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  1. [size=1][color=maroon]"Are you going to put that book down so we can finish up training?" Kiki asked Hana. Hana replied with a "Mmnh." Kiki sighed and shook her head. She then pulled the book out of Hana's reach and said, "Now give me a real answer please." Kiki said. Hana jumped up and down trying to reach for the book, "Hey give it back." "Training or no book. You know the deal." Kiki said. Hana pouted and folded her arms, "All right sheesh." "Get the gear." Kiki said. Hana still had the same pout, "Book please." she said pulling out her hand. "Finish training first." Kiki said still keeping the book away from Hana with her index finger holding the page Hana was on. Kiki watched Hana walk off to get her archery gear and gave a soft sigh. She then looked over to Seta and Daiske.[/size][/color]
  2. [QUOTE=Fall]I haven't had any.. weird dreams as of lately, as in really out-of-the-ordinary dreams. Though have you heard of that dream everyone is supposed to have, the one where you're falling? Apparently its a dream that everyone is supposed to dream, or something. It's always been a dream that re-occurs for me. Im falling through a city, off a huge sky-scraper I'd say. Because all I can see are the little lights you see from all the windows in huge buildings in cities; they're all flying past me... well, I suppose they're not going [i]that[/i] fast, quite slow now that I think about it. I always wake up before I hit the ground. [i]Always[/i]. Apparently, everyone wakes up before they hit the ground. It's a normal thing. No-one has dreams where they die themselves. Atleast, you're not supposed to... Usually, when you wake from it, you wake up with a jerk, in other words, you sit up in bed and find your heart racing. I always wake up to a racing heart. "Like you've just had a nightmare" (even though that doesn't happen to me when I have a nightmare). If, you dont wake up before you hit the ground, you die. In your sleep. For real. Now, this dream, even though I'm used to dreaming it every now and then, I've been having it alot more frequent then usual. And every time it always seems I'm getting closer and closer to hitting the ground. All the time. I don't see the ground, of course. But I just.. I dunno, feel it. Every dream like this that I have, I always get closer to hitting the ground than the last dream I had like it. Though I wake up before I actually do hit the ground, it's still alot closer than I'd like it to be. ;) Freaky. Really startin' to freak me out.[/QUOTE] [size=1][color=maroon]Wow I've had a dream once when i was falling... first, the dream always seems to appear in a playground and some kind of demon woman or something is chasing me and somehow I end up being at the edge of a waterfall, the demon comes close to me and I start to fall back. Then I just wake up, and yes, panting. I've had another kind of weird dream... though... not really. I was in space (with a space suit) and I was standing on a crater in front of earth with Goku (dragon ball z) behind me. In front of me was chuckie (that doll chuckie, not from rugrats) was in front of me. I made a kamehameha wave (one of goku's signature moves) and blew him up. -shrug- that's what happened. I've also had a hogwarts dream once... (yes, harry potter) but that one I'm keeping to myself... XP Some of my dreams never really make any sense... well that's how most dreams work, hai? I think I've only had a few weird dreams reccentally, but thankfully I haven't had that demon lady dream lately... that was a long time ago... I think a couple of years... maybe two. Agh I don't remember exactly when, but oh well. But I do remember that I use to have a dream that I couldn't speak and a clown chases me and I try to scream, but nothing comes out. :animeshy: yes, clowns... I did not make a typo... (hai=yes)[/size][/color]
  3. [COLOR=Maroon][size=1]uhm, can I join? [u]'Sister' profile[/u] [b]Name:[/b] Kiki Ayu [b]Age:[/b] 19 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Personality:[/b] She seems a bit dense at first sight, but is very deep and calm when you get to know her. [b]Training methods:[/b] Do not show emotion, or weakness during battle. Calm and rational will make it easier to win. [b]How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool?[/b] Anyone can be a killer even the smallest child, or even the most quiet adult. If you push them too hard, you are a fool and will more than likely to get hurt, or worse. [b]BIO:[/b] Kiki is new at the agency, but a skilled "shinobi". When she met Suzuki she saw no emotion in her face. It startles her at first, but then she tries to talk to her. All Hana says is "Where am I?" Kiki gives a faint, possibly fake smile and just tells her "Everything will be alright." As soon as Hana starts training with Kiki, she is surprised of how much effort she has accomplished. Whenever Hana asks something about "Where are you from?" or "How did you learn this?" Kiki always freezes up and then says "That doesn't matter, keep training". She thinks that Hana will be a fine fighter, and lets her know she doesn't have to always kill her opponent, but make sure that she doesn't die. [u]'Youth' profile[/u] [b]Name:[/b] Hana [b]Age:[/b] 12 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Personality:[/b] Quiet, not very talktive and mostly seen around with at least a book. She use to cry out of no where, but Kiki taught her how to control her emotions. [b]Best wepaon skill:[/b] Archery (bow and arrow) [b]BIO:[/b] She doesn't remember anything in her past, and only tries to move on when something tradic happens. She felt alone when she first awoke in the agency, but felt a kind of click when she met Kiki. She sees Kiki like an older sister. She likes to read a lot and does in her spare time. She forgets the first time that she meets Kiki, but only remembers the click feeling and she starts to cry out of no where.[/size][/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR=maroon][size=1]Well, I guess coming from my reviewers on fanfiction.net, I'm a pretty good writer. I hope it gets me into a carrier. As for drawing, well..... I'm kind of a "trainee" if you would. I kind of suck at it, but I'm trying to get better at it. I guess I'm a good dancer concidering I got into the dance team last year and I'm going into Chorus this year, so it should be pretty fun (my parents say I have a good voice, but that's parents for ya you kno?). ... I guess I'd be kind of musically talented for a few things... well, my grandmother says I'm musically talented. I've tried playing the piano... but no go, I've also tried french horn in band which was fun, and I tried guitar but never really got anywhere since the string broke when my brother tried to tune it... so... yeah.[/size][/COLOR]
  5. wow I lvoe it!!!!!! I usually don't go for pink though, but it's beautiful! than-Q!!!!
