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RPG Race through Kanouyate [Possible violince^_^]


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Okay! here I go...if you need to check the sign up again its [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=557138#post557138]here.[/URL]
179 people lined up at the edge of the town. They had theire horses equipted and packs set. A young girl with red hair stood infront of the crowd and Fired a gunshot to get their attention.

"LISTEN!" The lady shouted. "I've been hired to tell you about this race and to start the race! The constructer themselfes could not be here! Now! I see that you all have you'r horses with you and that you had drawn a number when you enetered the race! Well, You are going to unpack your horses, and go find the stall with your number on it in the stable behind you." Sure enough there was a horse stable behind them with over 200 horses.

"You will switch you'r horse with the one with the same number you drew! thats right! You cannot use your own horses!" There was a bit of talk about this.

Another gunshot was fired into the air. "NOW! Switch your horses!" The crowed filed into the stables and all horses were swithched exept for one person who remained on her horse. The anouncer only nodded to her.

About an hour later, all the horses were swithched and all the racers set. A competitor came up to the girl who had stayed on her horse.

"And what makes you special that you don't have to switch?" The man asked the girl. She replied, "Well, I'm letting you use my horses! I see you have Jacani...she a good steed.I'll see you around...my name would be Kuchana." Then the fire had sounded and the racers set out.

This was the Kanouyate.
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[QUOTE]awsome! I started this yesterday and we only need one more person! W00T! heh heh....okay! as soon as we get one more person I'll start it up! let me say you'r all going to be verry disapointed with my firts post


[QUOTE]all our names begin with M........-.-....[/QUOTE]


Makiyu Aranta attached all of his supplies and mounted on the horse. THe horse wasn't very cooperating, but soon with 3 kicks, the horse galloped out and broke through the wooden door before it could even open. Makiyu was riding on an unstable horse. But soon, he will find a way to tame it.....

Hours into the day. The sun was blazing and any animal in site was searching for shelter. The horse stopped and layed down. Makiyu slumped off his horse and breathed slowly and hardly. Drinking out of his cantene. He sahred some with the horse for rejuvinaton. But the horse only gave a hoarse neigh. Makiyu finally thought of a plan. Makiyu grabbed a shovel and dug a hole in the sand. He led the horse into the hole and they rested inside of it. It was 6 foot deep. Makiyu dug into the sands towards the outside so taht they ahve stairs to walk on. And Mkaiyu made sure that the hole wouldn't collapse. The 2 companions rested in the hole, looking outside, and cooling off real fast.

OOC: There, the first post replied :D.
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Kuchana trotted up to what appeared to be a hole in the ground. "Its a good Idea to rest!" She shouted in, looking down at Makiyu. "But if you kept pace you wouldn't have to. This race isn't about sped! its about survival. And your horse is gunna drop dead before you get to the forests is you keep running him like that!"

"Oh? And how do you know its a "him"?" Makiyu inquiered, taking andother sip of water.

"Because...its my horse. Take care of Kalu. I don't want this heat to kill him. He's a good ride. He'll warm up to you if you PACE YOUSELF!" And with that Kanucha trotted off through the desert.

An hour later She heard hoves behind her. "HEY!" She heard Makiyu yell. He slowed to her speed when he reached her. "So you're the owner of the race?" He asked.

"Yes. And I hope that I survive to see the look on the 5 winners faces. And I hope to see you'r face there. Your a good kid. Just be carfull." And again, Kanucha golloped away.

a horrible post really....but i'm at school and board...lol
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OOC: I'll start just a little before the race begins...

IC: Milo ran through the town, trying to get to the stable in time to get Kenya and to the edge where it would start. He just knew he would be late... as he ran, people would call out sarcasticaly, "Hey Drendy, keep it up!"

He finally found Kenya and loaded her up with his supplies. "C'mon girl, let's go win!" as if motivated, Kenya took off for the starting line... to find the others about 100 yards ahead of them.

"Oh sh!t!!" Milo urged Kenya on, going at a blazing top speed to catch up. Appraoching the others, he began to slow down, pacing his hoarse like he had learned.

Kenya was an excitable hoarse, but trust-worthy. He came slightly ahead of the others by mid-day. Looking ahhead, he saw Mitzo's hoarse, with rider, by.. a pit?

He knew Mitso from town and called out, "Hey Mitzy! What's up?" As he appraoched Mitzo glared at him.

"When will you learn to call me what everyone else does?"

"When I get out of this God-forsaken desert."

"In other words, never. Hey! Whgat are you doing with Kenya? Didn't you swap out?" Milo looked down at his hoarse.

"Eh? Why would I use any hoarse besides Kenya?"

"Drendy, you really are a fool..."

OOC: I stick with MY hoarse! >=P

Now now, no disqualifying me! If you replace Kenya, I'll just find a way to get her back!
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This is not a race when you will have 100 people at your side........its going to take days to cross this desert...and longer to get back...


Kanucha pushed Milo off his horse and onto the ground. "You deserved that. Now re-mount and get your *** out there. You won't be disqualifyed I don't think. now move." Kanucha galoped at top speed out into the desert leaving Milo behind.

