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[color=teal] I haven't personally started an RPG for awhile now. Lets see if this works out for me! This is my first Inuyasha RPG! I'm using my own character Crystal in this. I'll give you links to her bios at the end of this.

Everyone thought that Naraku was destroyed, but they know something was wrong when Miroku's Wind Tunnel didn't go away. Everyone forgot about it and went on with their lives. Now, fourteen years later, everyone is living peacefully with kids of thier own. Their peace doesn't last though. The Shikon Jewel, never completed, was stolen again. That wasn't the only things stolen. The souls of Inuyasha, Kagome, Crystal, Sesshomaru, Miroku, Kouga, and Sango were stolen as well. Now it's up to the kids to save their parents souls.

[b][u]Sign Up:[/u][/b]
:evil laughter: I'm so evil! Before I give you what you need to sign up, I'm going to give you a list of the parents and limite of kids! You may not agree with some couples, but this is all made up and its my choice. ^_^ I'll be nice!

InuyashaxKagome: (four kids at the most)
MirokuxCrystal: (two kids because I'm playing two)
KougaxCrystal: (this was not Crystal's fault. Bad Kouga! that's why I'm only allowing two wolf demons. My bros character and his twin)
SangoxSesshomaru: (four kids at most)
NarakuxKikyo: (I don't know, ten. These are the bad guys)

Here's what I need my peeps:

Age: (no older then fourteen unless you're the other wolf demon, then you're fifteen)
Parents: (from the parents above please)
Skill(s): (four at most)
Weapon(s): Not Required!

Two characters recommended!

[b]Here's mine:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Coje (Co-gee)
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Parents:[/b] MirokuxCrystal
[b]Bio:[/b] Coje is Miroku's and Crystal's son. He kind of resents his dad. He really isn't to fond of him. Coje is a mama's boy. He loves his mom. Coje is also stuck with the Wind Tunnel. His personallity matches his uncle Inuyasha's more then anyone else's. He looks mostly human. He can also make claws appear.
[b]Description:[/b] Coje looks like Miroku except his eyes are a lighter blue and he has fangs . His outfit looks like Miroku's too, but where the purple is, it's blue.
[b]Skill(s):[/b] Wind Tunnel, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, and Healing Abillity
[b]Weapon(s):[/b] His father's staff.[/color]

[color=purple][b]Name:[/b] Mika
[b]Age:[/b] 12
[b]Parents:[/b] MirokuxCrystal
[b]Bio:[/b] Mike is Miroku's and Crystal's daughter. She's the daddy's girl and she's also very kind hearted. She doesn't like to hurt things. She really doesn't act like anyone in her family. She's too gental until you make her mad. She kind of loses it if you hurt her family or friends. She looks like a demon and she doesn't have the Wind Tunnel. :shrugs shoulders:
[b]Description:[/b] Mika looks like Crystal except her hair and ears are a darker blonde. Her eyes are darker as well. Her outfit looks like Crystal's except it's pink and black.
[b]Skill(s):[/b] Iron Reaver Soul Stealer and Healing Abillity
[b]Weapon(s):[/b] Her mother's elemental sword.[/color]

[color=teal]:wipes away sweat: Wow, and I still have more to say. If you're the first of the kids for parents, you get their weapon. Like Coje has his father's staff. Everyone else in that family will have to make up a weapon if they want one. Remember there are two weapons!
Here's the links to Craystal's bios:
[url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=36555[/url] The second one down!
[url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=36431[/url] Second one down again!
I have four spots saved for my bro and friend! They are each using two characters. One more thing, the parents are not playable. They're those "everyone has control" characters. Ok, I think I covered everything! ^_^; Enjoy![/color]
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OOC: Yo sis! Here I am!

Name: Koal (coal)
Age: 15
Parents: KougaxCrystal
Bio: Koal is queit the mistake along with his twin. His father sorta forced his mother and he hates his father for that. He's mostly with his mother, but his twin is mostly with their father. Koal is almost full-blooded demon. He has little human in him. He's a very kind demon. He's always smileing until he gets into a fight with Coje. Koal respects Miroku more then Coje. He rather have Miroku as a father then Kouga.
Description: He looks like Kouga, but his fur is white.
Skill(s): Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Healing Abillity, Wind Attacks, and control over a wolf pack.
Weapon(s): His dad's sword!

