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Art The Buoyancy Force's Custom Wallpaper


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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]This is a wallpaper I created for the use of my Dungeons and Dragons group. We reffer to ourselves as The/Teh Buoyancy Force, and the style was meant to reflect the attitude of our games. Laughable, needlessly bloodly, very--er--"culturally diverse".

We have two Drow, a Yuan-ti, a Dwarf...well, I don't want to bore you non-DnD players, so I'll leave it at that.

Keeping in mind that it was meant to be, well, kiddy-ish, I'd love to hear some outside opinions on this. It's one of my favourite works (that I've done, at least).[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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LOL Very nice Godel-chan. I'm curious to know if you really have 11 people in your group. That is lots. Sounds fun too. I know with the 5 in my group we are laughing and cutting up all the time. So I can only imagine what that is like for 11...

You drawing are better than I would be able to do on a computer. You did draw those right? Anyways, I like them. The brush you used is unique indeed. It adds a "old-school" (if you will) look to it. Very nice.

My only beefs are these. First off I don't like the font with his particular wp. It just doesn't look right. If you do want to keep it, I would suggest toning it down a shade. Maybe a dark grey. Beef 2: that background color. That is an aweful shade of blue. For a D&D thing it really is. Something brighter would work well. It looks way too muted as is.

Very cool though. I would like to know which one you are. I am also really curious to know if the bucket is actually a character? ^__~

E D I T: I think I found out which one you are. Might you be the one with all of the yellow-majesty (the shiney-lines) around it? ^^
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