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  1. Bullet Theory

    Request 30 Seconds to Mars Banner and Avatar Request

    That's awesome! Thanks man, I really appreciate it! :animesmil
  2. Bullet Theory

    Sign Up Whore [M-LVS]

    [color=black][font=Franklin Gothic Medium][b]Name:[/b] Jake Ward [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 17 [b]Appearance: [/b][url="http://storytellersbookclub.com/spikefaye.jpg"]Jake[/url] [b]Personality:[/b] Jake is somewhat of a spitfire. Quick to conclusions, he is never much for deep thoughts. "If it takes more than three seconds to decide, you'd be dead..." that's his motto. Difficult to get to know, he is very slow to branch out and get to know someone. Even if he's known them his whole life, people generally do not know what Jake's motives are. [b]Moral Behavior:[/b] Jake doesn't really care. If you wanna have sex, fine by him. He's not a virgin, but only has had sex once in his life. [b]Bio: [/b]Jake's childhood wasn't that rough. His parents were rich; his father was the CEO of the largest communications company in the city, and his mother was a well-practiced lawyer. He always had what he wanted, which was never much despite his family's wealth. All he really wanted to use the money for was to build a house of his own far away in the mountains. He hated the city life...just too damn busy. [b]Why you're here:[/b] Jake has always frowned upon the...shall we say "provocative" (sp?) lifestyle of certain people. He finds it disgusting and wasteful. Having said that, he wishes to eradicate it from the face of the earth.[/font][/color]
  3. Can someone make me and banner and avatar set based on the band [b]30 Seconds to Mars?[/b] For the banner, I would like a picture of the band members with some sort of effect and possibly a dark red or dark blue color scheme. For the avatar, something that matches the above banner. Thanks again.
  4. Bullet Theory

    RPG Knockdown High (M-LVS)

    Jake approached the training room with a certain disposition that left other students a little set aback. This inparticular morning was special. He was to spar with his childhood "rival" you could say, Andrew Salands. He went to the hanging punching bag and did his own warm up drill, hooks, jabs, some swing kicks, nothing big. He glared into the bag and sent one last kick to the side of it, tearing a small hole in it as sand began to pour from it. Jake turned and approached the teacher, who was standing beside Andrew. Andrew let a slight smirk from his lips and looked toward the teacher and half-laughed, "You better get the medic ready." "I'll make you eat those words, Andrew. Now let's shut the hell up and fight," was all Jake responded with. The two competitors adorned themselves with their own gear; Andrew with blue, and Jake with white and red. The teacher cleared the fighting area and sent the two to opposite sides. "Match One - Jake Ward vs. Andrew Salands. You both know the rules so I won't say them. If I feel I need to intervene and stop the match, I will. 3 round maximum." After this, the teacher started the bout. Jake and Andrew circled eachother for a few seconds before Andrew charged at Jake, being met with a knee and a two-punch combo. Andrew smiled and danced back a few paces, nodding. "This should be fun..." Jake thought to himself.
  5. Bullet Theory

    RPG Knockdown High (M-LVS)

    [font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Jake awoke to a skipping CD on his alarm. He groaned as he rose, cracked his neck a few times, and turned off the alarm. Next, he shuffled from the bed into the bathroom, turning the shower on. [i]Ugh...another day in this hell hole... [/i]Jake thought, [i]but as long as I can get a good fight in, it should turn out well. [/i]After he finished his shower, he dried off and got a bit of breakfast. Good ole' Cocoa Crispies. He threw on a black tank top and some pin-stripe slacks and his black and white adidas and headed out the door. Checking his watch, he noticed he still had a good half hour until he needed to be in training. He headed to the spar room anyway. [b]OOC: Sorry it's so short. My mind is a little fried right now.[/b] [/font]
  6. Bullet Theory

    Sign Up Knockdown High (Rating M - VLS)

    Name: Jake Blaid (Pronounced Blade) Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: [url="http://www.gamecritics.com/feature/artgallery/tekkentag/art01.jpg"]Jake[/url] Dorm: West Dorm Bio: Jake first came to Knockdown after a real bad day. Jake is usually found at a gym or lifting his own weights or doing some other physical workout. One day, after a workout at a close-by gym, he found 2 guys hassling a young woman. He walked over to check out the situation further and one of the men pulled a knife on him. He lunged at Jake, but was met with a kick to the back of the head, following through and untintentionally stabbing his cohort. A nearby cop thought that Jake had stabbed him, and arrested him. After 6 months in jail, he was sent to Knockdown. Personality: Jake is a somewhat blunt guy. If he had something on his mind, he has no hesitation to revealing it. He is very kind to those he is close to, which is a relatively large amount of people. He will, however, make an effort to get to know someone, if he feels that an altercation would not occur.
  7. Mine comes from the song [i]Bullet Theory[/i] by [b]Funeral For a Friend. [/b]It's my favorite song from their [u]Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation[/u] album.
  8. Bullet Theory

    Writing 48 Hours Lost - [PG]

