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Sign Up Pandora's Black Tower (My first RPG! :eek: )


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Okay my first shot at this, here goes.

...The year is 2112, earth has been plunged into chaos, by Alexander Pandora. It began with Alexander taking the Presidency in the U.S., back In 2012. He boosted the economy to an all time high, gave extra funding to police forces, and education systems. That's what the public saw on the surface, what the people didn't know, was that he funded corporations, developing cloning, to create a limitless supply of the ultimate soldier. Weapons technology, viral research, Armor technology, Bio weapons research, subliminal messaging, for controlling the masses he sought to dominate.
In the year 2021, he struck first against Russia, attacking Nuclear silos, and research and development centers for such weapons. He unleashed horde's of calm, bloodthirsty Cloned soldiers, armed with the latest, most advanced weaponry the world had ever seen. Plauges were unleashed next in Europe, making the Cancer and AIDS look like chicken pox. Swarms of Towering Behemoth Seige tanks, reduced buildings in Sydney to rubble with with their twin cannon's. Packs of roaming gattling hounds roamed the streets in china. None could stand before the fury of Pandora's armies or their weapons for long, nor did any want to once under his rule, with the subliminal messages coursing through peoples minds every day.
In 2025, Pandora completed a vision that several had failed to achieve, World Domination. To crown this amazing Achievement, Alexander Had the Black Tower constructed where the white house used to be. It stands a mile high, running two miles deep underground, it's base is a quarter of a mile in diameter. A tall, 50 ft. steel wall surrounds it, hiding a shield generator, and several barracks for troops. Pandora has resided and ruled from there since he conquered in 2025.
His rule over the earth isn't entire though. A brave few resist his dictatorship, struggling against the impossible odds: The Revenants, and The Dire Wolves. All are deemed traitors and are to be shot on sight, those captured are tried(sp?) then executed, slowly.

[I]Alexander Pandora[/I] : A paranoid, and controlling man to the extreme, he's never gone outside the black tower 87 years, though he makes an occasional public statement. Thourough(sp?) testing has been done on the images, and his voice patterns, and they reveal that it is in fact Pandora making these statements, alive and well. In all probability, he has cloned himself and transfered his memories to the younger copy of himself.
Hair: black
Eyes: purple
Weight: 189 lbs.
height: 6'4
age: 129

[I]Sheila Athens[/I] : The young, and charismatic leader of the Revenants, she accompanies her teams on as many missions as she can, but mainly she stays behind to recruit more people for the cause.
Hair: pink
Eyes: green
Weight: 134 lbs.
Height: 5'6
Age: 29

[I]Burque Johnson[/I] : Burque leads the small, but lethal dire wolves. His father was the first to lead the Dire wolves in their campaign against Pandora's armies. He was runover by a 100 ton behemoth seige tank. Before he died, he gave his son the command. The venerable Burque tries hard every day to honor his father's memory, and a little peice of him comes back each time he kills another of the clones.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 170
Height: 5'11
Age: 51

[I][B]Sign ups[/B][/I]
Okay Here be the sign up sheets! mine will be done after a few people have posted.

Name: (Duh)
Age: (Anything between 17-55)
Description: (pictures are cool, and typed is no prob.)
Bio: (Give us a paragraph at least about your background, and bit on how you were recruited.)
Faction: (Alexander, Revenants, Dire wolves)
Role: (Driver, recruiter, sniper, bomber, grunt, etc. what you do for the cause)
Weapons: ( if you've got a sword, you better be real good with it, and a good reason why.)
Other equipment: (anything you can think of, but remember, if your a resistance member, resources are limited to you so your not going to have some of the best out there.)

