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  1. *rises from the ashes*

    1. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      *plots to kidnap you...*

    2. K.G


      LITTLE BROTHER!! *BIG hugz*

    3. Shy



  2. -_______________________-

  3. I'm totally in for the witches RPG :D ....boy do i have great timing to resurrect ... im brain storming as i speak

    1. Shwa


      You're more than welcome to sign up, I'm at least looking for 2 more people, and hopefully the original posters as well.

  4. Witches has become a series in my eyes lol. Now we have alternate realities ?! MOVE over XMEN!!... seriously someone should pick Witches up as a novel or comic book.

  5. bleh!! cheetos..... *gags

  6. I SEE INTO YOUR SOUL!!!! Why are there empty Cheetos bags?

  7. i have awaken from my hibernation.

  8. Takuuya

    Discuss RP club

    all i got from this was nipple lasers... I'm so in.
  9. Where's the cake I was promised? ugh this is Aperture Science all over again.

    1. James
    2. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      I can has chocolate cake?

  10. welll that's good!... My car broke down like 4 hours ago soooo... i guess i'm taking a day off too!

  11. just keep swimming .

    1. chibi-master


      ~Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming~

    2. Allamorph


      And he will be my squishy.

    3. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      O.o squishy? but takky's MY plushie!

  12. Meh cant complain here, just finished a week of doing 16 hour shifts, so enjoying the days off that I have haha.

  13. I'm good ! I just got some free time for a while. i've been drifting here and there :] how're things with you?

  14. Hey bud, where have you been at? We've been missing ya, how are thing son your end going lately?

  15. dont work TOO hard.