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Art Anyone want to do a pic together?


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I do lines, but I want to colour a picture for someone. I'll let you enter it under your account if you like. I cell and soft-shade. I have psp7 and I had it forever and know alot about it. I have samples on myotaku account,**alot** but if you do colour but not do lines I can do that too. I just turned 13 yesterday but I think I'm better for my age. thanx! :)

[color=teal]EDIT:[/color] Oh ya, I forgot... my avatar is also part of a pic I drew/colour also on my fanart page! thanx again

[color=teal]Please do not double post. If you realize something that you'd like to add to your post, please use the Edit button. ~_^ -Syk3[/color]
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