  6. [size=1]Um, could someone please make me a banner of Sakurua from Naruto (with the words: Neko no koi) and a maching avitar? Maybe part of a cherry blossom tree in the bacground too *shrug* whatever you can manage to do. :catgirl: much appriciated!![/size]
  7. hmm... my first manga I bought was InuYasha. I was trying to look for a later episode, but I never finished the collection of IY since they were too close alike. One of my school friends told me about Toyko Mew Mew and said that I should read it. She then gave it to me and then later on the 2 and 3 volumes, but it took me forever to get 4-7, but I got them all on the same day so it was a good cause to wait for the books ^_^ so yeah, Tokyo Mew Mew was my first manga.
  8. [QUOTE=Dagger]"Que sera, sera" is French. I think it's actually supposed to be Spanish, once you add in the proper accent marks (which I'm unfortunately not familiar with), but... yeah. What on earth gave you the impression that it's a Japanese phrase? :animeswea ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] :animedepr oh really? I thought it was japanese because... eh a character based on japanese on a manga I read (shigure from fruits basket) mentioned the phrase. I wasn't too sure that was Japanese, but Que means "What?" in spanish. Serra I have no clue about. I'm just as clueless in Spanish as I am Japanese, but I have to learn spanish concidering my family is spanish and my grandpanrents aren't exactly fluent in english. so I messed up there. Hey I never said I was fluent in Japanese, I just said that I knew some... >.< agh! I can't believe I mixed up roku and go. I didn't put a lot of the numbers because I didin't remember all of their meanings. I know them, just not in order. I know shi/nana: 7. Also, shi in kanj characters is "death". I told you guys I'm just learning Japanese by myself so I assume I'll make some mistakes. the only other things I know: taki (water), midori iro (the color green)... so..... don't rant on me saying something's wrong. I've been picking up japanese words from mangas and other people's websites on geocities, tripod, etc. I have my own but it's not finished, and I haven't updated it reccentally... so... yeah don't rant on meh :bawl: :nope:
  9. [SIZE=1]I'm trying to teach myself Japanese. I think I know a good amount of Japanese, but I don't know how to say Japanese in sentences. Well, only one... but it's not really a sentence: "Que serra, serra." It means: "What's done is done". My new favorite is: "Neko no koi" which means "Cats in love". I'm obssessed with neko (cat[s]) :catgirl:[list=1] [*]Konnichiwa= Good Afternoon [*]Gomen nasai= Very sorry (more polite than "gomen") [*]Domo= Thanks [*]Ohayo= Morning [*]Tomodachi= Friend [*]Watashi no= My (followed by a noun) [*]Konban wa= Evening (or Good Evening) [*]Neko= Cat [*]Koneko= Kitten [*]Inu= Dog [*]Kitsune= Fox [*]Kame= God, turtle [*]Ko= Child (it's a suffix, some people think it's only for "girl" but it's for "boy" too) [*]Hikari= Light [*]Yami= Dark [*]Baka= Stupid, moron [*]Aho= Stupid, moron (in Tokyo it is not as offensive as "baka" but I believe in Osaka it's reverse) [*]Koi= love [*]Ashitaru= I love you [*]Bara= Rose [*]Hi= Fire [*]Hai= Yes [*]Iie= No [*]Ichi= 1 [*]Ne= 2 [*]San= 3 (the suffix "-san" means "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Miss") [*]Roku= 5 [*]Ju= 10 [*]Onee-chan= Big sister, big girl (used for close friends 16-) [*]Onii-chan= Same as Onee-chan, but for boys/young men 16- [*]Ame= Rain [*]-kun= a suffix used for boys or classmates in school [*]Senpai (pronounced= Sempai)= Upperclassmen (used for a long relationship, even out of school) [*]Kohai= Opposite of Senpai [*]-chan= A suffix used for friends or relatives [*]-sama= A suffix meaning "Lord" or "Lady" [*]-domo= A suffix for a higherlevel than "-sama" [*]Otome= Maiden [*]Koorime= Ice Maiden [*]Ryu= A style of sword-fighting, or "Dragon" [*]Kameko= Turtle child; long life [*]Chibi= midget, short [*]Chisana= Small [*]Chisaii= Small (more polite than "chibi") [/list] (this is all I can think of at the top of my head...)[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1]hmm................... my strongest emotion... I guess humor... the first day of 8th grade, I completely embarassed myself, even worse, I was [I]laughing[/I]... I was giving one of my friends my screen names for AIM and I write very small, one of the girl's friends said that "You write small, that's hot" I thought he said "odd" so I said "[I]You're[/I] odd." he then said something I can't remember, and I just start laughing, continuously... :animeblus [/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1]okay sure ^__^; we'll start when we get two more characters.[/SIZE]
