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    Deposed ruler of WarWorld. I've come to take over this puny planet. HAHAHA
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  1. I loved Disney movies, especially animated. However, after the Lion (my favorite of the bunch) and not counting their Pixar collaborations, Disney hasn't done much of anything that has caught my interest (save for Mulan). I'd love to see Disney regain the fire it once had, when it was the innovator, not another follower (as it did when it jumped on the anime bandwagon to produce "Atlantis" and "Treasur Planet") Some may not like it, but dang it, I want my cute, singing animals back.lol.
  2. [quote name='Generic NPC #3']That's from 2003, although I won't argue that it's great. Kanye West definitely deserves a mention, though.[/quote] Oh, I thought it was '04. I lost a lot of interest in today's music, so I couldn't come up with a good album. Eminem's "Encore" is pretty cool though, but I fear Slim is repeating himself with that album (probably why Encore is such an appropriate title). D12's "D12 World" (Was that 04) wasn't bad, much better than that awful "Devil's Night". And can't forget Nelly's "Suit" and "Sweat" (I'd never thought I'd see Nelly team with Tim McGr
  3. My favorite albums of 2004 are Outkast's "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below"- Innovative, with fresh music that transcends genres and exposes the true talents of both members of the group. Undoubtably my favorite song on the album(s) is Andre 3000's "Hey Ya" with "Roses" coming in a close second. Also, I love the Andre 3000/Fonzworth Bentley interlude. Kanye West's "The College Dropout"-Proves that a great producer can also be a great artist. Of course, the obvious choice for top song is "Jesus Walks".
  4. I've only heard a few Japanese songs, few to none of them being outside of the anime theme song genre. The ones I really like are "The Real Folk Blues", the ending theme to Yu Yu Hakusho (the one that plays during the Sensui storyarc), the second ending theme to Inu-Yasha, and "Simple and Clean" by Hikari Utada
  5. I almost forgot to mention another great cover "Knockin on Heaven's Door"- Bob Dylan/Guns n Roses. I didn't even know this was a cover until I heard it on "Be Cool" yesterday. Also "Baby I love your ways"-remade several times, most recently by UB40, and UB40's cover of "I can't help falling in love with you" by Elvis Presley is a decent song. Can't Take My Eyes off you-Lauren Hill (that's for you Juuthena) Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics/Marilyn Manson (Manson's version is so deliciously creepy. I just want to make a horror movie and play that in the background all day) P Diddy u
  6. Good ones Word Up- Cameo/Korn (I never expected Korn to remake this Hip Hop classic) Time after time- Cindi Lauper/INOJ Love Song- The Cure/311 (I know a lot of people don't like 311's version, but I think its pretty cool) I can see clearly now-Johnny Nash. I don't know how many people have remade it, but it's a great song every time Boys of Summer-The Eagles/Bryan Adams/The Ataris (I like Bryan Adams the most) Smooth Criminal-Michael Jackson/Alien Ant Farm (though Jackson's is always better) Fly Like an Eagle-???/Seal American Woman-???/Lennie Kravitz
  7. Yeah, the Danger storyline looks pretty weird, and I'll admit that I'm probably the only X-Fan who wanted Colossus to stay dead, and now Marvel's ruined that for me. But his dialogue is spot-on (did you expect anything less from the creator of Buffy? =)
  8. For most of the late 90s there was a constant shuffle between directors, and story details for the film. The biggest rumor was that Nic Cage would be Superman, and the story would loosely revolve around 1993's "Death of Superman" storyline with Superman battling Doomsday (in this story, a creation of Brainiac) and being killed and ressurected. Others were that Superman would die and be replaced by his and Lois Lane's son. I would have liked to see Doomsday in the film as Superman's enemy. My idea would be that we do a "Batman Begins" tell Superman's origins, but more in-depth, with Lex
  9. Long time no see, everybody. Anyways, I'm a big Superman fan (I don't care how one-dimensional anybody may think he is), so I just had to make a thread. Well, after what, almost 2 decades, Superman 5 is finally on the way. The film will be much along the same lines as Batman Begins, i.e. the early adventures of the Man of Steel. Though I'd prefer a straight-up sequel, I'm glad that this project is finally off the ground. Other news is that it will be directed by Bryan Singer, who left X-Men 3 to do this project, which is a bad sign for the X movie franchise. Remember the last comic
  10. I would take the easy way out and say "ALL REALITY SHOWS", but then again I have an unexplained love for Fear Factor, Court Shows (Judge Mathis and the People's Court, especially), game shows, and a few talk shows, so I'll hold my tongue. I do, however, dislike The Bachelor and all of its ilk. I don't care if I can't find a girl, I'm not going on a TV series, where the beautiful women are almost always either golddiggers or filthy rich, just to find a date that might not even last one month. (thank God for Joe Millionaire, huh?)
  11. [quote name='M.Ali][font=trebuchet ms]There's also another Comic Book movie that's coming to theaters pretty soon.[b] Constantine[/b], an old DC classic. A friend of mine told me about it, I didn't believe him at first, until I saw the commercial, and I have to say, it looks like it's pretty good. Staring in the movie is everyone's favorite reality bending Matrix man,[b] Mr. Keanu Reeves[/b], and it's also being directed by music video director:[b] Francis Lawrence[/b']. It seems as if DC is giving Marvel a run for their money, and who knows, maybe CrossGen or Image will join in the fun...[/fo
  12. There is a movie based on the Watchmen already in the works with a potential 2006 release date. I think either Darren Aronofsky (Pi and Requiem for a Dream) is directing or he just stepped off to do other projects (I can't remember, must get my facts straight). David Hayter (X-Men) is writing. Read Dreamwatch and Starlog magazines if you don't believe me. I would personally like to see a Green Lantern film with Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner. An idea I've been kicking around in my head for another project would be a two or three part series with the rise and fall of Hal and Kyle eventuall
  13. Omar Harris

    Pulp Fiction

    Long film, but awesome nonetheless. It has QT's trademark back and forth timelines, and some awesome dialogue, that, like a Seinfield episode just has characters talk about what comes naturally, instead of forced philosophical nonsense like some movies tend to use. I love the scene where Vincent accidentally blows up Marvin's head,and the opening hit scene with Jules and Vincent is freakin' hilarious. By the way, off topic, Ichi the Killer, where can I find that movie (Ichi the Killer, legally. PM me if you know where I can find Japanese imports period.)
  14. Friends is overrated, which seems to be the general consensus here, because as previously stated, the show is just unfunny. All reality shows are just moronic and designed to show how far some people will stoop for money. Ridiculous! While I love Chappelle Show to death, I'm annoyed by how big it got so quickly, to the point where, during my brief time in teh military, I couldn't go anywhere without hearing someone say "Yeeeahhh!" "What?" "OK" or "I'm Rick James, *****", ruining some of the shows funniest moments. I might put this up as a later topic, but is Dave Chappelle really funny
  15. [QUOTE]I am many things, half of which you cannot begin to understand. But for now, I shall play the role of your executioner. I final gift, my wayward son. A fast death, easily preferable to a life on Earth. There your legacy will be one of fear and loathing. A pariah, desperately seeking the favor of a world that has long since scorned your name.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Had I known that one human's death would affect you so, I would have killed more. And kill more I shall. Take that with you to your grave, Superman.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]I am many things, Kal-El. Here, I am God![/QUOTE]
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