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  1. "Is it another one?!" Mira shouted to Katrina, running towards the chemistry lab. She jumped back as beakers flew out the door, and her eyes widened. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap..." She moaned.
  2. "Hey!" Mira ran up to the group, breathing heavily. "Chaos Eater? Is that what that thing was?" She asked as she neared them. Her eyes went to Jory's wound. "Ack! Did that thing do that to you?!" She said, her voice slightly higher. "Nice detective work." Jory said, rolling her eyes. "How do you cure it?!" Mira said in a panicky voice. "Will it kill you?! Will you die?!" "Stop blathering!" Jory snapped. "I just need some first aid from someone who knows how to treat these stupid scratches. I won't die; I'll turn into one of those monsters if it grows!" "B-b-but if you turn into one..." Mira faltered. "Then you guys'll have to kill me. So someone go get some first aid 'cause I don't feel like dying." Said Jory.
  3. "HOLY-!" Mira ran up to join them, her hands on the hilts of her kodachis. She'd run and gotten them before coming out. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!" She screamed, her eyes wide and frightened. "Get outta the way! It'll kill you!" Kyle pushed her back, his eyes on the creature. Mira stumbled backwards, and ran back after regaining her balance. "You sure you don't need help?" She barely kept her voice from shaking as she unsheathed her kodachis. "They won't do a thing!" Kyle said exasperatedly. "Just [b]go![/b]" "Nuh-uh. By the looks of it, you'll be needing help." Mira said stubbornly, unwisely taking her eyes off of the beast.
  4. "Hi! Watch'a talkin' about?" Mira asked, sitting down by Jory and the others. She had finished her lunch long ago. She was surprised when they all sent her a chilling glare. "Um..... I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" she asked, looking uneasy. Little could make her uneasy. "Well, we were all finished talking anyway." Jory said, smiling again. "Oh... ok!" Mira relaxed once more, a grin on her face. "What were you guys talking about? Or is it something you'd rather not discuss?" "I'd prefer not to say." Dante said calmly. "Oh...." She suddenly felt very cold. Like when she was at home. These people were like a counter effect to her usual happy joy.
  5. [I]I[/I] felt bad for Ed when [SPOILER]Ed died on the second to the last episode. I was like, "O.M.G." And I promptly went and asked my brother, "HE ISN'T REALLY DEAD IS HE?! HE'S JUST OUT FOR A BIT, RIGHT?!" Sadly, when he DID come back, it was only for about 5 seconds.[/SPOILER] It was also sad in FMA when [SPOILER]Al came back as a 10 year old with close to no memory of what had happened after he tried to resurrect his mother. I was crying so hard when he was talking about learning more alchemy so he could see his brother again. It didn't help, showing that picture of the two fishing.[/SPOILER] Both made me cry SO FRICKEN HARD ;-; It was also sad in Samurai X when [SPOILER]she died. I mean, just because Kenshin loved her so much. Then she goes and gets herself killed BY HIM!![/SPOILER] But that didn't get any tears from me.
  6. "Hmmm.... this seems to be it!" The girl smiled brightly, knocking on the door of her new classroom. A surprised teacher opened the door. "May I help you?" She asked, pushing her glasses onto the bridge of her nose. "Yes! I'm Mira Teyale! I'm a new student!" She said cheerily. "Oh! Mira!" The teacher checked her student list. "I was told you weren't coming until tomorrow..." She murmured, but everyone heard her. "Well, I suppose we need to find you a seat.... how about that one?" She pointed at an empty desk in the middle of the room. "Thanks Ma'am!" Mira said, walking (Though it seemed more like bouncing) quickly to her seat and sitting down. She smiled at the two students next to her, before turning to face the front.
  7. Is it too late to join? Name: Mira Teyale Age: 17 Gender: Female You Are: Student Appearance: Platinum blond hair that goes down to a little below her shoulder blades, large green eyes, pale skin, rounded face, wears a light blue t-shirt and faded blue jeans with a small chibi style rabbit keychain hanging from a belt loop. Personality/Bio: Mira had a hard time as a child; her mother commiting suicide from abuse and her father being sent to jail often. She ended up moving into a house that her 25 year old sister pays for and refuses to accept help from anyone else. She hides all of her pain and sorrow behind a happy bouncy facade, and is almost never seen with anything less than a smile. Weapon: She keeps two kodachis in her locker after hearing some of the "tales" from her mother. If it is too late, ignore this ;)
  8. I would date Amiboshi from Fushigi Yuugi X3 Why? 1. He's obviously pretty smart (Smarter than his brother >_>;; ) 2. He's cute 3. He's mature 4. He plays a magic flute (And we all know that's the best instrument out there ;))
  9. Hmm... good manga... Well, like afor mentioned, Tsubasa is quite good. The Full Metal Alchemist manga isn't too bad either. The .Hack//Legend of the Twilight manga books are a great read. Rave Master is pretty funny.
  10. First manga I read? I believe it was the Lodoss Wars one that comes after the Parn and Deedlit anime.
  11. [B]Name[/B]: Hikari Maiyu [B]Age[/B]: 17 [B]Description[/B]: Black streaked with red hair, red eyes flecked with gold, wears an orange shirt with red detached sleeves, and black pants. Has a small golden pendant with a ruby encrusted phoenix. [B]Bio[/B]: Hikari was named after the town, her family hoping for good luck when it had little. Her father was killed in a strange accident when she was 7, and her mother soon vanished and was found dead in the forest. Her brother raised her, telling her one day they'd figure out what was causing the family to have so much bad luck, and that no matter what he'd bring her with him. Now, she lives alone, determined to find him and get him to help her break whatever curse has gripped their family. She isn't the most skilled with weapons, but she can usually do fairly well with a spear.
  12. Dad: Kenshin Himura. (Rurouni Kenshin) He's nice, funny, and just all in all pwns ^^ Mother: Reki (Haibane Renmei) Provided, it wasn't Kaoru. Reki is kind and caring. Brothers: Momiji (Fruits Basket) and Chuei (Fushigi Yuugi) Momiji because he's so happy/nice and Chuei because... well, just because :p Boyfriend: Amiboshi (Fushigi Yuugi) Why? Two words. MAGIC FLUTE. Pet: Mokona (Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles) Kawaii! Aaaaaaand apparently metal shinji would be my brother as well *looks at post*
  13. Well, first come up with a story-line that it will follow. Think of what kind of characters should be in it, how they are involved, etc. etc. Then, as the story becomes more defined, find names for the characters and try sketching them out. Once you have the characters and story all in your head, start illustrating it. If you want others to read it, I'd suggest making your own site and posting the comics there. BE SURE TO PUT COPYRIGHT ON IT. Like, on the dividing lines write "*insert name of comic* copyright *insert your name* *insert year*. Then, if it gets enough readers, you can try getting it published :)
  14. I'm probably going to get a Mokona plushie from Sakura-con next year ;) I love watching the begining and seeing Fai (There are so many spellings of it @_@) fight those ninja peoples in the begining, with that smile plastered on his face. I find it eternally amusing :D
  15. I can't remember where I got it >_>;; sorry...
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