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    I spend an ungodly amount of time folding paper lately. Hence my sanity can be brought to question...
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    Poor unemployed special effects artist :(
  1. MissWem

    What's in your pants?

    [quote name='SaiyanPrincessX'][SIZE="1"]Ten cents. Literally. The thing that really sucks about girl pants is that the manufactors think girls never use pockets or somehting, so you could usually only fit [I]maybe[/I] half your hand in them![/SIZE][/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]This, but even worse. You have no idea how many times I've been tricked by pants (even skirts and jackets) with... FAKE POCKETS!!!! It's cruel. It's down right cruel. Not to mention it's hard to find stylish pants that even have pockets. So in an effort to answer the question, on the rare ocassion I'm in my pants there tends to be: [LIST] [*]pockets [*]cellphone [*]Maybelline: Shiiny-licious #20 berry bella lip gloss (it smells purty and tastes sweet) [*]Blink 'n' Clean (cleans and clears contact lenses while you wear them) [*]solitaire maglite (for looking underneath cinema seats for dropped change, I work in a cinema btw) [/LIST] Of course sometimes it changes, like movie tickets always go in the bum pocket, except I always forget I put it there. Otherwise I have to carry my beloved AC/DC bag because I have a wallet the size of a small book that can't possibly fit in any pocket. And what's in my wallet would be another story altogether.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  2. MissWem

    Tabletop Gaming?

    [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]OOoooohhh... what about table top war games. I've started getting into Warhammer 40k recently. It's one of several fantasty/sci-fi 'era'-ish based wargames created by Games Workshop. Basically you pick a race you like, buy their stupidly expensive models and paint them up to look nice (or as nice as you can manage) and then pit your tiny model army against someone else's tiny model army. Feels like the grown up version of melting plastic soldiers under a lens, without melting them because they're very expensive :S Anyway, I haven't really familliarised myself with the technical part of playing game because I've been getting really into just painting them. Fortunately for me my partner has been collecting them for the past 10 years so I have a pretty large army to strip down and renovate with a shiny new paint job. P.S I've watched people play Spycraft (similar to D&D...?), it looks like fun but I'm far too impatient to wait for everyone to figure out what they want to do. [/COLOR][/FONT]
  3. [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]A good start is telling her to stop messing around or else you'll have to severe ties. Completely. As for the secret thing? Either pre-emptively come clean with your friend so she can't use it against you, or take the chance she won't tell. To be honest, I got a little jaded in highschool by "secrets". If you really think about it, there aren't really any secrets worth keeping because if you're having to keep them, you're obviously doing something wrong in the first place. P.S: She doesn't sound like she's worth the time of day anyway.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  4. MissWem

    No more Mr. Nice Guy?

    [quote name='visualkei'][B]MissWem [/B], I don't know what to say except that, that nice guy sounds pretty adorable to me. lol. I guess that's why I like hanging around nice little old ladies. You know, the ones you want to call Grandma. Yeah, there's a nice to the point where it feels..... inadequate. That weird feeling you get when that person is always smiling and throwing themselves to do favors for you. But you know what? That person's just nice. And I'm fine with that.[/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]He[I] is adorable[/I] but you realize there's a fine line between being a nice and being crazy. He's kinda like when Adam Sandler played that doormat guy in Anger Management. Chances are if you get kicked in the nads you'd kick back, he wouldn't and would probably ask the person to go away because he found the experience to be unpleasant. I guess I just can't stand the fact that his niceness makes me feel bad about not being a nicer person. I get an inferiority complex, that and I haven't even the heart to make snide remarks at him, which is saying something since I'm pretty snide to everyone at some point. Although no, I wouldn't be suspicious of any of his actions. Faux nice people are actually quite easy to spot.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  5. MissWem

    No more Mr. Nice Guy?

