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    I don't come on OtakuBaorad much anymore. I have no friends here and I don't watch anime anymore, except for very occasionally. But hello to you, there. I'm a nice guy, I that'll suffice.
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  1. Genkai

    A Tribe Called Quest

    You've gotta be pissing me putting a compilation as a greatest album Midnight Marauders ius definiteely my favorite TCQ album, but there's no way that anybody could think that a complilation would ever be better than any of their albums except maybe beats, rhymes, and life. Anyway, TCQ are fly *** ****. Today mostly whiteboys listen to them, but they always get respect from everybody. Geniuses.
  2. Genkai

    The Arcade Fire

    Hmm... It's good stuff, but after a while the novelty wears off. Still, mindblowing songwriting from Butler. I saw them last November for 8 bucks, it was an amazing show.
  3. Genkai

    Which country makes the best music?

    Countries make music? Where do you get an instrument that big? Seriosuly, folks. I don't really think any one country can claim to have the finest group of musicians under their title.In one country there's so much ot be considered, I just don't think that it can ever be said what is the "main" music coming out of one country, much less what is the best of it all.
  4. Genkai

    The Notorious B.I.G.

    The Notorious B.I.G., aka Christopher Wallace, is among my favorite rap artists. His amazing wordplay and multisyllabic rhymes over the phattest beats and in his soothing but gangsta voice blow me away. "Ready To Die", to me, is undeniably the best rap album of all time (I'll save my arguments against "Illmatic" for another time). Thoughts? I don't want this necessarily to turn into a Tupac/Biggie battle, but of course mention of the talented west coast rapper is allowable. Please discuss.
  5. Genkai

    Tupac Amaru Shakur

    Sure, this man is talented. There's no way to deny that. His rhymes reek of skill and experience, and bring out heavy emotions. BUt to be honest, I got to go with Biggie.
  6. Genkai

    Best place in town!

    I live in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, but besides Swarthmore College, there's not too much interesting here. However, I do live relatively close to Philadelphia, and I go in 1-3 times a week. I have a few favorite places... First, my favorite concert venue is the basement of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia on 21st and Chestnut (I think it's 21st...). Plenty of cool shows come here, you can see a listing at [url=http://www.r5productions.com] R5 Productions [/url], under "Shows". I Saw the Mountain Goats there Wednesday night, as well as countless other shows there. [img]http://www.firstuu-philly.org/Images/Picture-%20Building%20Pic%20for%20Home%20Page%2012-2001.jpg[/img] I'm sure most of you all know about South Street ("South Street, South Street, that's where all the hippies meet"). However, in recent days it's become ery commercial, and filled with lame folk decked out in full Hot Topic regalia. Still, it's a fun spot and has some great record stores, and on the sidestreets its still got some cool independent shops. My favorite spots on South Street are The Bean Cafe, Ishkabibble's, Spaceboy Music, and Repo Records. [img]http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~snoopy/Philly_SouthStreet1.jpg[/img] ^ A shot of South Street around 6th and 7th[/img] [img]http://color.pepper.jp/philly/8/image/cafe_bean.jpg[/img] ^The Bean Cafe [img]http://www.hollyeats.com/images/Philadelphia/Ishkabibbles-Bldg.jpg[/img] ^Ishkabibble's [img]http://a1644.g.akamaitech.net/7/1644/33/a362e90292c8e0/images.citysearch.com/profile/07/b6/8990877p1.jpg[/img] ^The Window of Spaceboy [img]http://www.reporecords.com/images/philly1_small.jpg[/img] ^Repo Records The Chinatown of Philly is nice too. It's your standard city Chinatown, but is beautiful and fun nonetheless. [img]http://photos2.flickr.com/3102510_94ef9c1026_m.jpg[/img] ^The gate into Philly's Chinatown There are a few other places in Philly that I love, like Old City/Art District, Ritz theatres, Moore College of Art And Design, and The Parkway, but I am too lazy to find pictures of them. Still, know that they're cool.
  7. Genkai