that should be about it. If anyone has a question pm me about it. And mods...if I've missed something, I know I can count on you to tell me aboot it. :D Thanks!
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[b]Name[/b]: Leo Hunter (Sniper 470)
[b]Age[/b]: 19 (and a half)
[b]Description[/b]: [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17686[/img] (Stands at 5'7'')
[b]Bio[/b]: Leo has been a street kid just about his whole life. He was bron into his family as the second and youngest child by his older brother Chad. Leo was always a very out going boy who had a high IQ, making him almost a genious. Chad, who was always very jealous of his parents' love for him kidnapped Leo when he was 5, tied him up, and packed him in the back of a truck hoping to never see him again.
During the incident, Leo had been knocked unconsious and all knowledge of his past was forgotten. He arrived in the city of New York where he grew up on the streets, learning street fighting and how to use weapons, though he never had a taste in guns. He had a few "friends" who formed up with him a small gang of about 5 or 6. He got the nick name Sniper 470 because of his amazing aim with a sling shot from a distance away, the 470 part was added on from his address number (which was really just made up).
Though Leo has a very high IQ and didn't lose any of his smartness (>.<) when lossing his memory he is a huge goof who takes just about next to nothing seriously, so, he rarely every uses his mind. At about age 18 Leo met up with Sheila. He never liked this Alexander guy and she offered him a "job". He soon joined with her group and was sent out on certain missions that required his skills. He has been with the force for about 1 year or so and has a right nice bounty on his head.
[b]Faction[/b]: Revenants
[b]Role[/b]: Sniper/fighter
Electromagnetic staff: It's basicly a 5 foot long metal pole that can be used like any normal staff or, with a click of a button, the ends of it can be charged up with an electromagnetic shock (favorite weapon).
M98 Sniper f/x: [img]http://www.xpaintball.biz/pimages/g/Gun-PT-M98SnprPl-Bk.jpg[/img] Leo doesn't really like guns because he thinks that is what caused all this to happen. He only uses this when he needs to.
Switch Blade: It's a switch blade...
[b]Other equipment[/b]: Leo has a small code translator that he can use for multiple things. [/size][/color]
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Name: Tao-Zhou
Age: 30
Description: 6'0, 184lbs. (all muscle), lean build. Has longs bangs that hang down in front of his smoky blue eyes. Wears baggy black pants, a baggy black shirt, and a duster,
Bio: Tao is half-Chinese and half-Japanese (father Chinese, hance the name, mother Japanese, hence the life-style). His father was killed in the war, and he was raised by his mother to take down Alexander. He has trained in almost every martial art available, but is a master of Ninjitsu, the Ninja arts. He is know a lethal assassin, working loosly for the Dire Wolves. Little is known of his past besides this.
Faction: Dire wolves
Role: Assassin
Weapons: He prefers his Ninja-to (Ninja Sword), but is also proficient with various other weapons, including guns, swords, bombs, and anything else he has. The most commonly used weapons he has are his Ninja-to, a Colt .45, and Shurikin
Other equipment: Has a dart gun with darts containing the almost always lethal toxin of the Stonefish. Also, he has a supply of caltrops (spiky things that are left on the ground to injure feet), blinding powder, antidotes, other poisons, and a grappling hook, though he rarely carries all of these things at the same time.

Sound good?
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[B]Name:[/B] Ingrid Ortega

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Description:[/B] [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=angelsanctuary&image=26[/url]

[B]Bio:[/B] Ingrid's parents were part of the Dire Wolves, and so she always grew up in the direct conflict. She was always aware of the danger and brutality - her parents didn't hide anything from their children. Ingrid had an older brother named Ingamar, but she doesn't know him all that well, because he's about 12 years older than she is. They keep in touch, but that's about all. Ingrid joined the ranks of the Dire Wolves when her mother died, taking her mother's place. Her father and others in the group who doted on the dark-haired beauty trained her in combat and technique, showing her the uses of quite a range of weapons. She's been in fighting with the Dire Wolves for about five years now, and is a well-known face. Her father died in the past year. Ironically, although both of her parents were embroiled in the resistance movement, they both died of natural causes, like old age and a heart attack.

Ingrid is calm and calculated, witty and sardonic. She's able to keep her cool in basically any situation, since she's so used to it. Languid and laid-back, it doesn't even seem like she's in a war, much less an active fighter in a resistance group. Her easy manner is admired by many, but she doesn't let it affect her. She knows what's at stake, and what carelessness can cost. Any scars, physical or mental, she hides, always keeping her wry smile.

