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Okay,I'll try a new rpg.This Shaman King is set 500 years after Yoh's (also if I make a mistake please be kind,I know very little of the late part of Shaman King.)

499 years after Yoh Asuakura won the Shaman King Tournement, diaster struck the earth.Yoh was unable to save the earth from crisis.The people's of the earth fell into a deep state of fear.Since then Yoh or Anna have never been seen. The economic state of the nations fell dramatically.Wars torn the world.Soon,the world fell in darkness.Unable to pull itself the world gave in.technology moved backwards and it seen the world would die.But now that a new tournement will begin soon,There may be hope left for humans............

1.No God modding please
3.Must be having fun ;)

Name: Be creative.
Age : Must be older than 14
Description: Once again be creative.
Bio; Not to many sob stories okay thank you.
Fighting style; Like Over Soul or Intergration


Main Weapons:
Side Weapons:
Techniques: List a few(3) basic one and you can make up more later(like a real shaman)

Here's mine:

Name: Shiro Uzuki

Age : 18

Description: Spike silver hair with emerald eyes.He wears black jeans with a blue loose shirt with dragon designs on it.The designs are gold and silver.

Personallity: Very bright and cool with friends but when it comes to battles he is cold and relentless,showing no mercy or kindness no matter what.

Bio; Shiro was not origanlly going to fight but his brother Tornoth.But a year before now,Tornonoth fell grvely ill, Meaning Shiro had to take his place.Shiro had no ghost but soon found one in a ninja burial site.He has been worked off his lazy butt and was assingned to marriage to a very strict Wife.Ouch....

Fighting style; Mostly Over Soul, but some Intergration


Name: Kuzuma "The Exacutioner" Cylona

Bio: A very ruthless killer who claimed his nickname by never letting any one who seen or were involved in his assainations lived.One the police hunted him down and in a group attack killed him.His legacy lived for ever and even after a few thousand years he is still feared.He has had time to think about his life and may have changed.

Personallity: When it comes to battles he is cold and relentless,showing no mercy or kindness no matter what,fitting shiro like a glove. Outside of battle now he is kind and a little friendly to some people close to Shiro, and very friendlly to Shiro for helping him.


Main Weapons: There main wepons are a long wakasashi with a golden dragon carved on it and a giant throwing star,

Side Weapons: Throwing Stars, Kunai and a small dagger.

Basuta Giri(Buster Slash) A simple dashing slash with the Wakisashi.

Kaze no Yaiba(Wind Blade) A Jutsu which allows them to freely control super sonic sound waves and air pressure.

Soufuushasen no Tachi(Widmill Triple Blades) A skill which anables Shiro and Kuzuma to spinn their giant throwing star so fast it makes it look like three when thrown,to confuse the enemy.

Have fun.
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Sounds good, I'm surprised no-one else has signed up yet. Maybe add a little more detail to the story other than the basics?

My Shaman
Name: James hyubusa
Age : 19
Description: Stands at an average 6'1, his constant training has left his lean body well muscled. His short cut blue hair is usually gelled, And dark sunglasses hide his Frost blue eyes. He usually goes shirtless, except the light, Dark blue vest he wears. A Wolf tooth necklace hangs low from his neck, above his heart. Loose fiting Cargo pants hide steel greeves. Fingerless gloves, decorated with all manner of designs cover his palms, and his worn black nikes bear a shamanic symbol on the backs, so that any that know what to look for recognize him.

Personallity: Extremely cocky, even rude at times. He believes himself to be a ladies man, and he would be if he weren't into the whole 'ghost' thing and seemingly talking to himself. In General he's a friendly guy, always willing to stand up for his friends, or try to hook them up with a date.

Bio: Born in america, but grew up in Japan. He had a normal life, well as normal as could be in this post-apocolyptic era. He was playing with one of his friends when he saw his friends father summon a ghost from a small talisman. James Excitedly ran over to him screaming "COOL! DO IT AGAIN! CAN HE DO TRICKS?" He began training almost Immeadiatly, Although he didn't have his own ghost, he was sent through the endurance training, and exorcism.
Whenever he wasn't training he was in what was left of the school studying about the world, and what it was like before the disaster, and the wars, and on history, and some of the greater legends.

