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I created a quiz on Quizilla.com, and wish to create pictures for the results. However, I suck at drawing things on the computer and have no scanner, nor do I think anyone I know does. Anyway, I need pictures of people that represent these answers.

[COLOR=Red]Blazing Fire! You are head-strong, hot blooded, and have a short temper. You are fiercely determined and strong willed, never giving in to others demands unless they fit your own. You are probably physically strong, but not so strong academically.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Flowing Water! You are wild, with a mercurial nature. Your emotions change rapidly and strongly. Your anger is furious rage, your joy is the greatest light of happiness, and your sadness is a dark and forbidding abyss of sorrow. Like water, you are usually calm and kind, but rapidly change and can become a violent tempest if angered. Water people are fluid and brilliant thinkers, thinking out of the box simply because you fill it to overflow.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]Sturdy Earth! You are sturdy and stalwart, a strong guardian who is always there for your friends. You are calm and reliable, slow to act simply because you always think first. Maybe, once upon a time, you could have crumbled under the pressure others put upon you, but no longer. You take pressure in stride and shrug off stress.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Whirling Wind! Like water, you are fluid and flowing. However, you are lighter and more playful, fun and easygoing. Most of the time you are sweet and gentle, but when angered you are a vicious typhoon of fury that brings your righteous wrath down upon your foes. But that rarely happens. Usually you are the cute one.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Silver]Glowing Light! You are bright and cheerful, loving and sweet, the one who shines out happiness and optimism to all around you. Some (including me) find it sappy and irritating, but you don't care. You're too happy and in love with life to ever feel down.[/COLOR]

Soothing Shadow! No, this doesn't mean you are cold, heartless, evil, etc. In fact, quite the opposite. Darkness is calm and soothing, a constant that is always there if you need it. It wraps in its embrace like a mother, and is there if you need something to scream at, a shoulder to cry on, or something to confide in. This is the true spirit of shadow. You are always there, but people sometimes don't recognize it, and may think you aren't what you are. You are probably misunderstood, but despite how people treat you, you still love them. You can't not. That's just how you are.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Mighty Sun! You are powerful and brave, courageous and a leader. You are head-strong and think with your heart before your head. You are the leader always, though sometimes people disagree with you. You are fiercly protective of your friends and your rage is as hot as the surface of the sun itself.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Distant Moon! You are cold and distant, aloof and calm. You are like shadow in that you prefer to be in the background, like ice in that you like to be alone and are cold, and are like death and are dark and often depressing. However, this may be because you just never learned to be around people, or maybe you are just someone who needs alone time all the time.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Yellow]Brilliant Thunder! You are quick-thinking, though surprisingly slow acting. You are a genius, always knowing things before others. And, irritatingly to others, you often keep knowledge to yourself. You are quiet and calm, serious and wise. You have a mind of lighting, you just don't always share it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Cool Ice! You are cold and calm, always seeming to handle what's happening. You are wise, often beyond your years, and can handle great amounts of pressure on the outside. But inside, you're strength is cracking, and you can't stay so cold and alone forever.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=White]Mysterious Chaos! You are wild and untaimed, strange and sometimes a little insane. However, when you set your mind to something, you really set your mind to something.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Gothic Death! You are sad and alone, cold and dark, the epitome of sadness. You wish life would end, but do not end it because you love your family too much to do that. You are caught in a paradox. You hate life, and most people, but love others too much to cause them pain.[/COLOR]

Thank you, anonnymous, good-willed person who is going to reply!
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[COLOR="#004a6f"]I have a suggestion for pictures to use. You know the animé "Card Captor Sakura"? Well, many of the "cards" she captures represent these elements you want displayed. Infact, all of your quiz results can have a picture of a "card" exept for the gothic one. There is no card for the sun or moon, but Sakura's two guardians represent them. It's a start...[/COLOR]
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