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    i like rock and alt. rock and i love to play and watch football. GO EAGLES! and if u plan on im'ing me u have to send a private message to me first with ur sn so i can unblock u
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  1. narutobleachfan

    Manga 666 Satan

    has anybody ever read 666 satan. i found it on mangaviewer.com and its awsome. Is by the twin brother of the creater of naruto too! wich is really cool. any way, on the site they have 15 chpters (the chapters are pretty long) and i finished them all and i just can't wait for more! if anybody has read it, wut do u think of it and do u now where i can find scanlations of chapters 16 and up? and if u haven't read it, i suggest u try it! its awsome! :animesmil
  2. i know if u've seen some of my other post, ur like "this guy is obsessed!" but it would have to be naruto man. he's always hungry, thick-headed, doesn't like somebody showing him up, and always creating stupid useless things (like his sexy no jutsu). my point is i'm always hunger, i'm thick-headed, i don't like to be shown up by people, and i create stupid and useless thing too so we'd be like almost the same person and who better to share a room with than yourself. :animesmil o yea and the character i wouldn't want to share a room with would have to be mugen from samurai champloo, i don't know why but he kindda creeps me out. [color=#6699cc]Before you continue posting, please review our [url=http://otakuboards.com/rules.php?]Rules[/url], particularly the point about incoherent or sloppy posts. Consider this a warning and a request to improve your post quality. Failure to improve your posting style will result in a ban. -Lore[/color]
  3. narutobleachfan

    Anime Naruto/FLCL

    first off, i would like to say, your going to get busted by the mods for posting a thread about animes that already have threads about them. but as far as naruto goes, i read the manga before i saw the anime and the difference is clear. in the anime they take a lot of time to explain everything and one thing like a blood line limit can take several minutes to explain in the anime wile it only takes one page or less to explain in the manga. in that respect the manga is MUCH more fast paste. i actually prefer the manga over the anime olny because it moves along fanster. but both are still very good and if u like the anime, only most definitly like the manga as much if not more than you like the anime. hope i helped :animeswea
  4. i have to agree with everybody that says they are influenced by actually anime but aren't actual anime. shows like avatar and teen titans, are just missing something that all other animes have that i just can't put my finger on. and of course, they're not from japan so even if u called it anime u can't call it authentic anime, more like a rip off of japanese anime.
  5. narutobleachfan

    Anime Game into Anime

    i don't know if there is already an anime version of kingdom hearts although my sister tells mr about a kingdom hearts manga on one of the websites she goes on but it would be interestiong to have a kingdom hearts anime (if there already isn't one) but i'm not sure how they would do it so i'm also not sure if it would be good but it would be cool to see.
  6. narutobleachfan

    Anime Why is anime considered nerdy or dorkish?

    i think the reason a lot of ppl think it is kiddish is because of all the animes that 4kids and other companies like that have edited and produced in america like pokemon. and i somebody that doesn't know nething about anime automatically think "pokemon! wut a stupid show!" but luckiely, people in my school really have no problem with anime or manga. in fact a lot of my friends (and my sister) love manga and anime as much as i do. and if nebody does have a problem with anime or manga, they simply didn't take the time to learn more about it and assumed it was just like pokemom or other shows like that. at least that my opinion. but wut do i know? :animeswea
  7. i've been seeing a lot of ppl talk about this show on theotaku.com and i never really thought of it as an anime. but would u consider teen titans an anime? i can see how it could be an anime. it has the same type of art as some of thos funny animes like naruto and it has a lot more detail in the art then regular cartoons. and of course the japanese theme song. just really curious so let me know wut u think about teen titans. thanx everybody. :animeswea P.S. and if a site administraters see this and says "there is already a thread about teen titans" don't get mad at me because i ran a search and it didn't come up.
  8. narutobleachfan

    Anime FLCL [Fooly Cooly]

    i saw one episode and i was really confused, all i remember is some girl hitting a kid in the head with a gitaur and then he had a lump on his head that a robot came out of, i saw the manga in stores and thought about picking it up, thinking it would help me understand ita lil better but my sis already read part of it and said it was pretty confusing so i figured the manga wasn't that muck better. but other than the story, it was pretty good, i like the art, music, and the comedy. i'm thinking twice about picking up the manga if i get the chance. but i'll deffinitly keep an eye open for it on adult swim again, its a funny anime and even if i don't get it its still pretty funny. :animesmil
  9. narutobleachfan

    Anime Why Anime?

    i like the character depth, action. and i just love the look of it, its just so amazing that somedoby drew it. anime is just so different from everything else on tv. thats why i like anime :animeswea and, by the way, if u don't really like manga, why do u have an account on this site?
  10. narutobleachfan

    Anime best anime(s)

    bset villian: sasuke from naruto (after he reaches curse level 2 best hero: it a tie between ichigo from bleach and naruto from naruto :animesmil
  11. narutobleachfan

    Anime best anime(s)

    bset villian: sasuke from naruto (after he reaches curse level 2 best hero: ichigo from bleach
  12. narutobleachfan

    Official myOtaku Problems Thread

    on my site, it doesn't show my post and i know i have posts but they on't show up. does nebody no wut to do.
  13. i follow no sterio types. i like rock, alt. rock, some country, no rap. i love to play basketball and football. i love manga and also have one with me at school. and i wear a bunch of different styles ( i wear smaller and larger shirts, i wear jeans, kakies, and basketball shorts and i have both expensive and inexpensive shoes.) i am my own person :animesmil
  14. narutobleachfan

    i need help

    something weird is happening on my otaku site, none of my post or quiz results are showings and i DO have post and i Have selected to show my quiz results all that shows is my profile, avatar, and the puzzle that is part of my profile. can nebody help me? its getting aggrivating :animeangr
  15. narutobleachfan

    Anime 4kids

    [QUOTE=r2vq]Same goes in Shaman King's Len/Ren. I always assumed that the main reason they used "Zolo" instead of "Zoro" is because there is already a popularized swordsman named Zorro. They might be afraid of arguments at the copyright courts. -ArV[/QUOTE] thats wut my first thought was