Fighting style: OverSoul

The spook
Name: Ysan quickblade

Bio: A last practitioner of the way of the ninja, he journeyed acrossed the world seeing the great wonders of the world. He eventually came to favor LongSwords over the Katana.
He Taught others how to defend themselves, and in some cases, even fought for them if their foe was to strong In return for next to nothing, or a date with a girl in the village He made several powerfull enemies this way, they eventually conspired to kill him. Ysan died in an ambush, where he was stabbed 32 times. He sent 15 of the 20 attackers to hell before he died.

Personallity: A cheerfull and carefree person. He also thinks of himself as a Ladies man, and would be if he weren't dead. He constantly gives James advice on how to handle women. He serves James loyaly, and as a friend as they share many of the same ideals.

Main Weapons: A masterfully made Longsword.
Side Weapons: Twin Daggers
Techniques: Bladed whirlwind-spins really fast while swinging the sword, shadowwalk-moves invisibly like a ninja

Help me with the Techniques as I have probably messed them up.
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Name: Kaminari
Age: 14
Description: (URL) [url]http://www.anime-ghost.de/images/news-31_august_2002.gif[/url]
Personality: She is loud, spunky, and sharp.
Bio: Her parents died when she turned 13, well, she killed them by accident, she didn?t mean to, but the fact that she hated them took over?
Fighting style: Integration

Name: Pinkchu
Bio: Well, she was 12, she died, (accident) and she doesn?t know how so she stays here trying to find out.
Personality: Loud, Spunky, and Sharp.
(IMAGE: [url]http://www.pikachu.idv.tw/Crystal/girl.gif[/url])

Main Weapons: Thunder Katana.
Side Weapons: Sharp Staff, (a short staff wish a blade on the end.) and anything that is lying around, like sticks and squeaky hammers.
Techniques: Thunder slash, lightning blade. (Very basic electric powers, both must be used through the thunder katana.)

I would have signed-up, But I was feeling lazy. o.0 Lazy.. It has a z in it! 0.o yes, it does! Don't mock me!
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Name: Shin
Age : Unknown
Description: *See attachment-and, yes, I know it's Shenlong from Bloody Roar*
Personallity: Shin is vicious and cruel, killing for fun. He is extremely egotistical, and loves to hear himself talk, and others scream. He is the epitome of Sadism, evil through-and-through.
Bio: Shin's past is unknown, but it is believed that he is a former gang member, a Yakuza gone evil, or something similar. He claims to have killed an entire city in one week, and gives no one reason to doubt him. The only information surrounding him is that which he has revealed.
Fighting style: Oversouls Blood Tiger into his Switchblade, giving him claws.

Name: Blood Tiger (Chi no Tora, Tigre de la Sangre, Tiger de Sang, Tiger des Bluts, Tigre di Anima, Tigre do Sangue, Tigar od Krv, Lokaj v livreji of Krev, Ddywalgi chan Chrau, Tiger of Cruor, etc.)
Bio: B-Ts are vicious animal spirits that appear as a blue-furred tiger striped with crimson. They are the souls of ruthless killers whose souls were so tainted that they took on the form of vicious beasts. They exist in many cultures.
Personallity: B-T is vicious and brutal, never stopping until the opponent is dead.

Main Weapons: Switchblade
Side Weapons: None
Techniques: Blood Tiger Claws, Blood Tiger Blade, and Blood Tiger Destroyer
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Time for the demon to enter......

Name: Zabuza Mishima
Age : 19
Description: (I'm very tired. I'm jsut posting so that my spot is saved. I'll go find a picture or create the description with words)
Personallity: Cold blooded. Period. Hardly have any other emotions. Very quite an mostly anti-social.
Bio: (Will do later.)
Fighting style: Whats oversoul????? I will choose Integration for now.

