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  1. [color="#8B0000"][size="2"][font="Trebuchet MS"]I think the concept of this RP is great. I agree with OMNOMNOMALY though when it comes to the number of Pokemon, but only because if this world is Medieval, then most of the world hasn't been explored yet, hence the lack of Pokemon from other Regions/Continents. I also like the idea about the Legendaries and how they came to be "Legendary"...it'd be interesting if Moltres (Articuno, Zapdos) was actually a common Pokemon in Medieval times, and an unforeseen crisis actually cause the species to become extinct...therefore prompting the remaining few to overcome the crisis, and gain their Legenday status. I don't know lol....jus throwing some ideas out there. If the plot was solid and this RP was up and running, I'd definitely participate. [/font][/size][/color]
  2. It's firday and Im @ home BORED....U there...entertain me!

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  4. Today has been rather.....eventful....

  5. Im so effin hungry! #FEEDME....!

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  6. [font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#4169E1"][size="2"]Thanks for actually responding to this! I really like the Avatar you made Jeje....as far as the banner goes, I had a different concept in mind, so a distant friend of mine made one instead. But thanks Jeje and Felix, Im just glad I wasn't overlooked this time lol![/size][/color][/font]
  7. [size="2"][font="trebuchet ms"][color="#8B0000"]I would be more than grateful if someone where to make a Squirtle Avi/Banner set for me. As far as the design goes, it shouldn't be overly cute lol....I know it might be difficult considering how adorable Squirtle is but I have no doubt that it could be done. Also, somewhere in the Banner, it should say: "Lucky No.7....." In the past I've submitted Avi/Banner requests, and no one responded, but if someone can do this, I would be eternally grateful....^_^[/color] [/font][/size]
  8. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]Wow.....great chapter this week for sure...two masterminds goin at it...[spoiler]Urahara using obviously forbidden Hadou's...[/spoiler] can't wait till next week [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  9. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]Im assuming this RP is dead lol....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  10. [quote name='Gavin']Yes, Aizen is in fact the dead version of Batman, Soul Society never had any hope of winning.[/quote] [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]It all makes sense now....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  11. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]I gotta say, I really enjoy reading you guys' "commentary" on these manga. Sometimes it really makes for a good lol, so by all means Magus, don't give up on the series just yet. But this chapter didn't disappoint me at all. That's a little sad to say but it's true...I really didn't expect Kishi to actually improve the standard of his writing, but to stick to the expectations that he's set for me, and he definitely came through once again. :nope: Will he ever prove me wrong? I doubt it but we'll have to wait till next chapter and see lol.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]Ok...Im starting to get just a tad bit confused...how many organizations are there, and what kinda police are you guys?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  13. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]Yo KG, is the plot gonna thicken soon? Cause Im sure no one is posting because nothing's really going on.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  14. M.Ali

    RPG The Witches

    [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]?Er, wow? I better go help Nayomi, seems Duke's taking a bathroom break.? JB said as he made his way towards his drunken comrade, his cheeks flushed a little, when he thought about the serious way Sin had grabbed his hand and looked at him. [i]"I've always joked and playfully flirted with L'ansey....didn't think that he would take me seriously one of these days...heh guess I didn't hide my feelings so good after all..."[/i] With a gesture of his hand, Nayomi's drunken body began to levitate off the floor, and positioned her stand up, "Nay, can you stand on your own?" "Grrafddgsfnun...." A wasted Nayomi managed to mumble, while scratching the big black dot on her forehead....courtesy of Damo of course. "I'll take that as a no..." JB said as he grabbed one of her arms and began to help her walk to her room. But before they began to walk down the hallway, JB glanced at Sin once more.....he was grabbing a few bottles of alcohol before angrily disappearing into his shadow. [i]"I hope he didn't get the wrong impression--"[/i] "Thanks bro, I'll take over from here" Duke said, interrupting JB's thought process. He proceeded to pick Nayomi up and throw her over his shoulders. "No prob" JB chuckled as the two headed for their bedroom. JB let out a deep sigh, before going back to his own room to put on a shirt. When he returned, he went to the spot where Sin had faded into his shadow. [i]"Check the roof"[/i] Damo telepathically said to JB with a smile. Thanks to the evolution of his ability a few years back, JB 's Memory Mimic ability made his spells easier to perform, without the need of incantations for most of them, he can also somewhat mimic the ability of others to a certain extent. So with a corresponding nod and smile, JB closed his eyes, and fell into his own shadow as well, ending up on the roof with a very drunk half Vampire Demon, who was looking out over Paris skyline in a sad looking, drunken stupor. "C?ur qui soupire n'a pas ce qu'il d├ęsire." JB said as he walked up and looked at the city, standing next to Sin. "Beautiful isn't it?" Sin looked at JB in a surprised way, as if he wasn't expecting him to be there, his already Red cheeks flushed an even deeper shade of Red, matching his Crimson hair, "What does that mean?" Sin said as he nodded, trying not to sound too drunk. "The heart that sighs does not have what it desires." JB said as he smiled and looked Sin in his now watery eyes. [CENTER] *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*[/CENTER] OOC: Lol, it felt kinda good coming up with that one lol...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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