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Lord Rannos

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To gain everyone's pity, this is my first RP. :faint:

The land of Varutyrm.....endless fields and prosperity reigns.....Then a shadow falls across the land, enveloping it in an eternal shade of Twilight. A great Citadel was erected in the center of the land, spewing forth monsters, demons, and other creatures of the night. Everything within miles of the Citadel died, as if a wave of plague came from their very stones. Plants withered and died, water became poisoned; even insects couldn?t survive. The very air that the villagers breathed was killing them. The demons of the Tower, as it came to be called, ransacked villages and enslaved men. The lord of Varutyrm, Taris, attempted to protect his villages; but his forces were always overwhelmed. Eventually, the Evil?s, as he was called, forces launched an attack on Taris? castle. Taris was hunted down and trapped in his own throne room. He was killed, eventually, but he left a memento behind. He had a son, bearing the mark of the Dragon upon his right forearm. This son was imbued with above the average human's, enough that he could lead Varutyrm against the Evil. And so he was sent to a far away kingdom to be raised in protection, that one day he may rise up against the Evil. This was not the only measure that Taris took; he also gave 5 other babies that were soon to be born power above humans, that they may follow the Fated One against the Evil. As a final measure, he arranged that these 6 Fated Ones should, at sometime in their lives, meet. Whether they were to unite or not, however, could not be influenced.
In Varutyrm, there arose a rebellion. They opposed the demons, saving villagers whenever possible, but remain underground.

Ok, so here's what I need:

Stats: You get 25 points for abilities, distributed how you like.
Strength: How strong you are
Speed: How fast you are
Martial Arts: Your hand to hand fighting skills.
Weapons: How good you are with weapons.
Health: How long it takes for you to be killed, starts at 3.
Magic: Your skill in magic. Will determine how strong of spells you can cast.
And anything else that you think is important.

For battle, anyone with the higher skill rating will win, provided that no imagination is used. Turning a Martial Arts battle to Weapons could save you. Magic requires both verbal components and specified hand movements. Your character will be able to remember all of their spells.

[B]Magic List:[/B]

[B]Level One: [/B]
Missle Finger: Fire mini magical missles from your fingers. 1 damage.
Spark: Discharges a spark that can light a fire, or cause minor irritation to a human.
Minor Heal: Heals one health level.
Summon Animal: Summons a small animal to perform a simple task.

[B]Level Two:[/B]
Flame: Fires a ball of flame from your palm, dealing 2 health damage.
Level Two Healing: Heals two damage.
Skill: Boosts a character's Martial Arts and Weapons scores by 2.
Light: Creates an orb of light that illuinates like a torch.

[B]Level Three:[/B]
Strengthen: Raises your strength by three.
Shock: Delivers a shock to a person when they are touched. 3 damage.
Level Three Healing: Heals three damage
Flash: Creates a blinding flash in front of one person's eyes.

[B]Level Four:[/B]
Fireball: Creates a raging ball of flame that explodes upon impact. 4 damage.
Lightning Bolt: Hits a target and anyone within 5 feet of the target with a 3 damage bolt of electricity.
Max Healing: Heals 5 damage.
Perfection: Raises all stats by 3, requires 5 minutes of intense and unbroken concentration.

Everyone is encouraged to create their own spells--especially for magic above level four. NO NEW HEALING SPELLS. You get 2 spells of your level, and 2 more spells under your spell level. If you hav any suggestions for how this should be run, please include them in your post or PM me. I will post my character after a couple people post.

By the way, we need the 5 Lesser Fated Ones, I'm the son of Taris, and if someone really wants to, then they can be The Evil. If you have another original idea for a character, PM me, and we'll see.
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