Name: Sun Kyosuke
Bio: Kyosuke unlike Zabuza had a happy childhood. He lived in the Three Kingdom era. His bloodline leads to the famous and glarious philosipher named Sun Tzu. From time to time, he trained under many legendary officers. From Zhuge Linag, to Lu Bu. When he met Ma Chao, he devoted his life to the name, "justice" and was a legendary killing machine. He wasn't known well since his legacy wasn't writened in paper. He was killed by Xiahou Dun and his soul was cursed by Guan Yu. He was forever incased in the tablet that says, "Kyosuke, may he forever live in eternal hell." Soon, the tablet was discovered by Zabuza's dad and given to Zabuza himself. Now the 2 was lifetime partner.
Personallity: He's Zabuza's perfect match. Kyosuke devotes himself to "justice" and often stops Zabuza in his bloody rampage. If Kyosuke and Zabuza ever have a same bad feeling about a person, they will truely become one and go on a blood thirsty attack

Main Weapons: Crescent blade (basically a halberd), and a standard long sword.
Side Weapons: Daggers,

Oni Giri: Kyosuke and Zabuza taps into the inner evil of themselves and unleash an incredible amount of energy. They focus their energies into the sword and slashes the opponent, if it misses it turns into a shockwave giri that Yoh uses and it homes into the opponent until it hits. Every passing seconds it gets weaker until it dissappears completely. HOwever, the inner evil continues to slash his opponent until they're bleeding everywhere.

2 more will come soon
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Name: Clesia Uzuma
Age : 16
Description: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17861&stc=1[/IMG]
Personallity: Soltary,cold-hearted,silent,and stirct
Bio: She was told that she was to marry a young man who had been friends with the family for a long time.She became angrey with her family and keep herself distate from the rest of the world.She stay quite when she felt that she should speak.Clesia doesn't like many people and the ones she does have a hard time telling if she does like them.
Fighting style:Intergration and little Over Soul

Name: Fantra Jumico
Bio: Fantra does not remamber her past.She follows Clesia around.She is the only one that Clesia expresses her true feelings with.
Personallity: Quite and mercyful

Main Weapons: Bow and twin swords
Side Weapons: Throwing stars and knives.
Ni-Blast--energy is concentrated to her arrows and is realesed in any form that she chooses(ex.fire,water,ice).
~more to come~
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[color=teal][B][I] Shaman
Name: Yukie Yurrou
Age : 17
Description: Yukie has waist length turqouise hair with shoulder length teal bangs and baby blue eyes. She usuall wears a turqouise belly shirt, a black vest with a turqouise dragon on the back, high cut black pants, and black combat boots.
Personallity: Yukie is too happy go lucky. She's always smileing and she always has a positive additude. She does know how to be seriouse though.
Bio: Yukie had a normal life until she found out she was related to the great Yoh somehow. She then decided to become a Shaman. She tries her hardest to become a mighty warirror. She wants to become a Shaman Queen. Even though she trained, she relized she couldn't do anything with out a ghost. Luckily, Yukie met up with a ghost that like her in the graveyard one day. Now they're partners and good friends.
Fighting style: Over Soul

Name: Jono Yummon
Bio: Jono was a master swordsman when he was alive. He was claimed to be the very best in the world. One day, while training, Jono was faced by a stranger. Jono knew he should have ran, but he tried to talk to the stranger. The stranger turned out to be someone who greatly hated Jono for his talents. Jono was murdered on that day and never talked about again. He meets up with Yukie, a Shaman in-training, a couple hundred years after his murder and it's friendship at first sight. There might even be some love even though Jono's only a ghost.
Personallity: Jono is the class clown type. He alway trys to creak a joke to cheer someone up. His jokes are usually lame, but they work. He's also hard working and may have a slight temper.

Main Weapons: Numchukes(sp?) and a sword
Side Weapons: Throwing Stars and Cast-Iron Knuckles
Elemental Strike: Any type of element can be foused into the blade of Jono's sword and relased in to small balls that travel in all directions.
Twin Strike: A false copy can be made of the person which can fake out opponets. When the opponet is confused. The person attacks from and side with two diffrent strikes. [/I][/B][/color]
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Sorry for not posting in awhile. I've had a very rough past month, but I'm going to start this now.

By the way,G/S/B Master over soul is when a Shaman fuses his or her gosht with a symbol of the ghost,like a sword of tiger claw.This grants the Shaman greater abilitays and more specilized fighting.
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