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Sir Kyle

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[SIZE=1]So I was browsing around this site I like to visit occasionally called SlamOmaha (it's a site dedicated to local music here in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska and surrounding areas) and I came across this band named Pomeroy.

If I may say so, I believe these guys are very good and I'm surprised they aren't more famous than they are right now. I guess they just need a little more publicity to jump that fence and become mainstream.

Anyways, these guys have a style that is becoming more and more popular nowadays. They like to fuse rock, a little reggae, some punk, a little R&B and blues, and a heavier bass line to make a sound that is unimistakably their's yet similar to others that I've heard that I also enjoy. To better visualize their music, think bands like 311 (who also got their start here in Nebraska) and Sublime. They are very talented, very creative, and are very hard working individuals who tour their collective butts off so they can make their growing fanbase happy.

Some cover art:

[IMG]http://www.pomeroymusic.com/images/fro_cd_2.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.pomeroymusic.com/images/insidetheshine.jpg[/IMG]

Anyways, these guys are really entusiastic musicians with a lot of talent and a fun and unique sound all their own. If you haven't heard them yet (or haven't heard of them at all), get the skinny at [URL=http://www.pomeroymusic.com]PomeroyMusic.com[/URL].

If any of you have heard of them or if you have just discovered them via me or what not, what do you think of them? Likes, dislikes?[/SIZE]
[B][I]Edit: By the way, they like to play a lot in Nebraska but they aren't from around here. They are mainly a Kansas City performing band based out of Manhattan, Kansas. (home of the KSU Wildcats...BOOO!)[/I][/B][/SIZE]
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[color=green] Ah, Sir Kyle... I live in Manhattan, KS and I have seen Pomeroy on more than one occasion. They're not bad, though not my cup of tea. I'm really rather surprised that anyone else has heard of them, especially anyone outside of the Kansas City type area.

They guys are actually pretty cool. Manhattan has an actually alright music scene. There are several bands here in town that are decent. [/color]
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[SIZE=1]Indeed, they actually have a fairly large following up here in Omaha/Lincoln Nebraska. For what reason exactly, I don't know, but I do know that they tour relentlessly around the Midwest which may lend to their popularity. They've got some good songs on their CDs that are quite catchy and they easily sold nearly 20,000 copies of their LPs and EPs. Pretty good for an indie band I think.

Yeah, they've got that style that you either hate or like a lot. In my case, I'm a huge fan of their style since it so closely resembles 311's sound and I've always been a fan of those guys.

And not to stray off topic or anything, but seeing as you are in Manhattan, KS, are you perchance a KSU student? If you are, I congratulate your sports teams for mostly sticking it to the Huskers up here (I go to NU if you didn't gather as much.) Don't worry though, we'll get you guys next year ;)

And if you don't go to KSU, disregard I guess.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I think you are the first person who is also from Nebraska I have seen around this board in quite some time. Welcome to the party, pal. I was going to see if we by any chance we go to the same school, but you are a college person. Meheh ... ^_^;

Pomeroy is all right, I suppose. I can listen to them, but I do not think I would ever buy their music. I do give them credit for some originality and creativity, though.[/size]
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