    [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]I dated a nice guy once. The only thing that made it really intolerable was that he was somewhat effeminate so not only was he the "nice" one in the relationship he was also the woman in it and it just wasn't cool. But seriously, this guy is honest to god nice, for example, someone snuck into the back area of his work place and stole his sleeping bag and a couple of other of his things and left the crap loads of free food lying (i.e bottles of drinks and snacks) and says: "If I get my hands on that guy I want to do something terrible to him". That's probably the most angry thing I have ever heard him say right after, "there's a chick a work with that really annoys me... it's not that she's bad at her job she just gets assigned the jobs I want to do and that she's not so good at". I don't care if I'm not nice, if I'm nice then it's because I intend to be, but being around his niceness makes me feel bad about not being nice. :animestun [/COLOR][/FONT]
  6. MissWem

    Heavy Metal: A Head Banger's Discussion Thread

    [quote name='Jakehammaren'] 3. You determine the genre without a source by *gasp* by listening to the music.[/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]Oh my god, so he listened to the music and judged it comparatively to other music he had heard and determined it to be of the metal genre. Surely he, as could you and anyone who tries to immerse themselves into the music would be able to discern some facts about it from just listening to it, even if it's something as basic as the genre it belongs. What you're saying is that he shouldn't even have to look at a painting and already know what period and art style it was done in. Guess what? You can actually still appreciate music just by [I]listening to it[/I]... and not know any background information about it.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  7. MissWem

    Heavy Metal: A Head Banger's Discussion Thread

    [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]Quick, run!!! He said Rammstein is metal!! *throws hands in air wildly *:o[/COLOR][/FONT]
  8. MissWem

    Heavy Metal: A Head Banger's Discussion Thread

    [quote name='KyuubiKhaos'][COLOR="Red"]Yeah, "One" is back from the 80s. But to answer your question, Metallica's present genre could possibly be considered hard rock, since it doesn't seem to be as heavy as it was in the past. That's only my take on it.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]I do believe they were originally considered thrash, but it's somewhat unfortunate they are considered heavy rock these days, due to the evolution of the genre, since their very name in itself is suppose to epotimise metal. And just because I can (and I'm suppose to be a westie), the black album, rules.[/COLOR][/FONT] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="sienna"][FONT="Arial"]P.S, Thanks Kam for this, it makes more sense than just about anything else I've heard about the genre: "Metal is where punk gets its attitude. Metal is where rock gets its edge. Metal is the diamond in the rough of all modern music. It's hard to nail down, but when you're a metalhead, you know."[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  9. MissWem

    Heavy Metal: A Head Banger's Discussion Thread

    [quote name='Jakehammaren']Wow. You made it through every single page? Jeez... I feel like I owe you money or something...[/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]Yes, I can send you my account number if you like[/COLOR][/FONT] [quote name='Jakehammaren'] By the way, "Symphonic Metal" is not a genre. Kamelot is power metal.[/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"][COLOR="Sienna"]I acknowledge that mistake (I realized after looking them up but didn't get time to come back for an edit), but after reading so many pages I could've sworn I saw that phrase, misused clearly. Anyhow, after much arguing amongst everyone about sub-genre I'm rather surprised no one has done it yet: [SIZE="4"][B]What defines metal?[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]I know now that just because the music is heavy it isn't neccessarily metal, so what makes bands like, Allagoch, Kamelot, Killswitch, Arch Enemy, Wintersun etc. etc. fall into the category because they are all quite differently styled, to the point where (to my unknowledgeable self) you could almost create new genres out of them. [SIZE="1"]P.S Tool, no... just no.[/SIZE] [/COLOR][/FONT]
  10. MissWem


