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Request Could someone make me a Multiple banner and Tenchi Muyo avatar of Tenchi.

James P. Galvatron

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I was wondering could someone make me a banner and avatar since my first request went by ignored. Could you make me a banner that has from left to right: Yuske Urameshi, Inuyasha, Vash the Stampede, and Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo or whichever season you can find a picture from really. I hooe thats not asking to much and that it will be made unlike my last failed request for a banner.

[color=teal]EDIT:[/color] I changed my mind could someone instead make me a Tenchi Muyo group picture with Tenchi and the other characters from Tenchi Universe or Tenchi in Tokyo whichever group picture from whatever season you can find and a avatar of Tenchi I hope thats not asking for too much. Sorry I could not remember the names of all the other characters who stay there with Tenchi and his grandfather the show hasn't come on t.v. on toonami in the U.S. since 1996-1999 I believe and I can't afford to buy the DVD's or VHS since im 14 I can't get a job anywhere.

[color=teal]Please do not double post. The Edit button is there for a reason; in case you think of something else that you want to say, you can use that instead of double posting and breaking the rules. Also, it would help if you please improve your grammar a bit, adding commas and such where necessary. ~_^ -Syk3[/color]
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