[color=red]Name: Sky
Age: 13
Parents: SangoxSesshomaru
Bio: Sky is the quiet one out of this bunch. He's not really friendly with his father, but loves his mother. He hates the fact that he's part demon. He always wishs to be human. He kind of wants to be a Demon Slayer like his mother once was. He does like his father's sword and how Sesshomaru teaches him how to use it. His personality matches up there with his aunt Crystal's. He's pretty even. He looks like a human. He has fangs like Coje. He can also make claws appear.
Description: Sky has shoulder length black hair with white highlights through it that he keeps in a ponytail and copper eyes. He wears and outfit that looks like Kuhako's(sp?), but it's black and light blue.
Skill(s): Poison Claws and Extreme Speed.
Weapon(s): His dad's sword! Can not think of name at moment![/color]
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Name: Fuji-Iro
Age: 11 (Soon to turn 12)
Parents: SangoxSesshomaru
Bio: Fuji-Iro means ?Light purple?, so going with light she is cheerful at times, but because of the purple, is also very mood and suppresses depression. Don?t mess with her is she?s feeling under the weather. She also hates her mother for making her a half-breed, her father spoils her trying to make her feel better, but it just makes her want to shred others up more, and like she says ?Pity, is for humans, I may only be half, but I?m not whole.?
Description: She looks just like her father, tall and girlish. She has long silver hair, and where her father?s moon is there is a black star, but it?s pretty small. She wears a light purple version of her father?s brother her uncle, InuYasha, except she doesn?t look stupid in it. (But she has no rosary) Her eyes are a silver, not gold, she is pale and her usually face expression is a smirk.
Skill(s): Fast, mind reading, and cute little claws that pop out when she?s pissed.
Weapon(s): A wooden flute that she bashes people on the head with, and plays.

Hope this is OK.
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[color=navy]I'm here!

Name: Mar
Age: 13
Parents: MirokuxCrystal
Bio: Mar is the outgoing and loud one of the group. He's the direct oppisite of his twin sister, Ummei. Somehow, Mar got all the demon and Ummei got none. Mar likes being a demon though. He likes the fact that he can do almost anything. He's kind of evil. He's a little trickster. He's another one who disrespects his father. He looks more like a demon and is also stuck with the Wind Tunnel.
Description: Mar looks alot like his uncle Inuyasha except his hair and ears are blond. His eyes are a light purple. He wears an outfit similar to his uncle Inuyasha's except it's black, sleeveless, and he has a black glove on his right hand.
Skill(s): Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Incarnations, Wind Tunnel, and Healing Abillity.
Weapon(s): A pole with a blade at the end.[/color]

[color=green]Name: Keno
Age: 14
Parents: NarakuxKikyo
Bio: Keno is one evil little boy. He's the one who stole the Shikon Jewel and the adults souls. He looks up to his dad and respects his mother spirtural powers. Don't let his cute apperance fool you. He won't hesitate to kill someone who looks at him wrong. You can believe that Naraku is proud of him.
Description: He has long black hair styled like his dad's and red eyes. He wears a black sleeveless shirt, plact pants, a red sash tied around his waist like a belt, and black sandles.
Skill(s): He can make copies of himself, control poisonous insects, and he has some spirtural powers.
Weapon(s): Two curved swords.[/color]
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[color=teal]Cool! I figured I would post a list of the kids to help people out. ^_^

Iya 14
Shyquan 13
Yakatosha 18
(one spot open)

Coje 14
Mika 12
Mar 13
Ummei 13

Koal 15
Karver 15

Sky 13
Fuji-Iro 11
Sumie 12
(one spot open)

Keno 14
Zsuzsanna 13
Nino 12
Kanya 13
(six spots still open)[/center]

OOC: I hope that helps people out! I will update this! ^_^ I've added in ages too![/color]
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Well, I decided to be another, here she is:

Name: Ummei
Age: 13
Parents: MirokuxCrystal
Bio: She became mute after a terrible experience with demons. Despite the fact her mother was a demon, she was not.
Description: She wears a simple Shinto priestess outfit, it?s purple. She is cold and quite. She glares, and never talks, she is mute. Her eyes are dark brown and her hair is black, no part of her is demon.
Skill(s): Spell, and incantations.