    5 Most under rated and over rated bands or artists

    [QUOTE=QuincyArcher]Hmm interesting enough topic, i guess i'll put in my Two-Cents (though im going to limit myself to 3 in each catagory): [U][B]Underrated:[/B][/U] 1. Metric - A Pop/Rock band out of canada that i heard about a couple summers ago. A very good band with a unique style of integrating synthesizers with an almost punk rock style of music that works really well. And the Vocalist (Emily Haines) has a very silky smooth voice. I've heard they've been on MTV2 a couple times, but i guess not enough people paid attention to them for their sound to catch on in the states. I've also seen them live once, they put on a great show and they're really good at improvising mid-song :eek: 2. Stereolab - This band has been around since the late 80s early 90s yet i still feel like im the only person who's ever heard of them. They're actually pretty popular in Europe & Japan, but I guess their sound never really caught on in America. 3. Elliot Smith - From my hometown of Portland, OR. this guy could play the best acoustic guitar that i have ever heard in my life, his songs were all really deep and filled with emotion (Needle In the Hay is still one of my favorites). though unfortunately before he found any major mainstream success, he took his own life on Oct 21, 2003. I hope you rest in peace Elliot Smith. :( [/QUOTE] Nice choices, I commend you. However, being the music/Elliott Smith snob that I am, I must correct you and say that it's "Elliott", not "Elliot". It's hard to do underrated, maybe another time. But overrated: U2 Taking Back Sunday Nirvana Me = Lazy Explanations = Apparent without my own words.
  8. Genkai

    "Candy Shop"