    [quote name='Jeremiah']I hope 2008 turns out to be a cracker year. It's election time over here in New Zealand and I resolve to help get my party of choice (National) into a term of office (although that will be some time away.) Then there's the Parachute music festival that I get to go to this year, and that will be a heap of fun. I've been waiting nearly 2 years to go back again. Other than that, I'm not sure what the year will bring, so I'll just take it as it comes.[/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]*gasp* It's election time already? Actually, I shouldn't be surprised, I actually forgot to vote for the recent mayoral elections :animesigh But really? National? Not that there are many choices to pick from. I've heard Parachute is a great place for selling drugs and alcohol at inflated prices. Any plans for Rock2Wgtn? It's going to be big from the looks of it :D [SIZE="1"]P.S West side represent :P[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
  11. MissWem

    Gaming Guitar Hero

    [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082] Come January 21st it's going to be a tough decision whether or not to buy Guitar Hero III for the Wii. I'm looking to rebuild my PC and Smash Bros. Brawl is also coming out only a few weeks later.... So much awesome, so little money.[/color][/QUOTE] [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]I recommend that you don't get it on the Wii, they did the crappiest job importing it to that console, Meaning the graphics are absolutely horrific, however it is still the same game. I vote Smash Bros :D[/COLOR][/FONT]
  12. MissWem

    Heavy Metal: A Head Banger's Discussion Thread

    [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]I actually sat down and read through all 23 pages of this thread which took me about 3, 3 and a half hours to do so, only because I actually made attempts at looking up a few bands that got recommended on each page to see if I liked them. I'm glad I read through this, since I never quite realized how diverse metal really was and finding out I'm not really a metal-head, rather in fact my music tastes are all over the map (I won't mention what I like because I don't feel like getting kicked in the nuts.. if I had any to be kicked). My point in posting was to say the only band that I actually genuinely liked that got mentioned in here, somewhere... Kamelot. Thank you Jake ;) Symphonic metal? So my cup of tea, as long as it's not Lacuna Coil, or Nightwish feel free to recommend more to me. EDIT: Bad grammar and that I just listened to Ghost Opera again and I can barely even begin to describe how much they blow me away, the dramatic tones, suspenseful lulls and the vocalist is beautiful. His voice is remeniscent of The Phantom, the movie made version of him.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  13. MissWem


    [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]Quit smoking. Why? I went out to a small (just over half a dozen people) but loud party, got drunker than I ever have been (I'm a cheap drunk so I typically don't drink much if at all) and proceeded to start chain smoking that entire night. The kicker being, prior to that night I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. God knows what my bf will do if he finds out, I should save myself the pain and tell him myself.:animestun Epic fun though, too bad I got called into work early so I showed up completely hammered much to the relief and disappointment of my manager. So anyone else have any fun New Years party tales to share? [/COLOR][/FONT]
  14. MissWem

    Why do you stay at OtakuBoards?

    [COLOR="Sienna"][FONT="Arial"]I third this motion of lurking regularly. I've been doing it for years now, so making the step from "prolific lurker" to "prolific poster" seems but a farce hope. I guess I just secretly enjoy stalking.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  15. MissWem

    Your anti-drug

    [quote name='Neuvoxraiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Be a straightedge all you want when it comes to alcohol until you're 21, or in some places 18. Then overindulge yourself, discover that you didn't like the feeling of puking your liver out of your mouth, and thereafter drink in moderation. Besides, if you have the wrong sort of friends, you might wake up with sharpie drawings all over your face. Oh yes, and you won't be able to find your wallet either.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Sienna"][FONT="Arial"]Hahaha, that totally happened to my boy friend once, except it wasn't his wallet he couldn't find in the morning... It was his eyebrows. I'll be quite honest though, I don't really have an anti-drug. The only thing that stops me is the availability and if that's all that's stopping me, yes I do realize it's a problem. However I did have the worst trip in my life a couple of weeks ago, it's not enough to stop me but I guess I needed it seeing as I realized I don't want to be calling my friends at random times on the verge of a break down because I think my life's a misery and the cartoon cats won't leave me alone. My anti-drug will be because I don't want to hurt or worry my friends :) [/FONT] [/COLOR]