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  1. Happy Birthday! 5 stars for living!

  2. The Drizzle

    Request Naruto Banner and Avatar Please

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]woo! someone actually responded! alright i have a couple banners in the works for temari...but i just need a quote.. then i can give you the banner and avi and everyone can be happy, yay!.[/COLOR]
  3. The Drizzle

    What's in your CD Case?

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]yeah im with these last people, i have way to much crap to list right here. mostly i just get cds from my friends/family and put them on the comp. i wish i had and iPOD...then i would be cool...right? well right now ive been listening to: Avenged Sevenfold: Waking the Fallen Death Cab For Cutie: Translantacism?(i really dont know how to spell it) Alkaline Trio: Good Mourning A TON of the Clash(you can never have enough) Children of Bodom Queen-Pre-Ordained[/COLOR]
  4. The Drizzle


    [COLOR=DarkGreen]i dont mean to get off topic but i wouldnt classify coheed and cambira as emo. they write about sci-fi geeky stuff. their lyrics are one big story with planets and different races like the plot to a sci-fi movie. they dont exactly write about emotions and stuff, they just have that sound i guess. alright well you can go back to the argument at hand now.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Yeah so i was thinking to myself one fine day while listening to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd "hey this is an album that should be in everyones music collection, its a pure classic and is really great and awesome and rockin." that got me to thinking, "what are some other essential albums that absolutely NO-ONE should be without?" so i compilied a list of albums(dont worry, its not that many...yet) that, yes, absolutely no-one should be without. enjoy! Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon [IMG]http://images.ciao.com/iit/images/products/normal/029/product-38029.gif[/IMG] Ok, no-brainer. There is a reason why this is the greastest selling album of all time. This band was one of the most influencial bands ever, and this is them at their finest. Unlike in later albums, Roger Waters didnt take the role of control freak and let everyone contribute, and the results are stellar. David Gilmour pours some of his musical genious in here, with some of the most influencial riffs in rock(money, brain damage) There is an amazing vocal solo by Claire Torry in "Great Gig in the Sky". Its just amazing. Plain and simple. Radiohead-O.K. Computer [IMG]http://musica.hispavista.com/imagenes/1908b.jpg[/IMG] I LOVE this album. It was compared a lot to Pink Floyd when it came out, and rightfully so. i dont care what anyone says, i love Thom Yorkes voice. Every song brings up different emotions when i listen to it. A conceptual album about the way machines dehumanize people that's almost entirely un-electronic, it takes a few listens, but its really worth it. It isnt catchy or doesnt really have any singles(paraniod android, ya i know) but thats why its so great. It makes me love music. Guns N Roses-Appetite for Destruction [IMG]http://image.blog.livedoor.jp/rotterdam1122/bdb61715.jpg[/IMG] An album for the rockers everywhere. This was hailed by many as one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. Now im not the biggest GnR fan, nor the biggest hard rock fan, but this album just takes you and kicks your ***. Every track just knocks you out with legendary riffs and solos. And to top it off, it has one of my favourite tracks of hard rock(sweet child of mine). Im sorry i planned on having at least a couple more but im getting to tired to do this right now(sleepings a *****, aint it?)...so ill try and finish later in the meantime i want to hear what you people think of this and give an album or two that you think is a classic and that absolutely no-one should be without aaaand, this is an absolute MUST: you have to explain yourself . i would love you all if you did it. oh, and one more rule NO and i mean NO: linkin park, evanescence, simple plan, good charlotte etc. I dont want your favorite bands CD just so you can glorify it, I want a CD that has influenced and inspired, that some people consider more than just an album. I understand that some people like those artists, but they arent what im looking for(i like linkin park to, well maybe hybrid theory, but it would have to be a damn good expination)[/COLOR]
  6. The Drizzle

    what's your favorite type of music?

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkGreen]Im glad to see that, with a few exceptions, everyone doesnt like the super popular stuff like linkin park and evanescence like i thought everyone did. my music tastes are all over the place. Ive been called a metal head at times and people have said I listen to crap and people have said my music is wierd, Ive heard it all, or at least a lot of it. I pretty much like stuff dating back to the animals and beatles all the way to stuff today like the mars volta and Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails. Im also really big on lyrics, as you will see in my fave bands. Hokai, so here are my favourite five bands, the first three are my absolute favorites. -The Clash -Pink Floyd -Elliott Smith -Children of Bodom -Porcupine Tree Here are some bands from all genres to give u a little sample of what a listen to. Ill try and list some of the more popular bands too cuz im not think im cool by listing some super unknown bands for people. Reel Big Rish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Specials, The Beat Mnemic, Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, Unearth AC/DC(who doesnt like their music?)Led Zepp, Queen, Steve Miller Band, Yes Sex Pistols, Misfits, Green Day, Rancid, Alkaline Trio Beck, Soundgarden, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Scarling, Alice in Chains Jeff Buckley, Muse, Radiohead, Kaiser Cheifs, Secret Machines Thrice, Thrusday, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. RHCP, Rage, Interpol others that im forgetting right now...hey im tired, what do you expect?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  7. The Drizzle

    Avenged Sevenfold

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]yeah i dont like how its gotten...hmmm...more tame i guess. It still sounds heavy, but the singer doesnt scream. Thats ok though because the reason for that is that he broke a blood vessle or something because he didnt scream the right way. That was kinda funny in my eyes, well whatever. Is that what u meant by less authentic? ^ and besides any bands older stuff is always the better stuff. when they are new they do whatever they want. but when they get big the record company has to worry about making the band more appeasing to a larger demographic and thus they have to change their sound. plus the band has to worry about making as good as if not better music then their old stuff.[/COLOR]
  8. The Drizzle