[B]Faction:[/B] Dire Wolves

[B]Role:[/B] Sniper/ Bomber

[B]Weapons:[/B] For sniping, she doesn't really have a set weapon. She doesn't like carrying guns around, so she'll take whatever she finds at the moment.
[I]Molatov Cocktails[/I] - She loves throwing these little alcoholic explosives. They're her favorite to make, and she's always carrying around an extra bottle or two. Other than that, she has other assortments of bombs and explosives in her pockets or jacket with her at all times.
However, Ingrid doesn't necessarily need weapons. She's also quite good at hand-to-hand combat, and basically any other weapons. She's comfortable with them all, especially since she grew up around them and the Dire Wolves.

[B]Other equipment:[/B] She carries a black, permanent marker. Why? Because she likes to write 'DW' on any enemies that they defeat. Yeah, I know, kinda weird... She also carries small blades.
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Alright! A whole 3 people have signed on! ...Avtually that's a lot better than I thought I would get. All of you are in, everything looks pretty good! I'll start the Rpg after a few more people sign on. I'd like at least one person to serve in Alexanders forces.

Tell your friends about it!

EDIT: Just a Reminder LORCANITH (He's my little brother) be sure to write well, and long post's, mainly in the bio area and description if you can't get a pic. Thanks! :D
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Swordsaint okayed me on this

Name: [COLOR=Red][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Gunther Kane[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR]
Age: 26
Description: american, 5'10, 157, strong build, 6 inch. silver hair, green eyes. wears his officer uniform (black) or his dark green fatigues when not in his armor
Bio: Gunther has always been apart of pandoras army. he was taken away from his parents when he was still an infant, and was led to believe that his parents were brutaly slaughtered by burque johnson and his [I][COLOR=Red][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Direwolves[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR][/I]. since then he has been training day in and day out with the best martial artists and also studied under the finest tacticians in all of china. now he is taking up any missions that will bring him closer to his parents murderers. :flaming:
Faction: [COLOR=Red]Alexander[/COLOR]
Role: [COLOR=Red]LT [/COLOR] in [COLOR=Red]Alexanders army[/COLOR]
Weapons: m205s light machine gun, fb95 assault rifle, l-98a6 assault rifle, STI hunter 34.5
Other equipment: upgraded version of the jinro armor, 4 grenades, claymores
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Okay Lorc, Nice bio, but expand on it, like adding in a bit more detail to it, and your in. Jeeze...not many people signing up. I'll edit later and add my character...
Nice Job Geloog Pilot, I likes it. Your in to!

here's my character...

Name: Vincent Thomas
Age: 25
Description: Stands at 6'2. Has long wavy blue hair, and peircing silver eyes. A black mask hides the lower half of his face. His large Kevlar trenchcoat hides his twin pistols and assault rifle. And the tactical vest riddled with extra clips, and other odds and ends. His cargo pants hold several grenades, and his boots hide long daggers.

Bio: Born years after the war ended, Vincent's family had been member's of the Revenents resistance movement, nearly since the begininng when they merely spoke out against the war, instead of taking action. His entire life, he's known nothing other than the war, shaping him into the highly skilled warrior he is now. He feels a deep hatred for Alexander and his armies, particularily those that bear the sigil of his personal gaurds. He's taken several missions, becoming known for his ability to imrovise scrounging up equipment from the battle field. Never once as he failed his assignment. He's extremely reclusive, avoiding contact with everyone, even member's of the resistance.

Faction: Revenants
Role: Infiltrator
Weapons: Twin silenced ap 45.'s T-55 TechAssault Rifle. Twin Daggers. 3 Grenades
Other equipment: Trip wire, rocks, and a can of spraypaint.
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Name: Zeddrick Kieler

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Description: A man who stands at 6'1", he is a very imposing person. His deep brown eyes can penetrate into the soul. Brown spiky hair is usually wrapped with a head band, only causing it to stand up taller and straighter. Normally wearing the uniform of his army, he likes to wear his own pair of baggy black pants.

Faction: Alexander Pandora

Occupation: 1st Sergeant

Weapons: The Standard Issue HK MP5A4 assault rifle. Also carries a pair of Ingram Mac 10 SPs.

Other equipement: Standard Military issued Rations, a boey knife, grenades, and Night vision goggles.