Hope she is OK.
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OOC: Yay! Time to edit..hee hee.:D

Name: Karver
Age: 15
Parents: KougaxCrystal
Bio: Karver is Koal's twin sister, born when her father forced himself on her mother. For that, Koal hates his father, and spends most of his time with his mother, Crystal. He hardly ever sees Kouga at all. However, Karver, on the other hand, was raised by her father, and spends the majority of her time with him and his pack of wolf demons. One of the only females in the pack, she's very strong, having to defend herself against unwanted advances. Also, her position in the pack is secured, as she is Kouga's daughter, and most of the demons in the pack dote on her like their own daughter. They're mostly all quite loyal to her, and she in turn is loyal to her father Kouga.
This is because Karver is kind of biased against her mother. She thinks that her mother loves Koal more, and that's why she is with her father. Since Crystal left Karver in Kouga's care, but still took Koal with her, Karver holds a grudge against her mother, thinking that she deserted her daughter.
Like her twin brother Koal, Karver is almost fully demon. Being raised with her father, she also has the wolves' instincts and strengths, and is very sure of herself in battle. Over the years, she has had less and less contact with her brother Koal, and now hasn't seen him in over four years. She doesn't really mind, as they weren't all that close since they were raised apart. However, something is going on in the wolf pack, and there seems to be a little rebellion against Kouga and herself. She understands - some of younger wolves have been spurned by her, and they're angry. But now she feels that to secure Kouga's position in the tribe, they need Koal, and is intending to search for him and ask him to come to the wolf tribe until Kouga's position is again secure as the leader of the pack.
Description: [url]http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=rgveda&img=rgveda003.jpg[/url]
Skill(s): Wind attacks, healing abilities, and control over wolves, and demon wolf packs. Also, her speed is death-defying, and her fighting style is very different from her brother's even though they have much of the same powers.
Weapon(s): Crystal Blade (look at it in the description link)
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Ohh! Interesting!!!!! I'm going to have two characters....oki?


[COLOR=Silver][B]Name:[/B] Sumie
[B]Age:[/B] 12
[B]Parents:[/B] SangoxSesshomaru
[B]Bio:[/B] She is a tall and skinny half-breed. She talks most of the time. Never really liking the fact that her father was a full demon and her mother was a human. Always seeming closer to her mother than her father. Sango had handed down her bomerang (is that right?) to Sumie hoping that she could use it in the future, teaching her some techniques with it. Finally able to at least throw and catch it properly.
[B]Description: [/B] Sumie has long black hair that goes down to her knees. Light lavender eyes that change to golden ones when she is upset/mad about something. She weas a light pink outfit that she had recieved for her 12th birthday for her parents. It resembles her fathers outfit. And wears black sandals. She looks more like her father with the fangs. She has two small red dots on her forhead, like her father and sister.
[B]Skills:[/B] Small poison claws. And able to jump very high and far.
[B]Weapons:[/B] Sango's bomerang![/COLOR]

[CENTER]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* [/CENTER]

[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Name:[/B] Zsuzsanna
[B]Age:[/B] 13
[B]Parents:[/B] NarakuxKikyo
[B]Bio:[/B] Zsu is mean and evil just like her older brother Keno. Helping him steal the Shikon Jewel and the adults souls. She enjoys her mother and her spiritual powers, inherting some of them herself. Being taught by her mother how to use them to take souls. She seems to be a daddies girl and look up to her father alot. She seems a bit too quiet at times but only seems to talk to Keno and has him talk to their parents.
[B]Description:[/B] She has long black hair, and usually styles it like her mothers but uses a red bow to match her outfit. She wears a balck outfit like her mothers, but on the pants are white and red flowers snaking up the sides. Wearing white sandals as well. She resembles her father in the facial features.
[B]Skills:[/B] She has spiritual powers like her mothers.
[B]Weapons:[/B] Kikyo's weapon.[/COLOR]
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[color=teal]Yeah, I didn't think people would like this! ^_^ Well anywho, I'll start this as soon as I get at lest one kid for InuyashaXKagome, maybe two more bad guys, and when Cyriel finishes his bio. Until then, this RPG still open. Happy Signing-Up! ^_^![/color]
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Hello, I'm new here. I hope I don't screw anything up. This sounds really interesting.

