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    I don't come on OtakuBaorad much anymore. I have no friends here and I don't watch anime anymore, except for very occasionally. But hello to you, there. I'm a nice guy, I that'll suffice.
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  1. You've gotta be pissing me putting a compilation as a greatest album Midnight Marauders ius definiteely my favorite TCQ album, but there's no way that anybody could think that a complilation would ever be better than any of their albums except maybe beats, rhymes, and life. Anyway, TCQ are fly *** ****. Today mostly whiteboys listen to them, but they always get respect from everybody. Geniuses.
  2. Hmm... It's good stuff, but after a while the novelty wears off. Still, mindblowing songwriting from Butler. I saw them last November for 8 bucks, it was an amazing show.
  3. Countries make music? Where do you get an instrument that big? Seriosuly, folks. I don't really think any one country can claim to have the finest group of musicians under their title.In one country there's so much ot be considered, I just don't think that it can ever be said what is the "main" music coming out of one country, much less what is the best of it all.
  4. The Notorious B.I.G., aka Christopher Wallace, is among my favorite rap artists. His amazing wordplay and multisyllabic rhymes over the phattest beats and in his soothing but gangsta voice blow me away. "Ready To Die", to me, is undeniably the best rap album of all time (I'll save my arguments against "Illmatic" for another time). Thoughts? I don't want this necessarily to turn into a Tupac/Biggie battle, but of course mention of the talented west coast rapper is allowable. Please discuss.
  5. Sure, this man is talented. There's no way to deny that. His rhymes reek of skill and experience, and bring out heavy emotions. BUt to be honest, I got to go with Biggie.
  6. I live in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, but besides Swarthmore College, there's not too much interesting here. However, I do live relatively close to Philadelphia, and I go in 1-3 times a week. I have a few favorite places... First, my favorite concert venue is the basement of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia on 21st and Chestnut (I think it's 21st...). Plenty of cool shows come here, you can see a listing at [url=http://www.r5productions.com] R5 Productions [/url], under "Shows". I Saw the Mountain Goats there Wednesday night, as well as countless other shows there. [img]http:
  7. [QUOTE=QuincyArcher]Hmm interesting enough topic, i guess i'll put in my Two-Cents (though im going to limit myself to 3 in each catagory): [U][B]Underrated:[/B][/U] 1. Metric - A Pop/Rock band out of canada that i heard about a couple summers ago. A very good band with a unique style of integrating synthesizers with an almost punk rock style of music that works really well. And the Vocalist (Emily Haines) has a very silky smooth voice. I've heard they've been on MTV2 a couple times, but i guess not enough people paid attention to them for their sound to catch on in the states. I've
  8. Genkai

    "Candy Shop"

    [QUOTE=x kakashi x]geez, here we go... [B]1-[/B]It was the number one song in America, just proving the amazing amount of stupid people that populate our country. Just because its at the top of a chart showing album sales, doesn't mean its good. Personally, if I had the money I'd buy it just so I could light it "On Fire" and watch it burn to the ground. I'd rather listen to the crackling sound then half the songs on this cd. [B]2-[/B]I've heard more complaints from girls about this song than compliments. Singing about girls as sexual toys is quite the insult, to most girls anyway
  9. Genkai

    "Candy Shop"

    What an amazing song. Seriously! I'm not joking. It was at one time a guilty pleasure, because, to be honest, I heavily dislike 50 Cent as a person and an artist, but I can't deny it anymore. 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" is a triumph of popular rap music. Now, I don't need rap haters in here, or people saying "OMG I LOVE RAP BUT MAINSTREAM RAP IS CRAP OMG LOL", because if you feel that way, chances are you don't truly understand or fully enjoy rap music. Having said that, I will give my reasoning for loving "Candy Shop" The beat! The song is very well produced, and the beat is so G
  10. U2 is one of the most overrated bands EVAR.
  11. I know that this is mean and unrelated, but I am weird about grammar and mechanics and just [i]must[/i] correct your title: it should be "Children [i]Who[/i] Are Smarter Than Their Parents". Anyway, I've encountered this in my life many times. Though my parents are both very intelligent, I have met many children who are, or will definitely be one day soon, more intelligent than their parents, and really, all I can say is good for them.
  12. Genkai


    His new album is rinkdonkulously hot. [i]Midnight Vultures[/i] makes it.
  13. Bob D. is amazing. He is among the top 3 musical geniuses of the past 50 years. Also, Dylanophiles are the coolest people around by rule of life.
  14. Genkai

    Gothic Music

    I'm stunned. From what I've read, many people are confused about what goth rock is. I unerstand that Metal is listened to by many goths, but Goth Rock is something completely different. I don't listen to it, nor do I really like it. But as a music fan, I'm shocked that people who [I]are[/I] into "goth rock" don't even know what it is! There are a few bands you cannot say goth rock and not think of, and any music lover will tell you this, and they are Sisters Of Mercy (which I read people saying), Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie Sioux and The Banshees (I read a few posts that mentioned them) an
  15. Homoerotic powerballad of the century: Andy You're A Star
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