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  1. Happy Birthday!

    and my present? 5 stars of course! enjoy!

  2. [quote name='DeathKnight'][color=crimson] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/NarnaKitan/daytrip5.jpg[/IMG] ^ I am tall and loving. :)[/color][/QUOTE] for a second there i thought you had an odd taste in older women, unless it's true them i'm sorry.
  3. [quote name='Aceburner']Yeah, but can you play it while simultaneously reuniting a lost pug with its devastated owner? In all seriousness, though, Rock Band looks pretty awesome. If I had money to burn, I'd probably own it. I've only heard a couple of bad things and those were just word of mouth. (And songs, buddy, if the game measured octave, how on Smurf would people like me ever get past the first 5 levels?)[/QUOTE] Ace first of all stop watching old cartoons, don't want to revisit childhood (again) and 8bit i know there are snare parts in regular music, but the drums do
  4. going back to the first post, it's right. I don't like to be a hypocrite and use "lol" , the only time i use it is... well not really ever. I am however pretty good at pickup lines. but that's not the point. like konata, only when it's not funny. especially when it's gone this far to use it in real life. or saying something like you are meaner that shift colon dash left parenthesis. I think it's odd or "unescessary".
  5. At first when i was reading this, I was laughing all the way through, because I thought it was *cough*2007*cough*2008digitialboy and just kept on thinking back to a quote of, "nothing can beat 2008db he mast... so much that by the end of the year every kitten will be dead" but then read through it a second time and then realizing you should have helped her when she kept on going back to that guy, and also realized it wasn't 08db, and stopped laughing. instead of her going back to this guy over and over again you should have helped her, or that's my opinion, I tried once, but she's wa
  6. who is it? 2008digitialboy why is he nifty? wel I think he is nifty because of how much he contributes to OB, and it does seem like people give him a lot of crap, and he just takes it. Another reason, he's really cool can you say you've met a cooler guy, (well maybe) but on OB he is the guy me and my friends talk about often, not in the i want to punch him so hard kind of way but the, he's kinda creepy in the enjoys "small anime girls" way. so i think *cough*2007digitialboy*cough* 2008digitialboy would be a great choice.
  7. not to sound like I made a big mistake but i did get stuck in a hole on that one. yes i know I should try it before i bash it and i'm about two weeks or so away from that chance, once we finish drumline marching and perform it all the way through. I did say other than that it was pretty good. and if you use the rock band guitar for guitar hero you can finally play on expert mode. and yes i have heard it's a lot of fun wih 3-4 people, but i heard "it's kind of boring in just one player" just quoting not trying to bash it. but once i do try it i'll tell ya
  8. Yes i've heard of rock band.I've also heard it kinda sucks, but only in some parts. take the guitaring, i heard that it lacks, and is way behind guitar hero. now as for comparing the rest of rock band to guitar hero, it's gonna be like comparing the harry potter books to their counterpart movies, yes some of the movies were good but they weren't as good as the books. I've also heard thar the vocals stink because you can't change octaves you have to sing it how it is, which is particularly hard for me since i'm a tenor/bass. So unlike karaoke revolution you can't switch octaves. Never heard any
  9. [quote name='ssj chic']I'll take that holy hell as a good thing, Allamorph ;) I do a lot of photography (courtesy of my professional roommates who are darling to let me use their cameras and give me tips). So, I give you all my newest image... [B][I]Edit: Well, I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea from this image. As it is by no means meant to be vulgar in any sense. Regardless, I removed it. It is viewable however on my DA/facebook/myspace/LJ[/I][/B][/QUOTE] i'm sorry i thought it said "pornography" not "photography"
  10. [url]http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=1867519[/url] and what do you mean bet you wish you knew my code
  11. you know i highly doubt what your telling us about your "porn". chances are your actually a very nerdy person that has skills out the wazoo in photo imaging programs, and not really as gorgeous as you are in the picture. but the chances that i'm making a complete "donkey" out of my self, I think are about 30%. i'm sorry if you were being serious, and ill totally believe you if you just say so. and no i'm not trying to bash you.
  12. [quote name='Sandy'] but what do you mean by "the next mana"? Just curious...[/QUOTE] what i meant was this [url]http://sid4u.free.fr/BZone/JPop/MaliceMizer/Gallery/Mana/Mana%20(20).jpg[/url] and no sojiro i did not mean manta mana is a guy who is married to gackt, mana is in maloce mizer, like gackt was and beause of the producer each one had a certain look, gackt was a vampire and mana is supposed to be a girl
  13. the point was they were great back then, and maybe if we at OB weren't older or more childish ( o god answer my prayers) then they wouldn't be so bad. and yes i know the original JAPANESE versions are better, but in america they're childish and panache is right they are aimed for more so 10 year olds and around there and unless your watching adult swim (which still has censored one piece) you don't get to watch the better less censored anime till about 11 o'clock. and i am an honors student who doesn't finish till then, and teachers get mad when you sleep in class. so i can't do that.
  14. ace if you want to see hair parted over to one side ask me but before i take a picture, I need my mom to wash my dressy shirt and my sweater. I know i'm gonna sound gay for this but sandy does look really good for a guy, he should become the next mana.
  15. i'm not trying to say "I got here first and want to take all the credit" unless i missed something it sounds like an equilibrium is taking place among this topic.at first you were talking about how it affects our culture today, mainstream, or individualism. black and white, am I right?but then a shade of grey got added somewhere an INDIVDUAL thought (not trying to say it was me, because it more than likely wasn't.) but then as suddenly as the shade of grey got added all of these other shades of grey started to pop up,am I right? we can take paint as an example. when you add a different c
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