    Avenged Sevenfold

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]apparently not... except me...my girlfriend just got me into them a little while ago, theyre her favorite band, and she knows i like metal so she thought id like that band. I only have "Waking the Fallen" but its pretty kick-***. I love that guitar solo at the end of Second Heartbeat. Hopefully ill get the other albums soon. Apparently the fan base is like a cult and im gonna be apart of it soon, hurrah![/COLOR]
  9. The Drizzle

    Anime Samurai Deeper Kyo

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Ive seen nearly the entire anime series and I have to say it wasnt that bad. In response to Daggers post I havent seen much of Kenshin(only the first four manga books) but it seems different from Kyo. Kyo seems to be more mystical while Kenshin is more realistic. But I dont really know, cuz I havent seen that much Kenshin and there seems to be stuff that happens that wouldnt happen in real life. Something that bugged me and made me go crazy someitmes was the way they saved frames. Sometiems people would be talking but the mouths wouldn't move, you would hear sounds of sword fighting but just see a still image of Kyo or someone else with a sword then about five guys in the falling position with the dashy blue lines in the background, you know stuff like that. They must have been on a low budget or just lazy or something.[/COLOR]
  10. The Drizzle

    Anime FLCL [Fooly Cooly]

    [COLOR=DarkGreen][QUOTE=yunasgrace]Also does ANYONE know what Fooly Cooly mean????? (also whats the deal with the eyebrows???)[/QUOTE] I always thought that it was a translation of the japanese title: Furi Curi (I dont know much beyond that though. Its probably one of those things where the writing has some meaning but it can be interpreted in many ways, you know, something like that). Well anyways, horray! A great anime indeed! When I first got it I thought that it would be dumb and funny cuz I heard that from people, but they had only seen a episode or two. I was also worried that it was 6 episodes long and how an anime could fit into 6 episodes. But my god, from the first episode I loved it!There is a lot more to the series than I thought there would be. I love the guitars being used as weapons. EYEBROWS!!![/COLOR]
  11. The Drizzle

    The New Family Guy

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]^(Syk3) I'm sure they werent, but I don't remember most of the commercials so Im not really sure what you are talking about. On to more important matters, the new episode: as the same as the other two people, it was pretty freakin sweet. There was one thing though that I hope doesnt happen in the future. They used like every character that only appeared in like two episodes i.e. the evil monkey, the old perverted dude, the deaf greased guy, and others. As of yet that was my only complaint and Im sure it wont happen frequently. Did anyone else see [B]American Dad[/B]? I only saw like half of it but from what I saw I liked it. It is a very political cartoon and is very crude. And oh so hilarious. I also heard a promo for it on the radio and I dont know if it was in the episode, but it was one of the funniest things ever.[/COLOR]
  12. The Drizzle

    Anime Naruto!

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]^ yes, the anime is currently my fav as well. I really like the music for it to, especaily the openings for the 2nd season(season? hmmm im not sure what they are called) and the opening before the current one. The music during the show is amazing to. I love shikamaru's thinking music!!! And for anyone whos reading the manga now...[spoiler]Yay I finally got to see Gai fight! I'm also kind of surprised that Itachi came out to fight Naruto..well I guess not I'll just be REALLY suprised if Sasuke doesn't show up to fight his brother. Either Itachi beats them or escapes or Sasuke interferes the fight and ends up fighting Itachi. There NEEDS to be some type of fight between Sasuke and Itachi in the second story, otherwise the whole thing with Sasuke getting power from Orochimaru would be pointless. Well anyways, Gais team is totally gonna kick (hmmm...I forgot his hame for now...but he has the fuzzy sword!) that guys ***! and on that note I leave.[/spoiler][/COLOR]
  13. The Drizzle

    Horror at it's finest

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Well I havent seen many horror films as of yet but I might look into them in the future. I have seen most of the one's this past halloween when me and my friend decided to scare oursleves. Sufice to say I wasn't scared but I still had a good time(maybe cuz I was talking and being annoying most of the movie, but I don't do that anymore, only during my first couple films). I wasn't really scared by [B]Saw[/B], as a lot of people seem to be... Well anyways, there needs to be a new horror film that is actually good. These new ones arent even funny like the B horror movies, they just suck. Like [B]White Noise [/B] or [B]Darkness [/B] or [B]Bogeyman[/B] or [B]The Grudge[/B]... the list goes on and on. I just stopped caring about them. I really hated the audiences for these movies too, they were just laughing the whole time and being loud and obnoxious.*sigh* I guess Ill have to turn to the classics, I just wish I could be scared in a movie theater where its really big and loud.[/COLOR]
  14. The Drizzle

    Music DVDs

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Hello people of OB, I have money to waste and I noticed that I'm lacking in music DVDs, so I figured why not get more and be..uh...not...lacking in them. I know some good concert DVDs and such, but not many. I didnt know which ones to pick so I figured that the people at OB could help. I already have: Clash: West Way to the World AC/DC: Live At Donningtons My music tastes are: mostly everything rock, from the old to the new. I DON'T like emo and the 80s hair/glam metal (poison, twisted sister etc.) and I probably will get All That Could Have Been(Nine Inch Nails) and one by Queen, though I can't remember what it was called. Well anyways, thanks in advance, and I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball![/COLOR]
  15. The Drizzle

    Need help to find this song

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]ITS THE POSTAL SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!! the song is called such great hieghts off of the CD Give Up.[/COLOR]