"Oh great. Why's she here anyway?" Milo said as he patted his horse on the neck. "And how does she know I wont be disqualifyed? Cocky little..." Milo took off after Kanucha. Or Mitzo as he called her.
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OOC: lol, I know that.

And have you already forgotten that your characters first name was Mitzo? lol

IC: Oh well, not a time to be worrying about Mitzo... Milo re-positioned his "Eat Dust" cap so it faced backwards and mounted Kenya. He nudged her with his feet and she began at a fast trot. By now the others were spread across the landscape, visible as black dots on the swaying horizon line.

Milo could still see Mitzo off in the distance... he wondered why she was so annoyed with him all the time. She was rather pretty when she wasn't pissed. Too bad... the desert calls.
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You moron! Kanucha is my charecters last name! And what she prefers!


"damn." Kanucha whispered to herself as her horse began to get tired. It was almost sunset now and they were riding west. The sun in her eyes. She decided in an hour to stop and rest. To stop for the night. and countinue on about 2 in the morning so it would still be cool. The desert was suprisingly dark at night. Kanucha stopped her horse and unpacked and untacked her.

"Good girl." She said as she placed a rope around the horses neck and fastened it under the saddle, now on the ground next to the bridle. Kanucha left all the other things next to her on the ground and leaned up against the saddle to sleep.

Not long after she fell asleep, Milo caught up and unmounted his horse. "Well...I see your resting." Milo said as he untacked his horse and secured his horse to its saddle on the ground. He too fell asleep beside Kanucha.

Around one in the morning, Kanucha woke up to feel something warm leaning on her. "huh?" She said sleepily as she lifted Milo's head off her chest.

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Note: THis is a little bit before the latest post that ArunueShekamari posted ^_^. Also I will be using my gun every 3 days. We're entering day 2......If Shekamari tells me that a cahracter is unactive. I will kill. Otherwise, I'll kill off one of the nonplayer characters ^_^.

"The desert is so cool in the early mornings," said Makiyu trotting on Kalu.

Like Kanucha advised him, he paced his horse. But not too fast, since he had enough time to travel through the desert with this steady pace. Soon he heard audible scream following a loud sound of, "Get off me!"

Makiyu reacted rather quickly and messeges flooded into his brain. [i]"That sounds like the girl I met earlier![/i]" He got Kalu to gallop over to the spot where Kanucha is....

"Ugh, get away from me!" yelled Kanucha. Milo moaned lazily as he opened his eyes.

"Are you ok!?" roared Makiyu when he commanded Kalu to slow down.

"Yeah, but get this kid away from me!" said Kanucha.

"Who are you calling a kid?" said Milo.

Makiyu stopped his horse.[i]"Hmmm, what do they have against eachother?'[/i]
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"God Milo, why do you follow me?" Kanucha asked. Milo just sat up and scratched his head.

"ugh....well...anyway...Makiyu! Nice to see you again! You haven't died yet! Oh well...Only half the participents made it through the first night. If you want to win...start exicuting comppition...but don't hurt my horses." Kanucha chuckled. "If they have no rider they'll know where to come back to." Kanucha re tacked her horse. Be fore she put on its bridle, she fed it an apple. Soon she was mounted on her horse and talking again.

"Now milo...I don't want you killed kid. Keep safe. And don't follow me this time. Makiyu? Please you keep safe too...I'll see you at the finish line." Kanucha then rode off down the into the desert.

"Hey! An apple." Milo said, reacing for an aple Kanucha had left behind. He grabbed it and munched down. "Breakfast."

"Mororn." Was all Makiyu said before he too trotted away.
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OOC: how did you get Milo's personae so perfectly? ^^ eh... I guess you just know me... -__-

IC: Milo didn't get what was wrong with people these days... he thought about this as he munched on the apple. Why can't they have some fun every now and then? And what's with Mitzo always calling him a kid? He was older than her for God's sake!! ((yes, I checked Recruitment.. Milo's older ^^))

Ah well... Milo got Kenya set up and urged her forward, while the day was still cool. After nearly an hour of slow trotting, a gunshot rang out through the desert, and a bullet whizzed about three feet above Milo's head. Startled, he nearly fell off Kenya, and looked behind him. Some other competitor was trying to get rid of competition... ((not Makiyu)) Milo started Kenya up, sending her galloping forward and sideways slightly to throw off his opponent's aim.

After another shot went by, he unslung his old rifle from a saddle-bag and stopped Kenya, turning her around. This guy couldn't shoot nearly as accurately as Milo if he only had a pistol... Milo looked down the barrel, taking his time, but rushing inside. He fired one shot... and the man gripped his arm, though Milo couldn't see the blood from that distance.

He pulled back the mechanism and let the shell pop out.
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Kanucha hung her haed low at the sign of gun shots. "Already? Wow. Theses boys [i]do[/i] know how to take advice..." Kanucha held a fast canter while kicking up dust. "Damn....Its....too....ho--" Suddenly, Kanuchas horse fel from beneath her. A hole had formed under the ground and the ground above was too weak to hold her horse. Some kind of underground tunnle.

