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Mad Mad House


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Is anyone else anticipating [url=http://www.scifi.com/madmadhouse/]this show[/url]? It looks phenomenal.

I really want to watch this show, it's about 5 "Alts", or people who lead "alternative lifestyles", who live in a house with guests, "normal" people, and kick them off one by one. The last one left is the winner

There are 5 alts:

Don the Vampire

ta' Shia the Voodoo Priestess

Fiona the Witch

Art the Modern Primitive

Avocado the Naturist

It really looks fascinating. On the site there are interviews and such with all of them. I'm really interested in the Wampire and the Naturist, but it all seems really interesting.

I'm no fan of reality TV, but this looks like real quality stuff.

Thursday , March 4th, 9/8c everybody! Who needs The Apprentice? :) :)
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I have naver heared of this show. What channel is it on and where does it air
It sonds vary interesting... I wish to know more.

I like your signiture it is vary strait forward. I am for gay mariges too. (I am not gay mind you.) Are you the genkei I know from the regular otaku not the boards.(Sorry if I spelled your name wrong.) If you are come over to my B.O.S.S. RPG.
See you later.
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