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  1. Meggido

    Anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

    I find it interesting that last month they announced a new Code Geass anime. It'll be Lelouch and Suzaku again but it's not certain whether it'll be a sequel or a alternate take on the series. My guess is it'll be an alternate take just because it's Sunrise.
  2. Meggido

    Gaming Lufia: The Legend Returns

    not just an update of the appearance they're also changing the combat system. It's apparently not an exact remake but rather a re-imagining (that's the word being thrown around) of Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals. I wasn't a fan of the gba version of Lufia instead preferring the two snes games.
  3. Meggido

    Anime .hack//Roots

    AS far as I know the series starts with .hack///SIGN. I don't think anything's been released that comes before that. Chronologically if I recall the order is: .hack//SIGN .hack Games (4 games from Infection - quarantine) .hack//Legend of the twilight Bracelet (anime/manga) .hack//ROOTS .hack//GU (3 games on PS2) There's a few light novel series and such but I'm not sure where they fall.
  4. Meggido

    Anime Fall 2009 Anime Season

    series I've been checking out so far this season: [B]11eyes[/B] - For some reason I'm thoroughly enjoying this after 2 eps. I keep looking at the way it's portrayed and such and going "this is how chaos;head should of been handled", yet I really can't put my finger on why that is. There is just something in that drags me in. [B]Darker than Black 2[/B] - From 2 eps it seems to start off slower than the original series. It doesn't seem to have the same charm as the original series and I'm also not a fan of the new look Hei. I'm hoping they explain what happened to him in the 2 year gap between series. [B]Kampfer[/B] - gender bender series are becoming a guilty pleasure of mine and this is just continuing to fuel that. I think it's quite funny especially the situations the main character is currently finding himself in. [B]Seitokai no Ichizon[/B] - I'm actually enjoying this. As a light hearted parody series it does it's job well imo. I love Lucky Star but I'm finding this to be a lot more enjoyable and a lot more comedic. [B]Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza[/B] - season 2 of a series I enjoyed first time round. Starts off less comedic than season 1, kinda on the same note as season 1 ended. :( [B]Kimi ni Todoke[/B] - For me this series just doesn't seem to translate well from the manga. While it is well made it just doesn't have the same impact on me as the manga. [B]Sasameki Koto[/B] - I wasn't sure what to expect from this but it is decent. It is very heavy on the drama just from episode 1 and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Other stuff I'm yet to check out that I'm interested in are [B]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun[/B] and [B]Fairy Tail[/B]. I'm also witing on the [B]Shakugan no Shana S[/B] OVA that starts getting released near the end of the month.
  5. Meggido

    Anime Anime Out of Context (image heavy)

    Lol Desbreko. I've been finding that bakemonogatari has heaps of those moments that can seem bizarre and odd when taken out of context. Hell there's quite a lot that seem that way when left in context XD
  6. Meggido

    Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    What this has me intrigued with is what people's reactions are going to be (specifically those who hadn't read the light novels) when they discover how mundane the ending to the arc really is. The thing about endless eight is it has the potential to build up to something big and then tear it all down in seconds. But yeah it took 8 eps and next week will either be a completely new arc or one of the old eps. From what I've heard the originally announced 14 new eps is now only going to be 12, eight of which have been completely wasted on Endless eight so if it's true only 3 new eps to go.
  7. Meggido

    Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    well we've been trolled up to 8 eps. I can't believe that they decided to take the eight part literally and give us 8 episodes of Endless eight. Anymore and I'll give up on the haruhi anime completely and stick with the light novels.
  8. Meggido

    Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    [quote name='Shinmaru']For serious. It's bad enough that essentially the same episode has been repeated ad nauseam, but it is also pushing back the point that the series will begin [b]The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya[/b], and that is just unacceptable.[/QUOTE] I didn't mention it before but the sites I read the information that I posted above from basically said that it is all but confirmed that the [B]Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya[/B] (or vanishment if you'd prefer that) will not feature in the new episodes that are currently airing. Edit: looking at the wikipedia entry for the episode order/synopsis there is in fact going to be a 7th episode of endless eight. "when will the torture end" *cry*
  9. Meggido

    Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Out of general interest, what are people's opinions of the Endless Eight arc which has so far gone on for way too long? Myself I thought it was clever at first and enjoyed the fact that the 4th of the eps reminded me of K-On however it's definitely gone on too long. I think KyoAni is just looking to destroy whatever reputation they've built up. It's also a little sad that Yamakan (the original haruhi director) is apologizing for the direction it's gone even though he's not a part of the project and hasn't been a part of KyoAni for some time. The most annoying thing is that ep 2 was the 15,498th cycle which is when they break the cycle in the novels.
  10. Meggido

    Gaming .hack//????

    I'll agree with Miss Anonymous. I actually think GU was more superior than the original games so if this is just as good then it will be a good way for it to end. I remember that at one stage there was news of their going to be a .hack mmo in Japan but I have no idea if it even got of the ground.
  11. Meggido

    Gaming .hack//????

    [quote name='Miss Anonymous']I would actually say the manga is based off the game. XD CC2 has done this before, with the G.U.+ manga and the G.U. games.[/QUOTE] How long before GU or for that matter .hack//roots was G.U. + serialized in magazines? Just asking out of interest simply because the manga for .hack//link has been serialized since back in 2007, though I can't seem to find information on how regularly. The fact that there will be 30 characters who can be invited to your party is awesome, though the fact that you can only have a party of 2 kinda sucks.
  12. Meggido

    Gaming .hack//????

    Sweet a .hack game based around the recent manga. I've only read a few chapters but I was enjoying the .hack//link manga. be interesting to see what the games like.
  13. Meggido

    Gaming What Are You Playing?

    What I'm currently playing is: [B]Tales of vesperia[/B] Currently up to the Heracles. Loving this game however my only fault is the fact that only 1 character can really heal. Karol has a healing spell and I think one or two of the other characters but they're pretty much useless compared to Estelle. [B]Ghostbusters[/B] I don't usually get games based on movies but this is like being on crack. Awesome oneliners. A completely new script that makes reference to the original films, and sliming all the ghosts you want XD
  14. Meggido

    Anime Summer 2009 Anime Season

    Since I'm still watching so much from the last season as well as the random eps of Haruhi season 2 when they air. I'm probably only going to pick up [B]Spice and Wolf [/B] season 2. however the synopsis of [B]Bakemonogatari[/B] has piqued my interest from the synopsis and [B] Canaan[/B] may be interesting though I haven't seen a synopsis.
  15. Meggido

    Gaming Star Ocean - The Last Hope

    Finally got this when the pal release happened, and been playing it for the last 3 days. I must say I'm loving every minute of it and thanks to the bonus board the game isn't the slow grind that Star Ocean 3 was. The one thing I'm finding annoying though is that every time I get a new character they're seriously under-leveled compared to the rest of the party though it's fairly easy for them to catch up. [spoiler]I'm currently level 32 on Edge with everyone else except Meracle between 30-32 and I just landed on Roak. When the mentioned the Nuah earlier on and now with landing on Roak I'm really glad that Square-enix has tied the game in well with the originals. Getting to see Roak in it's full luscious 3D environment has me stoked.[/spoiler] So far I haven't had much trouble at all with bosses or enemies (though being crit and watching half my bonus board shatter always leaves me crying with the amount of setup I do to get it how I want it) and I can't wait to see the harder difficulties.