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[FONT=Century Gothic][I]In the warring years of The Crimson Wars, two Intergalactic factions duked it out for domination of the crimson colored planet, aptly named Hell.
For sometime these factions couldn't get any solid footing on the war and each were losing soldiers on all fronts of the war. These factions, The Phoenix Rebellion and Kar Dominion, fought on the lands of Hell, the acidic skies of the planet and even skirmished above it in Warship-to-Warship combat. What most thought were a war for resources was actually a war for an Ancient Tome which told of Warriors of Great Power. When the Kar Dominion got a foothold on the groud pounding, it was only a matter of time before they found the tome. The only problem was that the Kar Dominion was not so successful with arial combat and eventually fell to the Phoenix Rebellions constant fighter harassing, which in turn lead to the victory of the Phoenix Rebellion. Sometime after the war research facilities had been built, as well as Military bases and an extensive mining operation to begin taking what was rightfully theirs. Years had past and nothing had come out of the Tome except many discouraged scientists, the Soldiers stationed on Hell yearned for home, and the only thing that seemed to be going for them was the Mining operation. Soon a scientist cracked the tome and began research on the the writings, but not even this Galactic re-knowned scientist could get nothing from the tome and soon it was locked away as a lost cause. Even more years after the locking of the tome the Phoenix Rebellion entered yet another war against a new threat from across the Galaxy. Grey Tide Empire, and they aimed to grasp the tome and unlock its secrets.[/I][/FONT]

Now for the sign-up. There are going to be some special characters that people could take, but if nobody decides to take the part the character will end up as an NPC

[B]General Pious Heckler[/B]
[B]John Granger[/B] (A legend of The Crimson Wars)
[B]Ace Lazlow[/B] (Legendary Pilot of the Crimson Wars who shot down 10,000 Kar Dominion fighters...or so they say)
[B]Stephen Mader[/B] (Legendary Sniper who could pick someone off from over a mile away)
[B]Kylie Harris[/B] (Legend in Tactics and formation of large military forces)

Now note that these characters are slightly older than most characters you OBers seem to make.


[B]Position:[/B] {Soldier, Scientist, Miner, Pilot...You think of it, you can have it. Nothing wild, though}
[B]Description:[/B] {Pictures are fine, try to make sure they fit the futuristic storyline}


Side Note: I know many of you have lost faith in my ability to even participate in my own RPGs, but now that I have a new internet provider...that shouldn't be a problem.
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