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Writing dragonball nd Episode 1:a new saga


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dragonball nd takes place in between dragonball z and gt.

This will be the first of many episodes, please excuse any wrong spelling.
Episode 1:a new saga

This story takes place as goku is training uub.

Goku: (fighting with ubb) had enough ubb, (kicks ubb in the face)
Ubb: no I will not give up!!!! (starts punching goku repeditly)
Goku: hahaha, this tickles.(starts laughing) stop that!!!!!!!!
Ubb: no need to make fun of me goku, I am trying my best .(frowns)
Goku: sorry, haha(scratches head) I?m hungry.
Ubb: this is not the time to be thinking of food goku, we are training.
Goku: we can train anytime. WAIT!!!!!! Do you sense that.
Ubb: what goku, I sense nothing.
Goku: evil. Its horrific. (has very odd look on his face)
Ubb: goku are you ok. You need a break.
Goku: ohh no???..

What?s is this evil goku is sensing? And why cant ubb sense it? Find out next time on dragonball nd.
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