"What the--" Kanucha said as she helped her horse to its feet and off of its owners torso. "Damn." She said clutching her stomach. Her horse and nearly squished her to death and she had a horrible pain in her stomach. "GAAhh...." She slightly screamed out. "****....ow..."

The hole was about 8 feet down. the bottom was dusty but flat. Like it was dug and leveled. Like there...was a floor put there. Kanucha fell to the ground still klutching her stomach and her head on the cold ground. She let out another scream. This time there was a shadow and someone was yelling down into the hole.

"Kanucha?!" The voice said. Kanucha was too dizzy to recognize it. Or tell what they were saying. She shut her eyes tightly and moaned once more before she passed out.
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Sorry I'm late, I hadn't realize this started!!! I'll try to introduce my character a little into the story.

[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Mimi sat at the edge of the stable throughly complexed by what had just happened.

"What a rip off!" She said to herself, as she transfered her goods to the new horse. "I spent all that time finding a good horse I could take, and now I can't even use it!"

Mimi watched as the other competetors rushed out of the starting line, all in a hurry to be the first to make it to the checkpoint. "What idoits. Any smart person knows the only way to travel is during the night. Isn't that right?" Mimi said as she petted the horses head. Although she might not have the horse she started out with, this one seemed to be better fit for the challenge. Mimi looked around the stable for some food for her new horse and found a barrell full of hay.

"Here ya go." She said as she put it in front of the horse. "Eat up..this might be the best you ever get." Mimi said as she slowly shut her eyes.

The sun had set and the sand under her bare feet was cool. Mimi mounted her horse and joined the race, passing many who had fallen out over the corse of the day. Night time slowly turned into day, and she contiuned on at an easy pace. All of a sudden she heard gun fire ahead of her. And was amazed she had caught up with the main group already.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Sorry, but that's all I could think of and have the time for today!
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Kanucha regained cociousness for a moment. She was still emensly dizzy and her vizzion still blurred. "Helo?" She called with her eyes closed. She heard a voice. But it was like under water. She couldnt understand it. She couldnt even understand her own voice. She could only guess she was saying what she thought she was. Then it felt like the ground fell from beneth her. she had passed out again.
its short but no one has replied!
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OOC: time to take matters into my own hands then...

IC: "Aye, Kuny!!" Milo crouched at the top of the pit. It had only been a few minutes, and Mitzo had already passed out and gained consiousness again. He didn't dare follow her into the hole. "Ya OK?! HEY!!"

Able to think of nothing else, he pouredthe tiniest bit of water onto her face from above. She seemed to wake up for a moment. "Wha..? Hello?"

"Kuny! It's me! Are-you-OK?" She obviously wasn't, but he was just trying to get her to speak now.

"Ugh... my stomach... rrr..." She clenched up in pain. This had obviously been a trap... Milo was just glad [I]he[/I] hadn't fallen in it.

"Don't worry Kuny, I'll get you outta there..."

"Who's Kuny?" She said, still half asleep. Milo didn't bother answering, but tried to find something in his supplies... well, it was worth a shot.

"Mitzo, grab on to this!" He lowered his gun into the pit, hoping she could reach it. After a long time, and many painful clenches from Mitzo, Milo was able to drag her out... unfortunately, the horse wasn't gonna get out that easily.

"Ugh... Thanks... kid..."

"Will you stop calling me that?"
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Kanucha laughed a bit and sipped water, having to wince afterwards. "No! I like.......calling you kid!" She got up and looked down the hole. "Sh!t........" she said wondering how to get her horse out. "Milo.....lemme see your gun." She held her hand out for the gun. Milo handed it to her, counfused. Kanucha held the gun up, aimed and shot her horse.

"WHAT THE--" Milo shouted as the gun went off.

"Just a kinute kid. Just you wait a minute." Kanucha shoved the gun back at him and looked across the horizon. "there." She said pointing to a small black dot coming somewhat towrds them. Kanucha whistled loud and the dot changed its path to come directly towrds her. As it came closer a black, fully tacked horse galloped across the plain. it slowed as it came closer and stopped and paned in front of Kanucha.

"Well hi Kaluti! Did your rider get killed already? poor thing. Your coming with me now!" Kanucha forced herself up onto the horse and began to ride off, still in pain though.

"Kanucha!" Milo said as he mounted his own horse and came after her. Your not well....you should rest."

"I'm fine! This is my race after all! I got caght in my own stupid trap though!" Kanucha headded into a gallop, leaving Milo behind yet again.

About an hour later, Kanucha spotted someone off to her right. "Time for disqualifying!" She said drawing her .45. She shot and saw the person clutch their arm.

"I'm not mean enough to kill my money......They did have to pay only $3o to get in......but that times 2oo......heh..." Kanucha gallpoed off yet again.

Mimi clutched her arm. She had been shot from off to the left. "Damn." She said as she fell off to her horse and onto the ground. The horse stopped and waited by its riders side.
now! I think evey ones posted Exept for iggy........once he posts we'll really ba rolling!
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