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Sign Up Academy of the Mystical (R- Language/Violence/Gore)


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The world of humans is not the only one. There are several. The one we are here to discuss is the world of magic. This world is full of wonder and terror. And the latter seems to be taking over.

The people who live in the magical world are about to have the biggest battle in any of their lifetimes. Their only known enemy is growing in numbers and are ready to strike. I, of course, am referring to Vampires.

The hate that vampiric society holds against magic folk is explained simply enough. It is pure jealousy. While, Mages all over the world harbor great power, a vampire holds none. Many have tried to thwart this fact of life. But, all have failed.

Along with the body, when a Mage is turned into a vampire, their magic dies and is transferred into another mage. So, once the mage is turned, they no longer have their magical ability. And, in their rage, they grow. One vampire makes three. Those three make three more. And the cycle continues.

Many magical folk have retreated into pocket dimensions. Not unlike the one that The Academy of the Mystical resides in. Most skilled magicians have one of these to train and hide away in. Most are no larger than a small house. But the Academy is, of course, a lot bigger than that.

Although the magicians have a great advantage over their demonic counterparts, they are no match when it comes to physical ability. It doesn't work to their advantage that Vampires hunt in groups either.

Seventeen years ago, in a similar situation of vampiric conflict, there was a great wizard. His name was Marco Waring. He was the only one known to have concoct a way to defeat the soulless beasts on a grand scale. But, before he was able to carry out his plan, his life was ended. Transferring his power into some other unknown child.

In this world of constant bloodshed, the World of Magic decides to fight back. They find the most skilled and powerful witches and wizards in their graduating year at The Academy of the Mystical and contract them to work with a few elders and devise a way to beat this foe. And in this group is the person who's power once lied inside within Marco Waring.

But, the Vampires have caught wind of this plan and are now on the brink of their final attack.

Only a few rules apply:

One power per person. (All powers must be magical, not physical. i.e.: fire conjurer, shapeshifter, telekinetic, etc.)

Each magical person has one magical object on their person which gives them an extra ability. (Usually defensive magic.)

Vampires look completely human except when they hunt. Their bodies become contorted into an almost werewolf-like form. They always walk on two legs and their ears are constantly erect. (stop laughing, dumbass) Skin under arms opens into flaps which assist in gliding.

Vampire abilities include: Immortality, enhanced senses, gliding, hightened speed, strength and agility. They also can move in almost complete stealth.

Vampire weaknesses are: Decapitation and being impaled through the heart. It doesn't matter if it is wood or not. It just has to hit the heart. Fire will not kill, but will incapacitate a vampire.

Some older and more powerful vampires have the ability to actually remove their hearts from their bodies and store them elsewhere. As long as their heart is in a safe place, they are immune to being impaled.

You can only be a Mage or a Vampire. No in-between.


[color=darkred] I will be playing the role of the one with Waring's power. Use my sign-up as a template for your own.

Name: Wilbur "Will" Helms

Age: 17

Species: Mage

Power: Light Manipulation

Description of Power: Forms light into any shape, brightness, color or heat intensity.

Talisman Power: A small blue crystal in his bracelet carries the ability to defend against psychic attacks or probes.(i said, stop laughing)

Personality: A sly and clever trickster. Uses his ability to pull outrageous pranks.

Bio: Will lived in a middle-class home in central Missouri, USA. School bored him. His teachers said he was "Too smart". Will didn't see why he still had to do his homework when even his teachers recognized his advanced intellect. So, he dragged his feet throughout his entire school career. One day, when he was twelve, he was being chased down the hall by a group of 10th graders who he had shot his mouth off at. When he was cornered, there was a blinding flash of light that disoriented the group. That is when he was contacted by the headmaster of a school he had never heard of.

Now, here is a sign-up for a Vampire:


Age: How old you look:

Personality: (all vamps are evil.)