  12. [quote name='Roflocopter][size=1][color=darkred] I think 15 pages in enough comments for you to know how to do this. ^_^ Oh yeah, I am an NGE fanboy, and yes, *gasp* My favorite color is red. NGE, for your information, is an anime phenomenon made by gainax. It is often misinturpreted for being very biblical, which the biblical aspect of it is just a theme. The term NGE stands for Neon Genisis Evangelion (Pronounced ayvangelion) which means, New begining of the gospel.You should reall check it out, midori. I am loud aroudn friends, but not by myself. I guess it is just because of addreniline, and the funness of making people laugh. I have 22 best friends actually. My entire class are my best friends. They practically live at my house. And take my food...[/color'][/size][/quote] [size=1] heh cool. and i have a friend that has two friends i know that say they like his house and they take his food. it's kind of funny of listenening of when they talk about it. i'm quite by myself too. but i act weird over the internet sometimes... >.> not a whole lot, but there is a small mood swing [/size][quote=Kiarue][i]OOOh, someone shold anallyze me if they want to! :catgirl: Edit: Sorry for all of the misspellings (actually won a district spelling bee) [color=DarkRed]Welcome to the OtakuBoards Kiarue! Please note that double posts are not allowed on the boards. I combined your posts so there wouldn't be a double posting. If you need to add something to a thread directly after you just posted please use the "edit" button and add to your existing post. I suggest you re-read the rules before you continue posting. As it stands now your post is spam. Make sure when you respond to a thread that you actually add to the subject at hand. To participate in this thread please give your opinions on someones signature, avi and username then someone will do the same for you. If you have questions please feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators on the site. Thanks! -Panda[/quote][/color][/i] [size=1]Eh, why not. i guess i'll give it a shot kiarue. screnname- umm... >.> i'm not sure about that one, but i'll take a shot out of it; a) you like the name, or b) it is your name in japanese or some other language... Avitar- Your avi shows that you a) like cuddly things such as a rabbit b) you like pink and you can be childish in ways c) you just think the picture is cute Signature- The lack of bannar in your signature indacates you a) don't want an avitar or b) you're a new member and don't know how to get a bannar c) you simply didn't check the show your signature ( :animedepr i did that once and it got me ticked off until i ACTUALLY relized why my signature wasn't showing :animeshy: :animeswea [b][color=DarkGreen][font=Verdana] Be careful not to double post in future, MidoriWaterfall. I've had to merge together your two consecutive posts. If you feel the need to add something after already having posted, just hit the 'EDIT' button in the bottom right of the post. [/font][/color][/b][/size] [right][b][color=DarkGreen][size=1]-Blackjack[/size][/color][/b] [/right] [size=1][/size]
  13. [SIZE=1]cool. I'm taking chour (sp? it's sort of late... and i'm lazy right now) as an elective next year. I like to sing too. but i want to do the piano or the french horn in band, my mom says i should really try out chour. it's not that i don't like to sing, i love to sing, i just like band more...[/SIZE]
  14. cool. >.> though i don't think i'd like heavy rock or heavy metal, i'm more oldie goldies, or stuff like Stevie Wonder, I said already Linkin Park, Carlos Santana, umm... i think that's all i can say for now... i kind of also like Ciara and 50 Cent, but I only know one of her songs (1,2 step) I don't know what the name of 50 Cent's song was...
  15. my first manga i bought was an inuyasha re-run. i was looking for the latest inuyasha since i saw most episodes before, but my actual first SERIES of manga was tokyo mew mew
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