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Heavy Metal(the movie)


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Has any one seen Heavy Metal or Heavy Metal 2000?
I saw both and thought they were really well drawn. I liked the music of both the movies and thought they were really violent. I just wanted to know if anyone liked the movies as much as me.
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Yes, I've seen both movies. Heavy Metal the Movie was an awesome trip. The film not only translated some of the best Heavy Metal short stories nicely, but provided excellent voice acting (John Candy R.I.P) and made the standard Heavy Metal artwork shine on the big screen.

"Tarla" is my personal favorite of all the shorts, primarily because of its action-oriented, fantasy tale. I also loved "B-52" with its ironic "Tales from the Crypt" like twist, and "Captain Stern". I really didn't care for the whole story of the Loc Nar, until the ending. It was great to shows its evil, but the story should have displayed the little girls "power" moreso than it did.

Never ever watch Heavy Metal the movie 2000: F.A.K.K. While the artwork was superb by most standards, the story was bland and unoriginal,providing twists that made little or no sense considering they had little back-up, the character one-dimensional, and the overall movie was just a Tarla rip-off (notice the scene where Julie swims to the clothing and sword?), pulling out material when it needed it for no apparent reason. The only highlights, besides a bodacious female lead, voiced by Penthouse Pet Julie Strain, and the aforementioned animation, is hearing the voice of Michael Ironside (who plays Darkseid, my favorite villain, on the "Superman" and "Justice League" animated series).
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