    [QUOTE=x kakashi x]geez, here we go... [B]1-[/B]It was the number one song in America, just proving the amazing amount of stupid people that populate our country. Just because its at the top of a chart showing album sales, doesn't mean its good. Personally, if I had the money I'd buy it just so I could light it "On Fire" and watch it burn to the ground. I'd rather listen to the crackling sound then half the songs on this cd. [B]2-[/B]I've heard more complaints from girls about this song than compliments. Singing about girls as sexual toys is quite the insult, to most girls anyway. Calling it "equal-standing" is just bringing girls to the lower level of 50 Cent's lyrics. Sure, maybe its "equal-standing" but its equally low. [B]3-[/B]Hes not talking about bit*hes and hoes? Who do you think these girls are hes talking about? What is your definition of "hoe" anyway? I don't think you need mine, you can just read the song lyrics right? [B]4-[/B]Not only are the lyrics unmeaningful and cheesy, they're repetative. [I]"Wanna show me how you work it baby, no problem Get on top then get to bouncing round like a low rider"[/I] And in the very next verse... [I]"Give it to me baby, nice and slow Climb on top, ride like you in the rodeo"[/I] According to 50, shes already on top isn't she? Oh well, point is hes saying the same thing over and over again in different words. Guess it was hard to write a whole song completely based on sex and the degradation of females as we formally knew them. [B]5-[/B]Comparing Blink 182 to 50 Cent is comparing apples and oranges. The only similarity between them is the numbers in their names. A lot of Blink 182's songs are jokes, meant to make you laugh and/or joke around about sex. 50 Cent actually talks seriously and acts badass while he talks about a girl licking his lollipop. How many girls do you know that would sexually pleasure you if you walked into a room and asked them to "ride you like you at a rodeo" (excuse 50's horrible grammar). Also, tons of Blink 182's actually have something behind them. Even if they seem to be stupid, we have no idea as to the actual meaning of the words. A majority of 50's songs are based around the same things. Hoes, money, his "tough life", parties, etc. If your looking for a beat, sure, listen to his music, if your looking for anything else actually relating to musical talent, then listen to something else. [B]6-[/B]I always have to say this over and over again. [B]Do not assume[/B]. "Please don't compare 50 Cent to a two year old until you listen to his CDs" How do you know we havn't listened to his CD's, heres a rude awakening my friend, I have. Don't just assume because we don't like it, that we havn't heard it. You have absolutely no idea what we've heard and can't just discount our opinions to make your own look better. [B]Conclusion-[/B]I believe you've been owned.[/QUOTE] In Response: 1. No one said that it's being at the top of the chart's means that it's good, it just means that the song appeals to many many many people's taste: this is success. I had the same positive reaction as millions of others. If people react to a song that fully and positively, it, though not defining it as good, gives it credit. That's all he was saying. 2. I actually doubt you've heard many complaints. The song is about sex. That's it, why complain? I know some people are offended by it, but that doesn't necessarily say much about the song's quality. 3. There is nothing about bitches and hoes! I made that point in the first post! The song is abbout a very sexual relationship with a woman, and it's not a one time thing! I point to the "sprung I gotcha" lyrics. 4. You can find a pair of repetitive lyrics in about any song. Not to mention, he's coming off the chorus into the second one, so he uses that line to reintroduce, much like the chorus of Greek tragedies. There was nothing degrading about that song, and there aren't many repetitive lyrics. Also, PLENTY OF SONGS HAVE BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT SEX! how can you say that there's not much to be said? 5. That's so incorrect! There are plenty of similarities between them. Both of them have lighthearted/often joking or at least not serious, they both love music, they both produce music about their lives... I don't see how anyone can say that... Plus, why can't you compare apples to aranges? They're both delicious, they both produce juice, they're both fruits, they both have rinds, they both have seeds that are centered... XD 6. Though this one doesn't apply to me, it's safe to say that you haven't given his albums a good listen, especially not Candy Shop since you fail to speak intelligently about this song much of the time, and re-use the same inane points (no offense, though.) Yup... Not saying anything about being owned, since it's just a response, and my own opinion... [QUOTE=x kakashi x]You didn't really conflict most of my points :animestun , you just kind of commented on them. Referring to America, theres been plenty of number ones that suck, point is, how they look on the chart has nothing to do with the actual music. Theres plenty of amazing musicians that aren't even recognized by these charts because of their lack of popularity. Just because theres a girl in the song, doesn't mean she speaks for all women everywhere, Lil' Kim disproves that greatly. Sure, some girls like to think of it like that, but the majority, don't. Point is, most people would rather think of sex as an act of love then a rodeo. I mean c'mon, its so cheesy man. I wasn't trying to school you on Blink 182, you brought them up remember, not me. But as I said before, the music is completely different and can't really be compared. I basically said that I don't like this kind of rap because of its lack of feeling. Theres plenty of rap that actually has something to it, I would even call it inspiring. Stuff like Nas, hes had a hard life, but it isn't mentioned in every song he sings. And I've heard a great majority of 50's songs and its all basically the same ideas with a different beat. [/quote] It's not about conflicting, it's about responding. This is a discussion, not a debate :rolleyes: As I said: Songs that are this widely recognized means that people are having a strong reaction to them. It doedn't necessarily mean it's a good song, but it means that people enjoy it. I hate most non-rap pop chart stuff, I don't know how anyone can stand bnads like your own Blink 182 or Ywellowcard or the **** that's popular today. Still, I give them credit for making music that people enjoy. Okay, the fact that you said "[i]Just because theres a girl in the song, doesn't mean she speaks for all women everywhere[/i]" pissed me off, because that's obviously not the point. If the woman is enjoying it and not being objectified, than it's okay, because the women who would oppose to being like Olivia are [i]not[/i], in fact, Olivia. The majority shouldn't matter in music, or else no music would be original. That's a fact. Not to mention, cheesiness is fun! 50 Cent's music is definitely not always to be taken seriously. It's fun music, most of it, and it's almost always mean tot be danced to. Still, his lyrical wordplay is outstanding at times, even if the subject matter isn't to everyone's taste. [quote name='x kakashi x']And your correct, the song is definitely geared towards sex. Of course, thats just the reason I don't like it. The song is just so basic. No matter how complicated the rhymes are, as cheesy they may be, its still a simple POV about a simple subject. The song just has no depth. Like I said before, if you want something to dance to, then this is what you want. But if your looking for something other then that, you just won't find it here.[/quote] Depth doesn't always matter in hip-hop. Skilled MCs like 50 Cent will make a song to dance to like this, and, though the content won't be anything special, it's more about the multisyllabic rhyming and his skill with the language. And yes, I wan't something to dance to. But, even looking for something other than that, I enjoy it.
  9. Genkai

