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Gaming James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing


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EoN...spectacular. I really have nothing more to say about it. It's as if EA stopped trying to [i]recreate[/i] GoldenEye and concentrated on making a Bond game. Now, granted there was a horrid attempt at third-person Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies), but forget about that. EoN is the best Bond game since GoldenEye...it's really the only Bond game since GoldenEye.

Everything that Nightfire and AUF tried to do (multi-faceted gameplay, Bond moves, and nifty gadgets), EoN damn near perfects.

There is so much in this game; it's mind-boggling, really. EA took what they were trying to do with the previous attempts and did it. From rappelling down the side of an exploding building, to chasing down a speeding train on a motorcycle, to having a showdown with an old friend [spoiler](JAWS)[/spoiler] only to have that friend break out of a the trainwreck, to a helicopter chase through collapsing canyons...only in the first three or four levels...dude...we have the next Bond game.
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You can play it co-op, right?

A friend of mine says he's getting it this weekend, and he wants to play it with me. Hopefully it'll be as good as you say.

I've never actually played Goldeneye, so when all the magazines and sites whine about AuF and Nightfire not being anywhere near as good as Goldeneye, I don't really see what the big problem is. I enjoy playing multiplayer on them, which means they're good...^_^;; So if EoN is better than them, I guess that means the multiplayer if amazing.

Um...Actually...IS there a multiplayer on EoN? o.O;; Besides co-op...

As you can see, I know basically nothing about this game, besides some pretty nice looking screenshots and something about co-op. XD
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Heh, it was the quickest post I've ever written, so I didn't go into too much detail, did I?

Yes, there is co-op in it. However, it's not the co-op you'd expect. Don't go in there expecting TimeSplitters 2, for example, because it's an entirely different engine than FPS.

Co-op is like single-player on steroids, I think. I say this because...even ignoring the fact that co-op is an fully conceived mode on its own...the difficulty level will frustrate many. EoN co-op forces the players to think strategically. Stealth is a major factor in it; you can't expect to barrel through the level and get through it successfully. It takes planning, pacing, and synchronization. It's suicide for the players to become separated in the middle of a massive firefight in a courtyard. Think the shower area scene in The Rock; dozens of enemy soldiers shooting at you from many directions, giving you very little maneuvering space. The difference is, in EoN you can survive the encounter. It definitely takes practice and patience. It's a remarkable addition that could have been a game in itself, with a minor length extension.

See, until you play GoldenEye, you haven't played a Bond FPS. Once you play GE, Nightfire will seem like second or third-rate crap. It's unfortunate that you never were able to play GE like I or my comrades did, but you just have to trust us on this if you'll never have a chance to play GE. Nightfire's multiplayer is abysmal; AUF's is better, much better, but does not achieve what GE does (did, lol).

Now, the multiplayer is the only somewhat negative aspect of the game. I describe it to an underdeveloped PowerStone or Kung Fu Chaos engine. It's fun, of course, and the arenas are pretty neat, but don't go in there expecting the options of single-player or co-op. It's mainly arena fighting with player-activated hazards. The hazards include explosives, laser beams...really the staple detainment weapons of Bond villains.

Still, though, even with the limitations, it is fun with the right people. Mostly, though, EoN is a single-player experience.

That's perfectly fine, though, because EA has just wowed us with a damn near perfect third-person Bond adventure with a fully developed single-player mode and a rather remarkable co-op. For once I agree with IGN in their assessment of a more developed multi-player aspect in the sequel, which, knowing EA, there will be, lol.

I would have loved to see rappelling in multi. Maybe next time. :)

EDIT: 500. :cool:
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My friend got it, I slept round his house last night, and we played it non-stop. You were right, it is amazing. XD

I think the thing that blew me away as soon as I saw it was the graphics. I mean, yeah, the screenshots I'd seen looked nice, but seeing it in motion like that...Wow.

The handling of the cars and bike was a little bit sluggish, but it they were still great levels, and the levels where you're Bond are just great.

I'd recommend this game to anyone, even a non-Bond fan. ^.^
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I preordered it after returning the decidedly average Wario World (thankyou EB!). I heard it was good (and being able to control Bond makes the game so much cooler, which was probably the only thing that made the majority of Bond games sell decently, IMHO) but after hearing what you guys have said about it I am really excited! I [U]should[/U] be getting it tomorrow, so I'll be doing a lot of 'Bonding' with my XBox (I know, that was a pretty bad joke). I'll post my comments on it when I play it. :)
Okay. I haven't received it yet. For some reason XBox software in Australia has been really lax, so I've had to resort to playing GTA:VC, Jet Set Radio Future and NFS Underground...sigh. :D
As soon as I get it I'll post comments on it.
Okay. I got it yesterday but I don't have time to comment on it (will do tomorrow). Let's just say its a really good game for the time being.
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