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B.O.S.S. stands for Big Or Super Strong person. It is an RPG about love, hate, battle, and a big curse. You make your own charicter, you get one special power, one weapon, and you need to make a short story. For example:

Mistical Maiden
Power: All men that see you will fall in love with you. (Dosen't work on girls.)
Weapon: Elfish double bladed sword.

Story: I was walking through the forest when I heared a scream. I went to go look what it was and I see...(Blah blah blah.)

And read the rules about making a B.O.S.S. I should have the begging of the R.P.G. up soon. Please feel free to make a B.O.S.S. I promise it will be fun. :D

The rules:
If you wish to be a BOSS (since there is so many of you) you may make your own charicter, but here are the rules:

1.You must have one weakness
2.You can't make a charicter that is completly unbeatable (don't ruin the fun)
3.You may only have one weapon and one power
4.don't use your otaku name
5.try getting ideas from the ones I made
6.if you already have a BOSS don't make another one
7.you MUST make a story and post it on my site.

When I do put up the story you may want to wait on posting, because I want it to be a long rpg. So it would be better if your charicter didn't show up til' later in the story. Anyone can post as the main charicter, his father, the narator, and if needed any small charicter that won't get many things to say. (Like a store mechant, solider, and stuff like that.)

If you have trouble making a B.O.S.S. this may help.
RPG or Anime Character by ChaoticSoul
Your Name
Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorBright Red
PersonalityThrill Seeker
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!
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Guest anime girl67
o yeah! i found it! ^_^ ok, so... i guess i'll put about being a BOSS in my siggy with my character and describing her and stuff... so, cya!
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[b]Character Name[/b]: Angry Dwarven Slayer
[b]Weapon of Choice[/b]: Mace (Spikey ball on a chain)
[b]Special Power[/b]: Dance moves (stuns enemy while my voice does the damage)( While I have no dancing or musical background, its rather funny)
[b]Weakness[/b]: 1. Anyone named Simon Cowel 2. Arrows (weapon), Poison (special power)

[u]My story: [/u]

As I awoke in a dreary meadow, I realize what just happened. I had been given back my life. After dieing in a voice compition on American Idol, I was given another chance. Now because of Simon Cowel, I have a burrden to get rid of. I have to show Simon how good of a singer I am.........

[b]My True Story[/b]:

As I awoke in a dreary, yet beautiful, meadow, I realize what I've been through. I had been beaten by my own country and forced to leave. Already I knew that I must fight to kill the people that forced me out. Better yet, I should try and take over the whole country.

Equiped with a mear mace. All I can do is swing that thing around and sing. I can shake my butty to stun everyone.

I courageously travel through the tiber. Few deer and other animals know of my presence. Ahead, I see a group of hunters. As I aproach them, they become silent, as if they were hiding something from me or they knew who I was. I talked them into letting know the way to my old country and where I could build an army.

I got a weak army, but my talents increased. I snuck into the country. Slowly starting a rebelious gang in the country, I plan a mass raid on the throne. Soon I have thousands standing beside me. I attack with fierce might and somehow over come the odds. I won.

I know that they plan on reclaiming the throne, but I must remain here. The temptations of hate have me killing anyone I think is suspicous. What am I to do?.....That is for the rpg to know.
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