What I need are seven graduates of the Academy and two teachers that'll lead the group. Those teachers will be Huxley and Preminger. I also need seven Vampires. There must be a leader of the Vampires and six generals.There is no need for weapons. Vamps have their bodies and mages have their own powers.

I want to clarify the set-up of the Academy. It is sorta the same as any other high school.There is history, math, grammer etc., along with classes that teach students to refine and utilize their abilities. There are classes on spell writing and on magic charms and talismans. Here is a list of the teachers:

Grammer: Prof. Huxley (the cool teacher)
Math: Prof. Wilde (the distant teacher)
History: Prof. Fitzgerald (the timid teacher)
Power Refinement: Headmaster Mencken (the wise and powerful teacher)
Spell Writing: Profs. Huxley and Preminger (the stern teacher)
Talismans: Prof. Bertrand (the asshole teacher)

If you're interested, sign-up. If not...you have better things to do than sit here reading this.[/color][/b][/size]
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[size=1]Wow, for a newbie, you sure know what you're doing. This looks like it'll work out well...

Name: Thompson (preferably known as 'Tom' or 'Tommy') Sanfax

Age: 16

Species: Mage

Power: Shapeshifting

Description of Power: Can transform into basically anything (anything that isn't godlike or super powerful)

Talisman Power: Eyebrow stud (black stud) which generates a strong forcefield around Tommy, only works when he's in trouble.

Personality: Tommy is pretty smart, but he doesn't focus on that. He prefers to joke around or relax. His quips and replies (to people's criticism or suggestions) are normally more sarcastic than most others, but sometimes he just lets it go. The young magician uses his power to get out of sticky situations, or just to impress people. Sometimes he'll even change into another person (while they aren't there) and cause a fight between two people. It gives him a laugh for when he's having lunch or when he's bored.

Bio: Thompson was born into a rich family, who had made their money from the stockmarket. They lived in Victoria, Canada.
He was tutored from the age of 4, and by the age of 6 he was playing the violin at a3rd grade level. When he was 11, Tom was graded on academic, physical and musical ability. Aside from his obvious musical talent, Tommy had no other outstanding academic smarts (meaning he was about halfway between the middle to advanced learning classes). He was good a sports, but was bored with the usual stuff (ie: basketball, soccer, baseball, etc).
When he was 12, Tom's family lost their main fortune. Having relied on the stockmarket for so long, and the money they had made off it, the Sanfax's could barely cope. Tom's parents had to learn how to clean, cook and find a real job. Tommy's life seemed to be going downhill.
It was about when Tommy was 13 that a strange man ran into him when he was on the way home from school. The stranger asked if Tommy wanted a piercing, and Tommy replied 'I do, but I need permission from my parents first, don't I?'
The strange man told him that he was starting a business and was looking for potential clients. He said he'd wait for Tommy at the same spot the next day, waiting for an answer.
Tommy raced home and asked his parents if he could get the piercing, and they, naturally, said no. They then told him he was never to see or talk to anyone that had anything to do with piercings and other 'rebellious' things.
Not a chance.
Tommy walked up to the man the next day and said, 'My parents said yep. Can we do this quickly though? I have to be home soon.'
The man took Tommy to the piercing/tattoo joint that he'd set up. It looked pretty clean and professional, white walls and floors, all of the specialist equipment was there, and there was even an assistant incase anything went wrong.
Tommy chose the eyebrow stud and the whole thing was over in a matter of minutes.
Strange things began to happen from that day on. Like whenever Tommy was bullied or hurt, a strange field came up around him. The field stopped everything from hurting him.
Later that year (on the day of his 13th birthday), Thompson Sanfax recieved a letter from a strange school. It was a scholarship.
He was excited that he would be going to a private school, and immediately packed his things to leave. He hopped on a bus and followed the instructions (left in the envelope) to get to the Academy.
There they explained about the Talisman he had and tought him how to awaken the Shapeshifter inside him.

Sorry I got a little carried away. Hope no one got bored...[/size]
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