Name: Iya (eye-ya)
Age: 14
Parents: InuyashaxKagome
Bio: Iya is a daddy's girl. She loves her dad to death. She loves her mom too, but not as much as her dad. She trys her best to match up to her dad and Inuyasha trys to teach her everything he knows. She's kind of the most outgoing of all of her siblings. She's a tad on the hyper active side. She like's freaking out her male cousins by flirting with them. She gets a good laugh at the expression on their faces.
Description: Iya has long black hair that ends in the middle of her back, cute fuzzy black ears, fangs, claws, and really light brown hair. She wears a pink shorts version of her father's outfit. Insted of pants, they're shorts.
Skill(s): Iron Reaver Soul Stealer and some Spiritual Powers
Weapon(s): The Tetsugia(sp?)

I'll do two:

Name: Nino
Age: 12
Parents: NarakuxKikyo
Bio: Nino may be young, but he's just as powerful as his older siblings. Nino has a tendancy to not listen. He likes doing things his way. He admires his father and every way. He trains, in his own way, to be just like his father. He's trying to get every singal technique down pat. He allows his father help sometimes.
Description: Nino has ear length black hair and scarlet eyes. He wears a dark purple tanktop, dark purple shorts, black sandles, and a black sash wrapped around his waist.
Skill(s): He can make copies of himself and control Poisonous Insects
Weapon(s): A short sword
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Guest WielderOfSwords
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I'm the newest member here! Just signed up a couple of minutes ago. Well, it seems as though everyone's got all the good characters, so I guess I'll use my own.
This is my original character edited and personalized for Future Powers.

[B]Name:[/B] Yakatosha
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Parents:[/B] Inuyasha & Kagome

[B]Bio:[/B] Yakatosha respects his mother and father, but he finds his father somewhat of an embarrassment because his father was born a half-demon, while Yakatosha was born a full-demon, though he and his mother share a strong bond. Neither good nor evil, Yakatosha searches for his place in the world. He does show
up occasionally to help out, but he usually just goes back into the forests to disappear again. He's actually a lot like his uncle Sesshoumaru.

[B]Description:[/B] At birth, he had long, flowing hair like Inuyasha, but to spite him, Yakatosha cut his hair to shoulder-length. He has inuyasha's outfit, except it's black. He has two different eye colors: Green when he's himself, and red when he prepares to battle. His hair grows long and turns red whenever he fights, but returns to white when he's not. Though he always has to cut his hair.

[B]Skills:[/B] Crimson Claw: Similar to Iron Reaver except Crimson Claw is quicker Crimson Berserker: Fast, multiple slashes, ending with two upward slashes.
Teigama Striker: Basically Yakatosha throws Teigama at top speed.
Teigama Tornado: A spinning sword-slash attack.
Crimson Hell: Can only be used while in his true demon form. (He jumps high into the air, charges his claws, which glow bright red, does a double downward-slash, which forms a giant "X", then hurtles his body behind the "X" and basically demolishes the entire area within two miles of impact)

[B]Weapon:[/B] Similar to the Tokijin, Yakatosha wields the Teigama. It is only a broken sword, but it still has great strength. In order for it to be at its most powerful, Yakatosha has to feed it the souls of demons, which can only be acquired through battle. When the sword devours a demon soul, a piece of it is restored. But it cannot take a human life nor can it devour a half-demon's soul. But Teigama also has special abilities, which Yakatosha can use, butat a small price. It takes a fraction of his energy as payment whenever he uses them.

[B]Teigama's Abilities:[/B] When Teigama devours enough souls, it allows Yakatosha to use more attacks:
Spirit Devour: Teigama's main ability. Can be used anytime. Absorbs the soul of a demon to increase its strength. Doesn't require an energy payment.
Demonic Testament: Can only be used when Teigama is halfway near completion. Takes over a demon's body and slowly sucks away its energy until it dies. Requires 1/3 of Yakatosha's energy.
Crimson Reign of Darkness: Teigama's Final Ability. Can only be used when it's 100% complete. It completely destroys all demons in its range by covering the entire area with a dark void, which immediately sucks all their energy, souls, and their powers from them, turning them into humans. Requires 2/3 of Yakatosha's energy.[/COLOR]
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