherworld.

He grew fapidly. within a short time he gained his full powers
and took over the Devil Throne. His first act as ruler of all
devils was to declare himself emperor of the Devil Kindom. His
next feat was an invasion of the human world. His plan humans was to
conquer it and rule over both the lower and the upper realms.

but a powerful Devil-knight known as Sparda took pity on
humans for their brief, transient lives. In fierce battles he
defeated all the Devil ruler's armies and finally imprisoned
the emperor himself in a sealed vault.

Having achived his victory, Sparda abandoned the Devil
Kingdom to live in the human world. He married a human
woman and soon fathered a half devil, Half human son.

But beware, mankind. After 2000 years, the cursed Devil
Emperor will be released and will return to invade
the human world once again.

Sparda's son must be our protector! :devil:

I hope u like it
here is what i am going to need from u.







This is all I need for now !!!!

Here is mine !!!

Name: Gaidain

Age: unknown

Race: Half Demon Half Human

Weapon: Alistor

Discription: [IMG]http://www.percolatingcoffe.com/gallery/dante7.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: Gaidain is a freelance underground mercenary in modern america.
But his persona is even more extrodinary! He slays blood thirsty
devils from the depths of burning hell with his huge sword and
dual-wielded handguns. Even the devil may cry begging for Gaidain's
mercy. :flaming:

thanks i need alot of people to do this.
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Age:I stoped counting after 1000 years.

Weapon:Heavy double bladed demon sword with a spell cast upon it so it will never break.

Race:1/4 human 1/4 angel 2/4 devil

Description:5 ft. 11in. tall, 175 lbs. Black hair w/ white streak about 2 in. wide, Blue eyes.

Bio: Looking for my lost brother. Always on the side of good, because my brother is evil. He killed my wife, long... Long ago. She was the only one I ever loved. I have been looking for my brother ever since he fled. I will find him and when I do he will pay for what he did to her... Oh my sweat, sweat, beloved Lara. I will avenge you... I swear on my love, heart, and my soul... I will...

Is this good enough?

Oh you should come by my thread titled "B.O.S.S. RPG. Become a B.O.S.S."
It is like this one.
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