    "Candy Shop"

    What an amazing song. Seriously! I'm not joking. It was at one time a guilty pleasure, because, to be honest, I heavily dislike 50 Cent as a person and an artist, but I can't deny it anymore. 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" is a triumph of popular rap music. Now, I don't need rap haters in here, or people saying "OMG I LOVE RAP BUT MAINSTREAM RAP IS CRAP OMG LOL", because if you feel that way, chances are you don't truly understand or fully enjoy rap music. Having said that, I will give my reasoning for loving "Candy Shop" The beat! The song is very well produced, and the beat is so GODDAMN CATCHY! Honestly, it's amazing, and most of 50 Cent's beats are this good, I admit. The Chorus! I know that the theme of oging ot the "candy shop" and licking the "lollipop" have been around since blues songs of the 20's and 30's, but it neve rloses its style. The lyrics! I had never realized what a talented lyricist 50 Cent is (it's hard to tell in his other singles), but he is! His wordplay and multisyllabic rhyming are top notch. Check out these bars: "We'll have it your way, how do you [b]want it[/b]? You gon' back that thang up or should I push up [b]on it[/b]" "I'll break it down for you, now, baby it's [b]simple[/b], if you be a nympho, I'll be a [b]nympho[/b], in the hotel or in the back of the [b]rental[/b], on the beach or in the park, it's whatever you [b]into[/b]" "I got the magic stick I'm the [b]love docta[/b], All yo friends be teasin you about how [b]sprung I gotcha[/b]." "I touch the [b]right spot[/b], at the right [b]time[/b], lights on or [b]lights off[/b], she like it from be[b]hind[/b]." His verbal tactics, flow, and wordplay are astounding, but even more awesome is the fact that he wrote a song about sex using only one curse word and instead metaphors and word trickery to get around obscenities, and also managed to right a popular, mainstrema rap song in a way that nobody can yell at him for demeaning or objectifying women, because he doesnt! The point of the song is that they enjoy having sex together! Anyway, I don't know about you, but I am blown away by the quality of a hip hop song that has made it so far, and by such a mainstream rap artist whose quality has been under par previously. Please ignore typos! --Jonathan
  10. Genkai

    Top 100 albums

    U2 is one of the most overrated bands EVAR.
  11. I know that this is mean and unrelated, but I am weird about grammar and mechanics and just [i]must[/i] correct your title: it should be "Children [i]Who[/i] Are Smarter Than Their Parents". Anyway, I've encountered this in my life many times. Though my parents are both very intelligent, I have met many children who are, or will definitely be one day soon, more intelligent than their parents, and really, all I can say is good for them.
  12. Genkai


    His new album is rinkdonkulously hot. [i]Midnight Vultures[/i] makes it.
  13. Genkai

    Bob Dylan - The Greatest Man to Ever Live

    Bob D. is amazing. He is among the top 3 musical geniuses of the past 50 years. Also, Dylanophiles are the coolest people around by rule of life.
  14. Genkai

    Gothic Music

    I'm stunned. From what I've read, many people are confused about what goth rock is. I unerstand that Metal is listened to by many goths, but Goth Rock is something completely different. I don't listen to it, nor do I really like it. But as a music fan, I'm shocked that people who [I]are[/I] into "goth rock" don't even know what it is! There are a few bands you cannot say goth rock and not think of, and any music lover will tell you this, and they are Sisters Of Mercy (which I read people saying), Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie Sioux and The Banshees (I read a few posts that mentioned them) and Bauhaus (maybe one person mentioned them).
  15. Genkai

    The Killers

    Homoerotic powerballad of the century: Andy You're A Star