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Mad Girl's Love Story


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Well, now that I've established myself as a decent-good artist, it's time to move on to invade the literature section... bwahahaha. Anyways, this is a short story I wrote last year for English class. We read a poem called "Mad Girl's Love Song" by Sylvia Plath, and shortly after, he gave us a free assignment. The poem, a weird dream I had had weeks before, and a little imagination kinda merged into... well, this. Warning, it's pretty dark... I still can't believe I wrote it- it's very different than my normal writing style. Yet, I've heard from several it's one of my best works. So, without further ado, here it is.


A Mad Girl?s Love Story
by Megumi


"I love you. I?ll never leave you."

The words resonate in my brain.
Never leave me, Michael. Never.

His arms wrapped around me, I feel safe. Safe from the harshness of this world, from the pain and tears that lurked around every corner of every hallway. Safe from those looks, from their glares, safe from reality.

The bus pulls up. The air is cold, but I?m warm, because Michael is there with me, holding me. I step up into the bus, disdainfully glancing at the bus driver. He, as usual, ignores both me and Michael. I sit down, ignoring strange looks. I sit down in a seat near the front, away from the majority of people. Michael slips in beside me, and he looks at me, his eyes full of love. Suddenly, I feel much better. I smile to him, and he smiles back, his chocolate brown eyes warming my heart. My muscles relax. I?m safe. Michael is here. The bus stops, the school before us. I bravely shoulder my bag, and step out into the masses of people. I push my way through the crowd, heading towards my homeroom. I suddenly realize that I can?t see Michael anywhere. I panic and look back, skimming over the crowds, fearing I had lost him.
There, there he was. I sigh in relief. I stand still for a moment and wait for him to catch up with me. He reassuringly puts his hand in mine, and we walk together, gliding through the crowd as gracefully, as much in unison as an ice skating couple.

It?s third hour now, in the class I hate most, the one that I would gladly trade my soul to not have to go to. At least Michael is here, I tell myself. At least Michael is here. He sits next to me, no one else will. We write notes and glance at each other all class, smiling over secret things. Maybe they?re just jealous of us. Yes, that?s it. They?re jealous. Brittney and her friends come in. I breathe in sharply, even though this happens every day, there is no reason to be surprised. She glances over and whispers to one of her friends, and they share in a moment of cruel laughter. I look down, hoping they?ll just ignore me the rest of the day, even though I know they won?t. They never do. At least Michael?s here. At least he?s here.

The library?s empty, except for Michael and I. No one can hear my soft sobs. I lean against him slightly, tears streaming down my face.

"Why do they hate me so much?" I whisper, as he strokes my hair softly.

"It?s because they can?t understand you, they can?t understand us and what we have in each other."

I nod slightly. I close my eyes tight, killing the whole world. It?s just Michael and I.

Crowded hallways, crowded rooms, crowded bus again. Too many people. They don?t realize, they don?t know, I can kill them all. I just close my eyes, and they drop dead. When I open them, like a phoenix, they come back. I wonder to myself, what will hapen when I die? When I close my eyes, never to be opened again, will they all die too? My bus stop. Michael and I leave thebus, and I sigh in relief for the death of another school day. It too, will be reborn, but I don?t have to worry about it right now. I shout in joy and run to the door, my hair streaming behind me. Michael laughs and races after me. We stand on my porch, breathing heavily, a wide grin plastered on my face. He leans in and kisses me softly, sweetly. I smile up at him, and open the door. I rush in, my eyes bright. Suddenly, I stop. My backpack slides from my shoulder. I see the bottles lying on the floor. Many bottles. Many empty bottles. The smell of alcoholreaches my nose. My eyes widen in fear, as I realize what it means. He?s back. He?s back and he?s drunk. I back up, turning around, looking for Michael, but he?s there instead. I gasp, and he grins lopsidely. He shuts the front door.

I lay on the floor, broken and bruised yet again. I close my eyes, but the trick doesn?t work for me. I?m still alive, and I still hurt. A hand touches my shoulder. Michael?s there. I stand up and hug him, my angel Michael. I look up, and feelings of betrayal suddenly rises up in me.

"Why?" I scream. "Why? Why don?t you ever do anything? Why don?t you stop him?" I bang my fists against his chest, too full of hurt to care.

"Why didn?t you ever stop him? When he hurts me, when he touches me, why aren?t you ever there? Why?"

Tears overflow from my tightly shut eyes. I collapse against him, weeping uncontrollably.

"Why? Don?t you love me?"

I open my eyes, my vision blurry for all the tears, but Michael?s not there I see the dents in the wall I am slumped against, feel the pain in my fists. I close my eyes again, exhausted.


I think I made you up in my head.


"I close my eyes and the world drops dead
I think I made you up in my head"
-"A Mad Girl's Love Song," by Sylvia Plath
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Really nice way of portraying how a person's problems become so deep and ingrained that they develop a delusion to escape from it.

You actually had me convinced that the guy was real (but just really disturbed, due to their extreme lovey doveyness), but then you suddenly throw in the 'bad guy' while Michael is still 'supposedly' present then finding that he doesn't help her.

How it was ended was interesting, when she suspects that Michael may not be real at all...

Overall I found it enjoyable, a good read.
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