Bio: He was a citizen of the former United States while Pandora was in power. He joined the Military to gain honor and respect. He also did it for the money. Pandora had used huge amounts of money to entice young men to join up. As Pandora began to manipulate the country?s armies and resources to his will. Some men dropped out of the service for his sheer tenacity. Zeddrick stayed, he liked the ideas of glory Pandora promised as well as his monthly pay. He is boviously a thawed soldier, as the expression goes, a soldier who was frozen until needed. The resistanc movements have become more active and thus he and thousands like him were waken. He is a loyal soldier on the verge of promotion for his loyalty and leadership. As of late, however, he has begun to doubt some of his leaders orders, not disobey but merely question them.
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OOC: Sorry it took me so long to get this up Swordsaint! Busy week...*evil education...*

Name: Johnathan Chase

Age: 23

Description: [url=http://www.aestheticism.com/visitors/gaming/ff7/reno-char.jpg][u]Johnathan Chase[/u][/url]
Basically exactly the same, except that he has dirty-blonde hair instead of red.

Bio: Johnathan Chase was born in a family allied with Alexander, and has remained allied with Alexander all of his life.
Johnathan's parents were guards to the Black Tower from when it first was built, and they had many connections to high ranking people around the building.
When John was born, Alexander went to check how healthy he was, in person. After being checked and given the okay, John was in for a life of bodyguard training and weapons instruction. This happened to all those who were destined to become Alexander's bodyguards, he needed people who were naturally fit enough to protect him.
Johnathan's childhood was all but lonely, as every future guard or soldier born to parents working for Alexander grew up in the same environment, with each other. John knows all of the guard/bodyguards in the Black Tower, and they all know him.
Making friends was the easy part, which was encouraged, but making enemies was totally out of the question. If you fought a fellow employee, you were taken into an "Interrogation Chamber", where Pandora's assistants would just shoot you.
John never made an enemy.

Faction: Alexander.

Role: Bodyguard.

Weapons: Two [url=http://bebopguide.50megs.com/img135.gif][u]TEC-9 9mm Assault Pistols[/u][/url], two [url=http://halo-productions.com/anita/images/MiniUzi.jpg][u]Mini-Uzis[/u][/url], a [url=http://halo-productions.com/anita/images/Sawed.jpg][u]sawed-off shotgun[/u][/url]

Other equipment: Non-prescription contact lenses (have three modes: normal vision, heat-sensing and night-vision), [url=http://www.clarity.it/coolstuff/daqtagh.jpg][u]Klingon "Daqtagh" Knife[/u][/url], Kevlar vest.

That's fine, right? If anything needs fixing, PM me. (HINT: click the underlined words for images!!)
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Name: Sayree Trea Daniels

Age: 19

Description: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=sentimentalgraffiti&image=2][u]She stands 5?4?[/url][/u]

[url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=sentimentalgraffiti&image=29][u]Call me Trea[/url][/u]


Bio: She found out about this a couple weeks back, and was like wow! She heard it from a friend, who heard it on the streets. She was always quiet and shy at school, got great grades, even in gym. She makes friends easily, but isn?t gullable. She often dreams, but can be serious when she chooses to be.

She doesn?t like to fight often, but does a kick *** job, especially with long range. She likes to fight with her hands and feet if at all, but will use long range things more often.

Faction: Revenants

Role: Hacker/spy/fighter

Weapons: Throwing knives(12) all concealed, [url=http://www.kimdutoit.com/dr/weblog.php?id=P59][u]Beretta 86 (.380ACP)[/url][/u], small dagger

Other equipment: Small lap top, special hand held Palm Pilot type thing with tracker, heat sensor, and a full list of passwords. No one but she knows how to get it to operate.

Dang, thats one of my longest ones...Like whatshisface said, click on the underlined thingys!
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Alright! Everything's looking good! I'll only be accepting 1, count it ONE, more sign up and that'll be for the dire wolves! I'll probably start the thread sometime today, and I'll pm everyone when I do. Hope you all's have fun!

[SIZE=4]Alright, the Rpg has started go and post! Enjoy![/SIZE]
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