    [b]Hey guys. Here is a little attempt at a dark song that I wrote. CC welcome and wanted. Thanks! 48 Hours Lost[/b] So now I awake to this empty room Blood paints the walls Every memory of happiness now erased These broken windows are signals of a blind fury The body in the corner is proof So now look at me, look in my eyes And know that this is just the beginning This apocalypse shall occur now And the end of the world has arrived And It shall end by my hands These 48 hours lost These 48 enemies slain These 48 lives ended Now the rest must fall before me In order to set things right My dismal duty that has to be done My killing of the tainted It shall clense the path for those for whom it was meant My will be done in the ways of loss My blade drenched with the blood of the remainder This shall end the era of your tragedy
  9. Bullet Theory

    Sign Up Dead End Cup [M-LV] [Spar]

    [color=SlateGray][size=1] [b]Name:[/b] Kain LeMounte [b]Age:[/b] 19 [b] Gender:[/b] Man [b] Appearance:[/b] [url="http://tinypic.com/fdetjk.jpg"]Kain LeMounte[/url] [b] Fighting Style:[/b] Kain is a freestyle fighter. He is constantly moving, reading his opponent, searching for a weakness. He impliments mostly kicks to the torso or legs to slow the opponent down, then comes in with grapples and submissions. If the opportunity presents itself, he will let loose a few chi attacks. [b] Weapon:[/b] Internal Chi [b] Ace:[/b] Kain's Ace is an attack in which Kain charges up energy that he gathers from within himself and releases it in the form of a prisim from his chest. He calls it [i]The Final Moment.[/i] [b] Why Are You Here: [/b]To get his name out there. To become known as a fighter and a person. He has grown tired of the underground circuit and wishes to become on of the elite members of society and do it with his fists. He desires challenges, blood, and the thrill of the fight. [b] Personality:[/b] Kain is a quiet man, on and off the fighting ground. He speaks only to those who are close to him and refuses to go out of his way to impress others. He uses his fighting to do that for him. He trains alone, lives alone, and very well may die alone, but Kain sees absolutly no problem with that possibility. [b]Trust is an emotion wasted on the weak...[/b] [/size][/color]
  10. Bullet Theory

    Request Help with Text on a Banner

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a a banner I'm making myself. I need some text on it, but I don't have any fonts that I would deep appropriate for it. If anyone could maybe put the words "I don't believe..." in the top left corner, then "...in miracles." In the bottom right. If this could be animated, that would be AMAZING. Thanks again, BT
  11. Bullet Theory

    Underground Bands

    Hey guys. I was starting this thread to what all underground or lesser known bands you guys know of that you love. Some underground bands I listen to are... BEDlight for Blue EYES The Confession I AM GHOST (best one in my opinion) Panic! at the Disco Bullet for My Valentine A Change of Pace Stutterfly Through the Eyes of the Dead What about you guys?
  12. Bullet Theory

    What are you going to be for halloween?

    Since most people say I look like Aladdin, I'm going as him. It was either that or Jesus. So yeah. Last year I was...wait..what was I? Oh yeah! I was a zombie dude.
  13. Bullet Theory

    Sign Up An Oath [M-LV]

    [size=1][b]Name:[/b] Jake Ward [b]Age:[/b] 21 [b]Sex:[/b] Male [b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://gallery.thewotch.com/albums/userpics/10079/normal_Guitar%20Fighter.jpg[/img] [b]Bio:[/b] It was 1 year ago to the day. Jake had opened the door to his home right outside the city limits. What he discovered would make most normal men faint. The furniture was covered in blood, and a cryptic message was also written on the wall in the very same crimson liquid. "Those around you will suffer..." Jake clenched his fist and turned, his long, red coat twirling around as he did. He stormed out of his home in a dead sprint and lept onto his motorcycle and sped off. This was the second message he had recieved... One night, he rode back to his home and saw a letter attacked to his door by a knife. It contained information from a mysterious woman named Katherine and some sort of Oath. He lit a cigarette and decided to seek Katherine out and came to a small cafe in the city. He came to the door and took a small drag from his cigarette, then dropped it and stepped on it. Katherine was sitting alone in the corner, sipping on a cup of coffee. Even though Jake had never even seen nor heard of this woman he knew that it was her. He sat down across from her and began their discussion on the Oath. [b]Personality:[/b] Jake is normally a very blunt person. If he had a problem with someone, they knew but at the same time if he had a kind thing to say he would say it without hesitation. Very direct and to the point, he tends to come off as arrogant. [b]Weapons:[/b] Main: One custom made handgun. Subweapons: Throwing stars [b]Abilities:[/b] Heal, Double Jump [b]Final Questions:[/b] [b]1.[/b] This seems extraordinarily interesting. [b]2.[/b] No. It was fun to fill out. It challenged me. [/size]
  14. Bullet Theory


    Ah that show was amazing. I used to watch it with my sister every time it came on. It's a real shame it got canceled. I loved to see the kids' expressions when something happened. Priceless. I wish it could come out on DVD.
  15. Bullet Theory

    Request Abstract Set of Your Design

    Hey there. Since my coming back took a little longer than I expected I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to make me a new set. For this one, I would like an abstract design to it. Feel free to make it whatever you please, anime related or not. The only requests I have are that it be in a black/grey and deep blue color scheme and have my name on it. Thanks guys!